Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 53

Episode 555

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Tim convinced Sara that he meant to tell Casey everything that she's ever kept from him, and told her that he needed all of the information that she could provide about Benjy. Maria told Carmen that she didn't want to tell her what was going on, she wanted her to tell her what she saw. The first card she pulled was "the Sun," which Maria assumed stood for Benjy. When Carmen told her that "The Sun" stands for marital happiness, Maria told her about Benjy. Carmen admitted that she hadn't seen a child in the cards, but chose to believe that Benjy is Maria and Ben's child. Maria vowed that she would find out one way or another. Tess said that the way to tell that Ben was Benjy's father was a paternity test, but Ben wouldn't allow it because of the psychological damage it could do to Benjy. When he said that he was going to have his attorney investigate the documents she brought with her, she got upset, saying that she hadn't realized that he really doubted her story. Maria suggested to Ben that he was afraid of the results of a paternity test, saying that she needed to know right now if Benjy was their son. When Ben balked, she said that it would be the only way for them to know the truth, and Ben gave in. Ben told Benjy that they were taking him to the hospital for a checkup. When Meg left with them, Benjy asked why she was going with.
When Ruiz came in, Gabi used the distraction to shove the tapes back under the bed. Gabi hit Ricardo with her excuse -- to bring Ricardo an extra forensics kit -- just in case. Gabi and Antonio watched as Ruiz found the box of tapes under Francesca's bed, and Ricardo said that they'd dust the tapes for prints now and watch them later. Gabi panicked when Ricardo found her necklace on the floor. When Gabi told Antonio that she was going to get rid of the tape, he told her that she was going to leave with him. Antonio asked Gabi why she panicked when Ricardo found the necklace, suggesting that she had been in Francesca's room the night she was shot. She admitted that she was.
When Vanessa and Michael were saying good-bye to Jimmy, he said that he'd heard rumors that his mother was crazy. He asked them if they thought that Virginia was a bad person, and they told him that she is very sick. Jimmy caused a moment of discomfort when he said that it was a pity he wouldn't be there for Michael and Vanessa's wedding. Casey arrived bringing Jimmy's aunt with him. Vanessa introduced herself as a good friend of Jimmy's. Before he left, Jimmy advised Michael not to let Vanessa go. Michel asked Vanessa out to dinner. She accepted. Michael was cautiously optimistic when Casey asked about how things were going for them. Casey admitted to Michael that he loves Sara.

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