Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 64

Episode 566

Aired Unknown Apr 07, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Brad admitted that he hadn't seen Olivia before they arrived at Grenadine's, Amy admitted that she had lied and told Ricardo that Olivia had pressured her into lying. Amy identified the necklace he found in Francesca's room as belonging to Bette. Ricardo got an anonymous tip telling him that the gun was at Olivia's house. AJ told Olivia that he knew that she threatened Francesca with a gun. When Olivia pointed out that the gun she used wasn't the murder weapon, he reminded her that the murder weapon still hadn't been found. Olivia bragged about her alibi, and AJ reminded her that he saw her at the hotel that night. When AJ admitted that he'd do anything to keep Cole out of jail, Olivia made him admit that their confrontation wasn't about his broken heart. Sean said that he and Emily needed some time alone together, so they left. Bette found the gun. While holding the gun, Bette remembered all of the times that Olivia threatened Francesca. Olivia came home and found Bette holding the gun. Bette admitted that she believed that Olivia was the killer.
Gabi suggested that Antonio listen to the answering machine tape. Carmen arrived to talk to her children about Benjy. Gabi told Carmen that the tape was about a police matter regarding one of Antonio's youth outreach children. Antonio tried to take Carmen home, but Carmen came back to ask Gabi what it would take to make her leave town forever, because she knew that Gabi loved another man. She guessed that Gabi slept with the other man. Gabi threw Carmen out, telling her that she loves her son. Cole asked Antonio if he'd ever done the wrong thing, but that he'd do it all over again. He left, saying that Antonio would never understand. Gabi came to listen to the tape, and burst into tears.
Cole's attorney reminded him that his goal should be to keep in permanent contact with Trey. Annie told Cole that if he persisted in getting another paternity test, Caitlin would break down and he'd lose any chance he had of getting back together with her. Annie decided that she had to stop Cole before he ordered a new paternity test. Sean was full of self-recrimination regarding his role in Trey's kidnapping. Emily told him that he was beating himself up for nothing.

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