Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 80

Episode 582

Aired Unknown Apr 29, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Bette told Gabi and Antonio that the code was a location in the Media Center's video library. Before she'd let them leave, Bette tried to make Gabi and Antonio promise to tell her if there was any good gossip on that tape. Carmen apologized to Ricardo for doubting Gabi. Ricardo was in the process of checking himself out -- without Tyus' consent -- when Bette accidentally told him that she had been talking to Gabi and Ricardo about Caitlin's confession. Cole threatened Annie and accused her of setting Caitlin up, saying that she couldn't possibly have known that the gun was in his jacket pocket if she hadn't put it there. In an effort to get away from Cole, Annie told him that she'd confess to Francesca's murder. Annie told Cole that she had been trying to frame him for the murder, then she clobbered him over the head with a rock. Unfortunately, Cole didn't stay unconscious long enough that she could get away. The tape librarian told them that the number referenced a 22-hour series on the mating habits of wild animals that they run in the middle of the night. They found the tape.
When Meg challenged Sara to prove her theory about Maria and Tess, Sara suggested that Meg search Tess's room. While Meg was upstairs rummaging around in Tess's room, Tess returned. When she awoke Maria from hypnosis, Dr. Estrada told her that she had been unable to remember anything that happened in the missing five years of her life. Dr. Estrada asked why Maria was suddenly so desperate to regain her memory, and Maria responded that she needed to remember Benjy. Ben and Benjy bonded. Maria asked Bette what kind of mother she was to forget her own son, and what kind of daughter she was to stay away from her mother and brothers. Maria asked Carmen whether she was Benjy's mother at all. Carmen told her that she'd remember with time. She asked Carmen for any help she could give her.

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