Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 141

Episode 643

Aired Unknown Jul 27, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Gabi asked Antonio to leave the room. Once they were alone, Gabi promised that she'd stay by Ricardo, no matter what happened. Carmen admitted that Gabi really was devoted to Ricardo. Antonio told her that Gabi had asked Ricardo to marry her, and that it was their decision to make. She pulled the Tower of Destruction card out of her purse and said that it wasn't their decision to make. Carmen explained to a skeptical Antonio how the card related to Ricardo's current condition. Gabi told Antonio and Carmen that she thought that he was only refusing because he thought that she was pitying him. Carmen said that it was for the best. Ricardo hallucinated Gabi's voice taunting him. Ricardo asked his family to come in, indicating that he wanted to communicate with them about Gabi's proposal.
Emily told her mother that she wished Sean could open up to her. When Bette cautioned her not to push him, Emily thought that she was casting aspersions on Sean. Bette told her that it was all about Emily. Bette reminded Emily that Sean was withdrawing even before Gregory's death, and told her that she was afraid that Sean would hurt her, but Emily wouldn't listen. She left to see Sean, telling her mother that Sean would never hurt her. Emily comforted herself with thoughts of Sean's fidelity. Sean and Amy slept together. Afterwards, Sean had second thoughts. Emily arrived at the front door.
Annie tried unsuccessfully to convince the others that they couldn't read the will that day. When her antagonizers turned their backs for a moment, Annie bolted. When Sean was merely friendly to her, Amy wondered what was wrong with her, that Sean didn't want her, he just wanted Emily. Amy confessed her feelings of self-doubt, and Sean told her that he was glad that she'd been there for him when he needed her. He nearly kissed her, and apologized for it afterward. She told him not to apologize, putting his arms around her. He kissed her, then apologized for the kiss. He tried to leave, but she convinced him to stay. Annie tired to convince Gregory's attorney not to have the reading, but he didn't buy it. Gregory's attorney said that Olivia, Caitlin, Cole, AJ and Annie, and only Olivia, Caitlin, Cole, AJ and Annie, were named in the will.

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