Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 76

Episode 578

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Benjy told Maria that Meg didn't want him there. When she asked him why, he said that he wanted to stay up past his bedtime, but Meg wouldn't let him. Maria suggested to Ben and Meg that they set down some ground rules. As Ben and Meg were about to leave for work, Maria said that she wanted to visit Ricardo in the hospital, so Ben offered to take Benjy to the office with them. Bette met Benjy for the first time. Meg, out of sorts from watching Bette fawning over Benjy, told Casey that he'd just have to deal with his misgivings about the pollution that the Liberty Corporation did. Meg told Casey that Benjy hated her and berated herself for being upset about Benjy wanting his family to be together. Ben watched Casey comforting her.
Gabi admitted that she wasn't there during his surgery. She told him that she and Antonio were together. She said that they had gone up to Big Bear to see a parishioner and they got snowed in. When they were alone, Gabi told Antonio that it wasn't the right time to tell Ricardo the truth. Antonio told her that he had overheard her telling Ricardo that she'd never leave him. When Gabi told Antonio that she still loved Ricardo, he asked if that would be the best thing for Ricardo. Maria reminded Antonio that whether to tell Ricardo wasn't just Gabi's decision to make. When Ricardo said that he didn't want to get married in July, Gabi interpreted it as not wanting to marry her ever. However, he meant that he wanted to marry her right away.
When Cole grabbed Olivia hard enough to hurt her, Bette threatened to call the police on him if he touched her again. When he asked about her confession that she had the gun, Olivia told Cole that it disappeared from the turkey where she'd hid it. Olivia told Bette that Cole accused her of killing Francesca and setting up Caitlin to take the fall. Bette suggested that Caitlin might be the killer. Gregory demanded that Caitlin tell him the truth. Gregory told Caitlin that he knew that Cole killed Francesca, and that when she found out about it, she decided to take the fall herself. Gregory asked Caitlin if she's thought what this would do to Trey. Gregory told Caitlin what it would be like to spend the rest of her life in prison. He really got to her when he told her that Trey would grow up never knowing her, except from visitation days. She refused to recant her confession and sent him away. Caitlin was startled when Sean told her that the gun wasn't hers. He tried to talk her into recanting her confession, but she asked him to leave. He vowed that he'd fight for her -- whether she wanted him to or not. Cole came to see Caitlin.
Amy fantasized that Olivia took away all of Amy's style because Amy took away her alibi. However, Sean's love gave it back to her. Sean arrived, and Amy ran to him, thanking him for saving her. However, she caught herself and said that she meant that he'd saved her from a life on the streets, and he told her that it was Emily's idea.

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