Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 49

Episode 551

Aired Unknown Mar 17, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Maria worried about what would happen to Ben and Meg if it turns out that she and Ben are Benjy's parents. Tess told her that the only thing that mattered should be her son. Tess offered to take Benjy back to her hotel room, but Ben and Meg offered to let Benjy stay the night. When he was reluctant to stay without Maria, Meg offered to let Maria stay as well. After they left the room, Ben and Meg argued about whether Ben had already accepted Benjy as his son. Ben reassured Meg that, whether Benjy is his son or not, he loves Meg and always will. Meg told Ben that Benjy was probably even more scared than they were. Ben reassured Meg that they would be getting married someday. Meg woke up in the middle of the night to find Ben missing from the bed. Ben watched Benjy sleep and wondered if he was his father.
After overhearing her declaration, Bette asked Caitlin if she shot Francesca. Caitlin denied that she shot Francesca, but admitted that she hoped that Francesca will die. Antonio overheard Gabi telling Vanessa that Francesca deserved to be shot. Ricardo told Vanessa, off the record, that Francesca wasn't dead, and that he hoped that she'd be able to tell him who shot her. When a nurse caught Annie trying to finish Francesca off, Annie stopped the nurse from calling for the police by telling her that she's Francesca's twin sister. The nurse didn't buy it and told her that Francesca was going to live. When the nurse got paged, Annie sneaked back into the room. Gabi told Antonio that she blamed herself for Francesca's condition. She said that it was too late for her, and Antonio responded that perhaps they needed to tell Ricardo everything. She pointed out that if they did that, Ricardo would think that one of them shot her. Gregory accused AJ of shooting Francesca, then he accused AJ of making himself look guilty to cover for Cole. Annie had a fantasy of arguing with Francesca about her reasons for killing her.
As she reached out to the life support machine, Ricardo stopped Annie from interfering with her life support. Francesca regained consciousness. Her first word was to call Annie a bitch. Francesca choked out Annie's name and went into cardiac arrest. Bette established that Cole and Caitlin were looking for Trey -- alone and separately -- and that Gregory was dictating tapes alone in his office when Francesca was shot. Ruiz showed up and Ricardo chewed him out for not getting to the hospital faster. Bette told the others that Francesca had coded. Just before bursting into tears, Gabi told Antonio that everything she's done, she did for them. She insisted that she had to be there in case Francesca started to talk and dashed from the room. Ricardo advised Annie to get a lawyer. Ricardo told the assembled suspects that Francesca was alive and should be waking up in a moment. While Antonio was praying, he was thinking abut Francesca's accusation of Gabi. While Gabi waited for an elevator, she remembered seeing Francesca's body on the floor of her hotel room and whispered, "I thought she was dead."

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