Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 235

Episode 737

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Amy threatened to blow the whistle on Annie if she didn't help her get Sean back. "You are way out of your league," responded Annie. Amy would tell everyone of Mrs. Moreau. She didn't need proof because everyone already knew that Annie had it in for Olivia. However, to strengthen her case, she would take them to meet with Mrs. Moreau. If Annie wanted to stop this, she must find a way to get Sean back in town pronto. Had Amy lost her mind? -- Annie wondered. What had happened to make that "empty little mind" of hers think that she could come in and order Annie around? Anyone who connected Annie with Mrs. Moreau would also make that same connection with Amy. No one would look at her love potion (the one she'd used to seduce Sean) very favorably. And of course the rest of Sunset Beach would merely pity a poor little girl who had to drug a man to get him in her bed. And even then, she couldn't keep him there. With her last sting, Annie started to leave but Amy wasn't finished. Amy's only reason to keep her mouth shut about Mrs. Moreau was Sean. Now it looked as though he might never come back. If Annie didn't help her get him back to Sunset Beach, she would start singing like a canary. Annie warned her not to become a singing nun quite yet. This was much more serious than a silly game of trying to land a boyfriend. Amy had drugged a man to get him into bed. That was a crime. If Amy said anything, she would end up serving 10 to 20 years. Furthermore Annie would tie Amy to everything she had done to Olivia. If Amy thought that simply swearing her innocence would help, she was really foolish. Everyone in town knew Amy to be a conniving witch. But what Annie seemed to be missing was that Amy had nothing left to fight for.
If she went to jail, she would have a roof over her head and three meals a day. Without Sean, she had no reason to live. The last ounce of pleasure she could find would be to take Annie down with her. She would love knowing that Annie was in the next cell over. Bette stepped into the fray, wondering what these two fine ladies were up to. Tobias suggested that Olivia look in Caitlin's room for clues as to where the children had gone. Gregory had not gone through all of this to see Cole brought back into Caitlin and Trey's life. He threw a glass against the wall. The crash of the glass nearly struck Jude in the head as he entered. Tobias refused to answer any of Jude's questions, only stating that he barely knew him. Jude should mind his own business. But the whole business unraveled in a matter of minutes when AJ and Bette came in asking Olivia if Caitlin had really taken Trey and gone to find Cole. Jude was shocked by this information. Had Cole contacted Caitlin? No, he hadn't, but she'd gone to find him anyway. Tobias and Jude made plans to track them down. Olivia wanted to help, but AJ and Bette insisted on having a private moment with her. Bette suggested that if Olivia wanted to do something to help her children, she would get sober. Couldn't she see what her drinking was doing? She had fought to get Trey back in her life, and now she had let him go so easily. Neither AJ nor Bette could stand by and watch Olivia's downfall. They would both walk away if she didn't stop drinking. This was her last chance. Olivia knew that they were right about everything and she couldn't stand it. They had said nothing to her that she hadn't said to herself a thousand times. She knew fully well what she had done. Bette promised Olivia that her children would come back if she stopped drinking. AJ offered to get her any help she needed. Olivia asked for some time alone with AJ. Bette left to go check on some work. Tobias went to see what Jude had found out. Jude was upstairs making inquiries everywhere. He was ordering reports from every major newspaper in the world. Jude looked at a framed photo of Caitlin on her desk and remembered promising her that Cole would come back to her. Downstairs, Olivia thanked AJ for everything he had done for her. He sensed that she was saying goodbye. She was. She was setting him free. Upstairs, Tobias wondered if Jude had found any leads. He had not as of yet. But before Tobias could go, Jude said, "This isn't working out as planned. Is it Gregory?"
Gabi asked Carmen to confide what was bothering her. Carmen was very worried about Ricardo. Gabi asked for specifics. Carmen thought back to the night when she had walked in on Ricardo standing. She also remembered his serious tone in asking her to keep his secret. Carmen insisted that she was only worried about Ricardo and Gabi. Gabi offered that she and Ricardo had experienced some rough spots but things were looking up. She sensed that Carmen was keeping something from her. Carmen then claimed to be worried that Ricardo might be overdoing it. Gabi promised that she would watch over him. Carmen could see that Gabi was telling her the truth. She excused herself. At home, Carmen looked for council from her cards. She could see trouble for her children. But which one? Ricardo asked his brother to take Gabi up to the cabin tonight. Antonio was more than willing to help his brother, but he needed to wait until the next day. Ricardo persisted. This was very important to him; it had to be done tonight. Antonio didn't understand why his brother was so annoyed about a one-day postponement. Antonio had a Communion rehearsal at the church tonight and he simply couldn't skip it. Ricardo apologized. He was just frustrated, being stuck in the bed. He explained that he wanted Antonio and Gabi to go check out the cabin now, because the time-share was running out and he was still hoping to plan a honeymoon with Gabi. Antonio said he would phone the church to see if he could find a replacement for tonight's rehearsal. Ricardo wondered what Gabi and Carmen had been conferring about for so long. Gabi said that his mother was worried about him. Had she said anything specific? No, but Gabi felt as though Carmen was keeping something from her. Antonio returned from his phone call with good news -- he had found a priest to replace him tonight. He and Gabi could leave right away. Not soon enough for Ricardo. With this last move, he would finally have his revenge. He reviewed each step of his set-up plan: planting a bag at the airport, placing fingerprints on a glass, and making sure Michael knew about a special life insurance policy. These two would never know what hit them. Antonio and Gabi were finally on their way. Gabi stopped to pick up the mail. She hadn't noticed an envelope from the insurance company marked urgent. This seemed like something she need to handle before leaving.
Brad realized, as he talked to Emily, that she wasn't listening to anything he said. He tested his theory by telling her he'd been out on a date with Chelsea Clinton. She apologized for being distracted. It was something about Sean. He wondered what trouble the rich boy had gotten himself into this time. She didn't know, but Sean was gone. Gone for good. Brad hid his pleasure in hearing that Sean had left Sunset Beach. Could this be a tactic to get her back? It wasn't Sean's style. Brad thought Amy would freak when she learned about Sean's departure. Too late. Emily had already told her and she was "nun too happy." Where had Emily seen Amy? She told him that she had visited the church. Brad wondered if Amy was trying to pull a Julie Andrews routine. She had missed one step, though, because Sean didn't have a flock of children for her to become governess to. Emily felt like a fool, forever believing that Amy was her friend. Brad offered that Emily was just a kind, trusting person. He thought back to Amy saying that if she got Sean, it would leave a clear path for Brad to pursue Emily. Now Emily was sitting right next to him.

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