Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 223

Episode 725

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When someone knocks on his door, Jude hopes that Annie has decided to come to him after all, but it's Caitlin, who has come to thank him for all he's done for her. She also asks him to come to Olivia's birthday party. Jude is surprised by the invitation, because he is now a family friend, as well as because he helps keep her relationship with Olivia a civil one. Jude agrees to attend the party. She also compliments him on his business acumen. After she leaves, Jude goes back to thinking of Annie. When Annie returns to the Richards house, she sees that a vodka bottle is missing from the bar. Olivia has taken the bottle upstairs with her, but pours it out rather than drinking it. When she returns downstairs, Annie asks if she's seen the bottle, and a completely sober Olivia tells her that it broke. The pair then argue once again about Gregory's estate.
After Annie leaves, Olivia tells Rose to get rid of the bar. Annie returns to Mrs. Moreau's apartment, telling her that Olivia managed to resist the urge to drink. When Annie asks her to make another, stronger, potion, Mrs. Moreau tells her to give another dose of the potion she has to Olivia. After they toast their reconciliation, Ricardo asks Antonio to give Gabi a ride home. Antonio is reluctant, but when Ricardo said he needs the time to get a surprise ready for Gabi, he agrees. As they leave, Ricardo tells them to take their time. Ricardo pulls a box out of the jukebox and removes Antonio's fingerprints from the glass and places them on a gun. Gabi and Antonio discuss how they will both be at the career fair the next day. Antonio tries to get Gabi to admit what the secret she's keeping from him is.
When Derek catches her trying to call Ricardo, Maria tells him that she had just wanted to say good-bye to her brothers before they leave for Hawaii. She pretends that she is going to pack, but instead tries to escape from Derek, who stops her. He threatens to kill both her and Meg, and she begs him to change his mind. Just as he begins to taunt her with her weakness, she knocks him on the head and demands to know where Ben is. However, Tess arrives just then and attacks Maria with a fireplace poker. Maria hits Tess with the poker, and Derek stops Maria.

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