Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 50

Episode 552

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

After Gabi whispered to herself that she thought Francesca was dead, Antonio walked up to her and told her that she could tell him anything and that he'd never do anything to hurt her. She asked him if she was allowed to love him as a friend, telling him that if Francesca woke up, she'd need him more than ever. She refused to answer him when he asked her what was up, telling him to pray for her. Ricardo sent everyone home, telling AJ that he had to return to the station to sign his statement. When Olivia said that she wanted to visit Trey, Caitlin told Olivia that Trey is a light sleeper, so she couldn't visit him that night, but Olivia refused to give in. Bette and Gregory also tried unsuccessfully to convince Olivia to see Trey the next day. Gabi walked in on Ricardo confronting Annie about his suspicion of her. Antonio got Ricardo to give him permission to visit Francesca. While he was in there, Ricardo told Gabi that they were close to finding the killer. He said that she had been shot in her hotel room and so all he had to do was figure out which of the suspects had the opportunity to be in her room at that time and he'd have the killer. Cole asked Caitlin for five minutes alone with her. He tried to convince Caitlin to take him back. When she wouldn't be swayed, he pointed out that she never told him if she was in Francesca's room. She responded that he never told her if he thought that she had shot Francesca or if he was worried that she saw him do it. Gabi asked Antonio if he believed that she shot Francesca. Cole sneaked into Francesca's room in scrubs.
When Sean reassured her that he didn't knows that Trey was Olivia's son, Emily countered by saying said Olivia and Cole didn't know that they were connected to Caitlin. Sean said that if her mother slept with her boyfriend, Emily would feel the same way. They argued and Emily stormed out. Amy saw her leaving and moved in on Sean. Sean merely thanked Amy for her concern about him and left. when Caitlin complained about Gregory letting Olivia see Trey, he told her that she should hide her hatred of Francesca from Annie and Olivia. Annie overheard Caitlin telling Gregory that she was looking for Trey when Francesca was shot, and Gregory assuring her that they'd find witness to validate her alibi. Caitlin told Olivia that if she shot Francesca, she doesn't deserve Trey. Sean returned with flowers and ice cream. When Bette told him that Olivia was visiting Trey, he decided to visit her to make up.

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