Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 92

Episode 594

Aired Unknown May 17, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Before she could start the videotape, Maria was interrupted by an earthquake, during which the VCR shorted out. Ricardo said that they'd have to watch the tape at the reception. The groomsmen took Ricardo away for his bachelor party. When Carmen saw that the glass over her picture of Ricardo broke in the quake, she decided that it meant that her son was heartbroken after seeing the tape of Gabi and her lover. Carmen overheard two waiters talking about the "blowup" at the party and assumed they were talking about a fight (they were talking about the VCR). Carmen used her Tarot cards to find Gabi. When Maria left to go home, Gabi asked if Maria was uncomfortable around her. Maria said that if Gabi can forget what happened between her and Antonio, in time, she might be able to forget, too. Carmen caught up to Gabi and told her how glad she was that she was successful at destroying Ricardo's love for her. When Gabi professed that she didn't understand, Carmen realized that they hadn't seen the tape.
When Olivia screamed, AJ came outside, thinking that she screamed because of the earthquake. When Olivia saw Gregory, she accused him of stalking her. Then Cole and Annie appeared out of the mists. Olivia began to feel persecuted, but Gregory said that he was having a meeting with an attorney about the custody trial, Annie said that she was on her way to get something to eat, and Cole said that he was just taking a walk. AJ asked Olivia who she thought she saw in the fog, but Bette interrupted before she could answer. After AJ left, "Francesca" called again. Olivia broke down, telling Bette that Caitlin being in jail was killing her, and thinking about proving that Caitlin didn't kill Francesca. Bette answered the next call, which was her assistant saying that she'd deleted the next day's column. "Francesca" called again, telling Olivia that it was payback time. Gregory hung up the phone and congratulated himself on his plans. Cole assured Annie that his friend would come through for them.
Maria told Ben that the videotape was old home movies, and that she hoped that the tape hadn't been damaged. Ben said that they could check out the tape on his VCR. The downstairs VCR was broken, so Ben invited Maria up to his room to watch it. She opted to stay downstairs, instead. Carmen arrived, asking her daughter what had happened. She told her mother that the VCR had shorted out and that Ben was checking the tape for her. Carmen demanded to know where Ben was. When Maria told him that he was upstairs in the bedroom, she dashed up the stairs and stopped him from watching the tape. Meg and Vanessa reminded Gabi that Carmen had predicted that Gabi would find true love in Sunset Beach. Meg, Vanessa and Sara hired a stripper dressed as a police officer. Watching the stripper taking his necktie off gave Gabi a flashback of undressing Antonio and she bolted. When a female officer showed up at Ricardo's bachelor party claiming that she'd had complaints about the noise, everyone assumed she was a stripper. They flirted with her, and it turned out that she really was a Manhattan Beach police officer. She arrested them. Antonio remembered Ricardo telling him that he, Maria and Gabi were the only people who mattered to him. He bumped into Gabi, who told him that she had just been praying for a sign.

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