Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 69

Episode 571

Aired Unknown Apr 14, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Michael suggested that Vanessa might have taken the assignment in order to talk to him, because he knew that she was too good to really have been assigned to their story. He told her how flattered he was that she went to the effort to arrange the interview. She asked him where he got such a big ego, telling him the truth about why she was interviewing him - her demotion for her article on Francesca's murder. He apologized for the misunderstanding. They both realized how little they know about each other's lives these days. After she concluded the interview, she suggested a follow up interview later -- at night, in a private place where they wouldn't have any interruptions. Michael happily agreed. Ricardo told Olivia and Bette that he had thought that the gun was in the turkey, but he was mistaken. When Sean defended his mother, Ricardo tried to explain that he was doing his job. Ruiz told Ricardo that the call they'd received about the murder had originated from Olivia's house. Olivia dodged Sean's questions about why Ricardo was questioning her. Emily told Bette that she and Sean were able to work out their problems. Olivia berated Amy for getting her into trouble. However, she said that she'd forgive Amy when she explained that she did it because she wants to be with Sean more than anything, and asked Olivia if there was anyone that she'd ever wanted that badly. However, Olivia still wanted Amy to move out. Bette told Olivia that the gun had disappeared from the turkey. Annie threw herself at Gregory, who compared her to a prostitute. Annie had a fantasy about burning Cole at the stake, and how once Cole took the fall, she'd get Gregory back. Annie pretended to be a famous model and tried to butter up the maid to let her into AJ's room. When the maid refused, Annie distracted her and lifted her key. She hid the gun in the pocket of Cole's coat. AJ returned home just as she was about to make her escape. Annie hid on the balcony. Ricardo followed AJ into the room.
June asked if Antonio was a priest and why Antonio and Gabi were willing to let her believe a lie in order to see Francesca's cabin. Gabi responded that Antonio left the church for her. June said that she understood the love that Antonio and Gabi felt for each other and gave them the key to the cabin. Gabi explained to a miffed Antonio that she told the lie for Ricardo's sake. They found several surveillance cameras, but no videotape. Antonio reassured Gabi that they'd find the tape. Antonio told her that they made a good team. Antonio went to start the car, but returned saying that they weren't going anywhere. Cole told Caitlin that he still loved her, but that if she wanted to end their relationship, it would be forever, because he'd never look back. He asked what if there was a chance for them. Caitlin and Cole realized that this was the biggest test of their relationship, and wondered if they'd be up to this one. They realized that this was their first problem that came from within their relationship, not from outside of it. Caitlin asked Cole if he ever would have told her about sleeping with Olivia. He protested that he was just trying to protect her, so she told him that she was trying to protect him, too. She left. Caitlin asked her father to make her pain go away, but he said that he couldn't do anything until she signed the divorce papers. He told her that he hadn't wanted to divorce Olivia, but that he had to do it to save their family, promising her that he and she would start a new family with Trey.

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