Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 48

Episode 550

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Alone in the studio together, Tess expressed surprise that Maria really didn't remember either her or Benjy. Maria asked her to talk about their time in Seattle in hopes that it would help her remember her missing five years. Tess tried to convince Maria that Benjy could be what would bring her and Ben back together again. Although Ben admitted that he didn't believe that Benjy was his son, he also denied that Maria had anything to do with the charade. Ben comforted Meg when she had doubts about whether they belong together. Ben assured Meg that everything would work out. Benjy walked in on them kissing.
Tyus and Vanessa, who was there to cover Francesca's shooting, bumped into each other. Tyus told her to be sure to take it easy, because losing her baby was very traumatic for her. Before she could tell Ricardo what she told Antonio, Francesca slipped into a coma. Antonio escaped his brother's questioning by saying that Francesca was expressing regret for her misdeeds. After Ricardo left, Gabi asked Antonio what he was hiding. He never answered, though, because they were interrupted by Vanessa, who asked to interview Gabi. Vanessa told Gabi tat after doing her research, she found that Francesca was an extortionist, and that she suspected that Francesca was blackmailing someone in Sunset Beach. Annie challenged Olivia to explain why she was at Grenadine's, and Olivia said that she had been visiting AJ, which AJ corroborated. When Sean defended Olivia, Annie told him about Cole and Olivia's affair.
While Annie was trying to come up with a motive for Olivia to have shot Francesca, AJ reminded her that pointing fingers at others certainly made her look guilty of the shooting. AJ and the others asked Annie why she had been in such a hurry to make sure that Caitlin and Cole got Trey back from Francesca. Ricardo interrupted their confrontation just as AJ declared that he wasn't the only person who wanted Francesca dead. Ricardo took AJ aside to question him. Hurt, Sean left Olivia, and Emily went after him. Olivia told Bette that in the process of getting Trey back, she lost both Sean and Caitlin. Emily tried to make Sean appreciate his relationship with his mother and make amends. Caitlin declared that she was glad that Francesca had been shot and that she wouldn't take the bullet back for anything. Annie decided that she had to keep Francesca from waking up and sneaked to her room.

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