Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 101

Episode 603

Aired Unknown May 28, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Maria said that she was getting her memories of Seattle back, Tess didn't seem pleased. She asked Tess for a specific time when she used the phrase "right as rain." Tess said that she used it at least twice a day. When Benjy brought Franklin down to meet Maria, Maria asked if he meant like Franklin Street. Benjy recited their address in Seattle, 612 Franklin Street. Maria remembered a swing in the back yard, and that they had a big red door. Maria remembered a time when Tess used the term "right as rain," when Tess took care of her while she was ill. Tess claimed not to remember that specific occasion, because Maria was ill several times. Meg returned just as Maria left for Dr. Estrada's office. Meg told Sara that she had no idea that Sara and Casey were there. Casey interrupted the sisters to tell Meg that he'd have to work an extra shift, so they'd have to meet on the beach. Sara lost her temper, thinking that something was going on between them. Casey brought Sara back to the place where he first brought her out of the ocean. He told her that he loved her, not Meg, and that he was wrong for blowing up at her for saying how she felt after telling her that she needed to be honest with him. He said that as long as they're honest with each other, nothing can stop them. Dr. Estrada reminded Maria that she'd have to be willing to face what she suppressed. Ben asked Tess to do anything she could to help Maria with her memory. Alone, Tess fretted, saying that Maria was never supposed to remember. She pulled out the box, saying that she knew what to do.
Ricardo came to ask Gabi why she left him at the altar. Gabi told Ricardo that she was never going to marry him. Desperate to make Ricardo go away, Gabi told him that she'd have to force herself to marry him, and that there would be no going back once he heard what she had to say. While Antonio was praying for Gabi and Ricardo to find their way back to each other, Carmen told him that both he and Ricardo were better off without Gabi, because Gabi didn't deserve their friendship or their love, and that he should know that better than anyone. Antonio told his mother that Gabi was a wonderful woman, and that Ricardo would be lucky to spend the rest of his life with her. When Carmen spouted off about how if Gabi was still in town, they'd see her for the sinful creature she was, Antonio told her that Maria didn't know about Gabi leaving town, and asked her how she did. Carmen said that the cards told her that Gabi was leaving. Antonio let her know that Gabi hadn't left, and that Ricardo was trying to talk her into staying. Tyus admitted that Francesca had still been alive after the last code blue. Before he could explain, he got paged. In Tyus' absence, Gregory, AJ and Olivia rummaged through his office, and found that he had big gambling debts, paid off the day Francesca died. Gregory told Olivia that they needed to let Francesca come to her. Olivia got another phone call, and Gregory and AJ evidenced surprise when they heard Francesca's voice on the phone. Francesca told Olivia that she wanted to meet with her in person.

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