Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 78

Episode 580

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Annie wondered how she became so desperate to win Gregory's love, she thought that she was like a character in a soap opera. She fantasized that she was a character in an old black and white soap opera. At the end of the fantasy, Annie stopped begging for Gregory's love and decided she was going to make it on her own. When Gregory returned home in real life, Annie told him that he could go to Hell. Maria came to pick Benjy up and found out that Meg had taken him out for ice cream. When Maria asked Ben to consider the effect their pending divorce would have on Benjy, he admitted that Benjy needed stability. He asked if she loved Benjy, because he had noticed that she was uncomfortable with him sometimes. She admitted that she didn't feel connected to him because she didn't remember him. Ben reassured her that once she remembered the missing five years of her life, she would find that she loved him. Ben offered to go with her to the Shock Wave to pick Benjy up. After confronting Meg about her apparent insult of the way that she raised Benjy, Tess stormed out. Tim stopped Tess, telling her that Tess missed hearing Meg defending Benjy to her family, and asking Tess to give Meg another chance. When Ben and Maria arrived, they found out that Benjy hadn't had his ice cream yet. Sara wondered why Ben and Maria showed up so conveniently together. Joan and Sara admitted that they had misgivings about Tim's conversation with Tess. When Casey confronted Tim about his interference in Meg's life, Tim asked if he was just jealous that Tim beat him to it this time. Ben invited everyone to go play soccer on the beach, but Meg begged off to meet with Vanessa. Sara decided to follow them. Tess told Maria that it was obvious that Ben was crazy about Benjy and Maria. Meg and Sara discussed trying to find out what was up with Tess and Maria.
Cole assured Sean that he didn't have a reason to know that Caitlin was innocent - he just knew. He convinced Sean to find out why Caitlin confessed to the murder. Olivia overheard Caitlin reassuring herself that she was doing the right thing. Olivia told Caitlin that she was certain that Caitlin didn't kill Francesca. Caitlin told her mother that she lost everything -- her husband, her son, her fertility, and that Olivia would get everything she wanted out of life once Caitlin went to prison. Caitlin also said that once she was in prison, she wouldn't have to watch Olivia live happily ever after. Olivia begged Caitlin to recant her confession so that Trey wouldn't have to grow up not knowing her. She said that she couldn't undo what she did, but that if Olivia wanted to help, she could let Cole be close to Trey. Olivia wondered why she'd ask her to let the a man she wanted to frame for murder be close to Trey. Olivia asked Caitlin to tell her the truth, for Trey's sake. Sean arrived, and asked Olivia to leave. Sean said that Caitlin was the only person who had always been there for him, and so it was his turn now. She said that he could help her by letting it go, but he wouldn't. He pestered Caitlin until she said that she'd tell him what happened. Annie walked in while Cole was asking Tyus about whether all of Caitlin's lies could be a sign of mental illness, but she thought that they were talking about running another paternity test. Annie and Cole accused each other of Francesca's murder.

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