Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 110

Episode 612

Aired Unknown Jun 10, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Maria told Ben that she needed to help him with Meg because she still loved him, he said that Meg thought that he blamed her for Benjy's kidnapping and that he didn't know if she'd ever come back. While Meg was asking Sara all sorts of impertinent questions about why Sara was playing "dress-up," Casey walked in on them. When Sara explained that she got the bellydancer's outfit by mistake - she'd ordered a romantic negligee, Meg offered to stay somewhere else that night. Meg and a now fully-clothed Sara started to make amends. Meg said that nothing would ever be the same again, because she and Ben lost their trust in each other. Tess slapped Jake for hurting Benjy. He tried to downplay it, but she said that Benjy was too valuable to lose, especially after all of the work she'd done. She told him to get out of town. After he left, she congratulated herself on putting the final nail in Ben and Meg's coffin, so that she can get what she wanted. Tim arrived and caught her.
Antonio told Ricardo that Gabi may never come back to Sunset Beach. He then tried to tell Ricardo the truth, but they were interrupted by Ben and Maria. Maria told Antonio that she was going to help Ben with Meg because she loved him, just like he wanted to help Ricardo with Gabi because he loved her. When Gabi checked in the desk clerk, Kelly, recognized her from high school and asked how things went in California.
Bette got upset because Olivia wasn't trusting her with her secret. Olivia admitted to AJ that she was afraid that Francesca's call had been a ruse so that she could kidnap Trey again. She left for Gregory's house to check on Trey, and AJ warned her to be careful. After she left, AJ checked his gun and left. Bette followed them, deciding that they both needed her help. While Gregory was holding Annie hostage, Cole had a long moment of indecision before he dropped the gun. Annie tried to convince Gregory that they'd look the other way, because they'd wanted to send Olivia to jail, not him. Then Annie pointed out that if he killed her and Cole, Ricardo's list of suspects would be down to Gregory and Olivia, and he'd be bound to suspect Gregory. Gregory offered to make it look like Cole was the murderer, who killed Annie because she figured it out, and then killed himself. Cole attacked Gregory. Gregory's gun went off. Annie screamed and fell to the floor.

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