Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 70

Episode 572

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Casey told Meg that he found out that The Liberty Corporation has been dumping more waste into the bay than the EPA allowed, she was stunned to she realize that she hadn't checked the reports in three weeks. She promised that she'd straighten it out. She called Ben to tell him that they needed to have a meeting right away. When Ben reminded Maria that he had said that their situation wouldn't be perfect, she said that she and Meg were willing to put aside their differences, but he wasn't sure if they'd be able to. Benjy blamed Meg because Ben had to go to work, but Maria calmed him by reminding him that his uncles would be coming over to see him. Joan ordered extra mint chocolate chip ice cream because it's Benjy's favorite, which set Hank off. When Tim left early, Joan said that she hoped that Tim wasn't planning to chase after Meg again. Hank asked if Ben has treated Meg much better than Tim did. After Meg and Casey filled Ben and Gregory in on the situation, Gregory and Casey went to talk to the construction director. When Ben excused himself to see Benjy, Meg got angry at him for not helping her, but Ben suspected that she was really angry at him for wanting to spend time with his son. Ben asked Meg just to tell him why she was angry at him. Tim met Tess.
When Caitlin was reluctant to sign the divorce papers, Gregory used Cole's affair with Olivia to persuade her. She gave in, but after Gregory left for the Liberty Corporation meeting, Caitlin had doubts about divorcing Cole. AJ tried to persuade Caitlin to give her love for Cole another chance.
Annie overheard Ricardo telling AJ that the gun used to kill Francesca was the same caliber as AJ's gun - which he allegedly lost. After Ricardo left, Annie sneaked out. The maid caught her and, telling her that she knew that Annie had stolen her key, threatened to ask AJ about her. Annie subtly dropped the key on the floor and pretended to find it. The maid apologized and left. Annie decided to use the voice distorter that Gregory used to blackmail her to tip off Ricardo. While waiting for Cole, Caitlin found the gun. Antonio and Gabi realized that none of their neighbors were there. Antonio offered to walk into town, but Gabi begged him not to go. Antonio decided that they'd have to spend the night. When Antonio was unable to find any dry wood to build a fire with, they realized that they'd have to share their body heat to keep warm. Maria and Ricardo met. Ricardo commented on the fact that Antonio and Gabi hadn't made it yet. Ricardo told Maria that Antonio would be performing his wedding to Gabi. The patrons were held up at gunpoint. Annie arrived, and set off the robber, who pulled the trigger. Ricardo stepped in front of Annie.

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