Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 144

Episode 646

Aired Unknown Jul 30, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Hank told Meg and Casey that Sara had been in tears. After Casey left, Meg defended him to her father. Meg told Hank that everything that happened was her own fault. When Hank said that none of this would have happened if it weren't for Ben, Meg told him that he and Maria were back together. Hank told Meg that eventually she'd find someone new and be able to start over -- just as long as it wasn't Sara's boyfriend. Tess told Tim that Ben and Maria really had slept together. Sara walked in while Tim and Tess were congratulating themselves on their success. Sara told Tim that she was going to find out what he and Tess were up to, but Tim consoled himself that Sara was too upset over losing Casey to figure out what they were doing. Tim reminded Tess that Maria might refuse to pay up because of her amnesia, but Tess assured him that wouldn't happen. Maria overheard Benjy asking Ben if he'd ever be happy again if Meg never came back. Ben told Benjy it was more important to him that Meg was happy, and that he'd have to move on with his life if being with him didn't make her happy. When Maria suggested that maybe Ben should have given Meg the benefit of the doubt, Ben said that he heard Meg say that she never wanted to have anything to do with him again. When Ben told Maria that it could never just be abut sex for them, she asked if he was saying that they had a future together. Sara told Casey that she wanted him to not be there when she went to pick up her things. When Casey protested that he'd been completely committed to her when they were together, Sara refused to listen. When Sara arrived for her things, Meg said that they needed to talk. Annie announced that Trey wasn't Gregory's son. When no one believed Annie, she told Olivia that she was there when Gregory fixed the paternity test. Annie reminded Olivia about the time she found Gregory and Trey at the hospital, supposedly for Trey's ear infection. She said that she was eavesdropping when Dr. Manning told Gregory that he couldn't possibly be Trey's father. Cole demanded another paternity test.

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