Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 79

Episode 581

Aired Unknown Apr 28, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Sean pressed her to tell him the whole story, she accused him of conspiring with Gregory and Cole to clear her. Sean reminded her how they'd always been able to stand together through difficulties. Caitlin admitted that she found the gun in Cole's coat and confessed because she knew that Gregory would do anything he could to clear her name, but that he wouldn't do anything for Cole. She then said that she knew that Cole did it for her and Trey. The DA caught Gabi trying to copy the inventory of Francesca's hotel room on the fax machine, and said that she was walking by the fax machine and saw a piece of paper in it, so she decided to send it. After the DA left, she left a message for Antonio to meet her at the Java Web. Annie tried to convince Caitlin that it wasn't fair for her to go to jail for what Cole did, but Caitlin didn't believe her. Annie told Bette that she didn't believe that Caitlin killed Francesca. She thought that Cole did it -- and she knew that Caitlin did too, because she took the rap for him. When Annie admitted that she was miserable in her marriage to Gregory, she asked Bette for advice, and was told that she got herself into this situation, she'd have to get herself out. Sean confronted Cole, telling him that Caitlin found the gun in his jacket pocket.
Antonio and Gabi held hands while looking over the list. Something on the list was a note written in code. Gabi dropped the list on the floor, and Bette picked it up. When she noticed what it was, Gabi said that she was working on clearing Caitlin. Bette recognized the code. Carmen's cards still said that Gabi was with her lover. Carmen tried to see through Gabi's eyes, and saw Antonio. Ricardo and Antonio reminisced about their wild youths. Antonio admitted that he had doubts occasionally, but that he was where he wanted to be. The DA came to see Ricardo. When he pointed out the problems with Caitlin's confession, she cautioned him not to pick apart a perfectly good confession. Carmen came to talk to Ricardo about Gabi.

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