Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 228

Episode 730

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Amy wanted Father Antonio to let her know how to become a nun. He assumed that she was associated with the guys who'd stopped by the career both earlier, the ones who'd been unkind to Gabi. Amy assured him this wasn't a joke. Antonio wasn't buying into this. How could she be serious? He didn't remember ever seeing her at Mass. Was she even Catholic? He suggested that if she were going through some kind of break-up or something, he would be glad to talk to her. Gabi walked up to them. Antonio was glad to see her. He said that he'd planned to stop by her booth. Amy looked at Gabi and said that she was kind of in the middle of an important conversation. With that, Gabi took her leave. Amy insisted that she was sincere in this inquiry. Now where did she sign up? Antonio just didn't think this was a good idea. He thought she needed to sleep on it for a while. They would need to talk about her weekend at the retreat center, prayer, fasting. She should come see him tomorrow. This wasn't good enough for Amy. She needed to become a nun by tonight. She waited for him to leave and went to one of the nuns for help. Later back at the house, Amy was very jumpy when she saw Rose. Amy said she was afraid that it might be Sean. Once in her room, she hoped that her little performance for Rose would bring Sean home. It worked. When Sean got a call from Rose, he came home to check on Amy. Walking into the room, he found Amy in her nun garb.
Ricardo's plan was going perfectly. It was time to take a break and enjoy a beer. Nothing could go wrong now. Until his mother walked in to see him on his feet. She was thrilled to see her son standing. Why hadn't anyone told her that he was walking? Ricardo had to work fast. He said that he wasn't walking yet. He wasn't quite as mobile as he seemed. No one had told her anything about this, because no one knew. But how could he keep such good news a secret? Was there something else? Carmen could tell that her son was keeping something from her. She urged him to share it with her. He insisted that nothing was wrong. He only wanted to have more substantial progress to show. He begged his mother not to say anything. At least not until tomorrow. Gabi walked in. She was surprised to see Carmen here. Had she come straight from the job fair? Carmen said she had just dropped by to check on her son. Gabi suspected that she was interrupting something. Ricardo said that his mother was just about to leave. After Carmen left, Gabi continued to suspect that something was wrong. Maybe she should go make sure Carmen was okay. Ricardo stopped her. He assured her that his mother was okay. But their marriage? He wasn't so sure. Gabi helped him into bed. He felt awful about pushing her away when she'd wanted to make love earlier that morning. He needed to let himself accept her love. Gabi moved in for intimacy. Carmen went to tell Antonio about Ricardo. She couldn't keep such news to herself. And she believed that Ricardo needed some help. But when she stepped into his office, Antonio was praying. She didn't want to interrupt him. What difference would one day make? She would respect Ricardo's wishes after all. At home, Gabi slept in Ricardo's arms after finally making love. He could barely stand her touch. But tomorrow she would finally get her just reward.
Caitlin called the social worker about Trey. She insisted that they meet this afternoon, claiming that the life of a child was at stake. Cathy, the social worker, met Caitlin at the Java Web. Caitlin told her that she'd called asked for this meeting because of her baby brother. Her mother was an alcoholic. She'd been sober since Trey was born, but now she was drinking again. And where was the child now? Caitlin said that her mother was at home passed out, and the child was with his nanny. And was the nanny unreliable? No, Rose was great. Cathy saw no emergency. Caitlin's little brother lived in a mansion with a nanny. She had children in real need of her help. Caitlin wasn't so ready to give up this fight. She said that Cathy had no idea what it was like to live with an alcoholic -- to have a mother who was so unreliable. Sean entered the shop and approached his sister's table. Just what did she think she was doing? He asked Cathy to excuse herself. He needed to talk to his sister. He said that Caitlin wasn't doing this for Trey. He believed that she was doing this because she'd been unhappy since Cole left. She was trying to punish her mother for having a disease, and for having a child with Cole. Caitlin admitted that she thought of Trey as more of a son than a brother. Sean believed that Caitlin wanted to take Trey away from Olivia. He believed that his sister had been looking for a way to accomplish that for quite a while. Their mother's drinking was just an excuse. Rose phoned, telling him about running into Amy in the hall. Sean excused himself, but wanted to talk to his sister more. She should think about what she was doing to their family. She should think about what she was doing to their mother. Caitlin didn't get out of the shop before running into Annie. Annie tried to offer true concern, at least for Trey's welfare. With Olivia in this state, he was all alone. Caitlin assured her that Trey would never be alone. He would always have her.
Uncle Tobias was amazed that Annie actually thought he had bought into her game. He knew she didn't care about Olivia's welfare. And then there was Olivia. She had fallen off the wagon again. Of course, he shouldn't be surprised. Suddenly, Tobias started removing his elderly gentleman's makeup and the wig and the false teeth. Tobias was Gregory. He phoned someone, giving them instructions for something he had planned for tomorrow. As he finished up his call, Annie knocked on the door. Gregory looked in the mirror and knew he couldn't let her see him. He ran to the door and slammed it before she could get it fully opened. Annie envisioned saving Tobias. She was sure that he was in need of being rescued. She saw herself bursting through the door. And he'd be so grateful for rescuing him that he'd give her control over the estate. Coming out of her little heroine daydream, she stopped Rose in the hall. Where was her key to Tobias' room? She ordered Rose to go get it. Rose finally returned with the key. Annie rushed into the room only to find Tobias walking out of the bathroom in his robe. He said that he hadn't been in a proper state of dress to receive company before. In fact, he didn't feel comfortable receiving her in his robe. She flirted with him. It seemed clear to her that Tobias couldn't sign over Gregory's estate. Tobias refused to discuss the estate with her. He would not disqualify Olivia for simply having one little slip. He offered to have lunch with Annie tomorrow. Later, Gregory pondered the situation. It seemed awfully convenient for Annie that Olivia had started drinking again. Could she have anything to do with that? Annie had certainly been acting rather strangely. It didn't really matter. Gregory was in control of what was happening. Even dead he was smarter than the rest of them. Annie enjoyed the sight of Olivia passed out. She had finally won. There was nothing Olivia could do to stop her this time. Sean came up behind her. He insisted that Annie get out of his mother's room. He knew that Annie didn't care about his mother, and he suspected that she was here to enjoy the sight of Olivia in a drunken stupor. Sean sat by his mother's side. In her inebriated sleep, Olivia flashed back to Sean and Caitlin coming into her room when they were children. Even then Sean supported her, and Caitlin didn't believe that she'd quit drinking. Gregory, dressed as Tobias, came into Olivia's bedroom. He saw that she was passed out. He couldn't help but feel a certain amount of compassion. Covering her with a blanket, he said, "You did this one alone kiddo. Can't blame me for this one." Olivia awoke hearing Gregory's voice.

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