Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 224

Episode 726

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

When Annie realizes that Olivia's elated to have regained control of her drinking, she adds a second dose of the potion to Olivia's morning coffee. Just as Olivia congratulates herself on her new life, the potion takes effect. Caitlin and Sean plan a surprise birthday breakfast for Olivia. When Jude arrives, Tobias pitches a fit. Jude is pleased when Tobias brings Annie to Olivia's birthday breakfast. When the celebrants arrive, they are the ones who get a surprise, because the first thing that Olivia does when she enters the room is pours herself a drink. Sara and Meg discuss their plan to find out what "Ben" is up to. Meg will get him out of the house, and Sara will snoop around inside to see what she can find. When Michael and Vanessa come by, Vanessa says that she's heard that the lifeguard monument that's being unveiled that day might not be so sturdily built. Joan expresses her concerns about Tim's whereabouts.
Emily tells Brad that she's not going to get back together with Sean, but that she's not quite ready to move on yet, either, so he asks her out as just friends. She accepts. When Benjy asks where Maria is, Derek tells him that she's gone away for a vacation. Benjy asks where Tess is, and Derek responds that she took Maria to the airport. Derek informs Benjy that Tess won't be leaving at Christmas after all. The mayor dedicates the monument to the lifeguards, and then Casey says that the real reward for their jobs was the lives they had saved. When Casey christens the monument with a bottle of champagne, the cement falls apart, revealing Tim's shoe.
Maria wakes up and asks Tess where she is. Tess responds that it doesn't matter where she is, because she's never going to leave alive. When Maria asks where Ben is, Tess says that Ben won't be coming to Maria's rescue this time. Then she tells Maria that Benjy isn't Maria and Ben's son, he's Tess and Derek's. She said that Maria had been held captive by her and Derek for five years, but then she escaped. Luckily for them, as well as for Maria, Maria still had no memory of those five years, so she and Derek had been able to continue with their plans. Then Tess tells Maria that Tim had gotten in their way, so they had killed him. Then Tess drugs Maria.

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