Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 127

Episode 629

Aired Unknown Jul 07, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Caitlin has a nightmare of being confronted by her father's ghost. She tells Sean that she had that dream because she loves her father and misses him and wishes that things hadn't worked out the way they did. Caitlin and Sean reminisce about Gregory. When Caitlin says that Gregory had loved Sean, Sean denies it. Caitlin and Sean promise to be there for each other. Maria tells Ben that Tess's friendship teels false to her. Ben offers to take her home, but Maria insists on taking a cab. Tess pretends to be surprised to see Meg standing in the doorway, and asks if Meg had overheard them. Meg says that she just got there, and didn't hear what she and Benjy were talking about. Tess realizes that Meg fell for it. When she sees a picture of herself with Ben next to Ben's bed, Meg decides that Tess must have been lying, but when she can't reach him at the Deep or his Liberty Corporation office, she decides that Tess had been telling the truth. Maria returns home, and Tess tries to keep Maria from going upstairs, where Meg would see her, so she says that Carmen had asked her to come over immediately. Maria agrees to go to see her mother. Meg decides to go to Palm Springs to find out if Ben and Maria are really there. Meg just misses seeing Maria. Meg is unable to find the key to the casita. She leaves the house, just missing a call from Ben to see if Maria was there. While waiting for his meeting to start, Ben researches Tess on-line. When nothing turns up, he wonders whether he really has a reason to doubt Tess.
Vanessa feels guilty because she and Michael are happy, and Ben and Meg and Gabi and Ricardo aren't When an envelope drops out of Michael's pocket, Vanessa picks it up and opens it. The envelope contains Michael's physical therapy license. When he excuses himself to go on night patrol on the beach, she goes with him, saying that they'll celebrate his license when they get home. AJ tells Cole that he wants to marry Olivia and adopt Trey as his son, but Cole says that he can't accept AJ as Trey's father. On the beach Michael and Vanessa run into a brooding Cole. When they ask him what is going on with Trey, he says that Caitlin and Olivia are sharing him. After Michael and Vanessa move on, Cole promises that he'll always be there for Trey. Gregory steals a skinny-dipper's clothes and prepares for his return to town. Gregory stalks Cole. Maria arrives and finds the mess that Antonio left behind when he was looking for the tape.

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