Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 104

Episode 606

Aired Unknown Jun 02, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Maria grabbed the phone from Ben, demanding Benjy back. When Ben got the phone back from her, the kidnapper made his demands -- $40,000 in small bills, and that they couldn't tell the police or anyone else. Ben swore everyone to secrecy and then went to the bank for the ransom. Knowing that Meg had been on the beach, Hank and Joan came by to see if she was all right. While Meg was telling them what happened, Tess laid into her for turning away from Benjy. Sara and Hank leapt to Meg's defense. Tess retreated to her room, where she congratulated herself on how well her plan worked. Maria told Meg that it didn't matter how Benjy got kidnapped, all that mattered was that they get him back. Ben returned with the money. Tim came to see Tess, who blamed herself for laying into Meg. Everyone got more tense while waiting for the kidnaper to call. When Hank and Joan left to pack up some food to bring back, Casey reminded them that they needed to keep quiet about Benjy's kidnapping. Meg asked Ben if he hated her for letting Benjy be kidnapped. Before he could answer, the kidnapper called again.
Gregory convinced Olivia that it wouldn't be a good idea to bring Trey to her house for a visit while she was being stalked by Francesca. Bette counseled Caitlin to get over the problems in her past and look forward to the future. Caitlin confessed that she couldn't trust either Olivia or Cole, but that she still loved Cole. Gregory interrupted his daughter's confession. He asked to speak to Caitlin alone, and asked if she mentioned Francesca to anyone. She responded that she mentioned seeing her to Annie, leaving out that Cole was in the room at the time. She was elated when Gregory said that he'd convinced Olivia to let Trey stay with them for the time being. While Bette and Emily were on their way out of the house, Amy overheard Emily ask for another turkey dinner for her and Sean, just in case. After leaving Caitlin and Trey alone together, Gregory made a phone call. When it took longer than usual for Francesca to call, Olivia told AJ that the entire Francesca thing was a plot to make her let Gregory keep Trey until the "danger" was over. Michael and Vanessa promised that nothing and no one would ever come between them again.

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