Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 89

Episode 591

Aired Unknown May 12, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Carmen begged Maria to agree that Gabi couldn't marry Ricardo when she loved another man. Maria told Carmen to leave before she got a chance to watch the tape. Ricardo asked her why Carmen hated Gabi so much. When he saw her in her gown, Antonio fantasized about kissing Gabi. When Antonio hung around too long, Joan roped him into helping hold the fabric on Gabi's wedding dress - along with Gabi. Joan commented later that Antonio thought that Gabi was a beautiful bride. When Antonio reassured Maria that Carmen wouldn't stop the wedding, she reminded him that he could stop the wedding if he wanted to. Ricardo told Gabi that he'd made arrangements for them to go to Hawaii for their honeymoon. The electrician couldn't come over until after the wedding. So, rather than trying to watch the tape, Carmen did another Tarot reading, which said that Ricardo's and Gabi's union would end in the church. Benjy met his uncles for the first time. Antonio got choked up during the rehearsal remembering Gabi's and his declarations of love for each other.
When Michael and Vanessa were running early to the rehearsal, they ran into each other. They talked about their relationship and decided to start again. When Casey asked her to go away with him for a weekend, Sara promised him that she wasn't interested in Meg, Ben or Maria. She was only interested in him. Meg came to pick Casey up for the rehearsal. Casey noticed that Meg looked awful and asked her what was up. Sara overheard her telling him that Benjy hated her, and that she didn't know what she could possibly do about it. Sara interrupted to ask if Meg was thinking about moving out. Ben was trying to explain to Benjy that he and Meg were going to be together for the rest of their lives when Tess interrupted to take Benjy to the rehearsal. After Tess and Benjy left, Sara arrived to warn Ben that she thought that Meg was planning to leave him.

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