Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 240

Episode 742

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Meg looked to Benji for answers, but the little boy still didn't trust her. He thought that she only wanted to get rid of his mommy and him. Meg admitted that she and Maria hadn't gotten along recently, but that was something she wanted to change. In fact, that's why she needed to talk to his mommy. Benji said he didn't know where Maria was, but his daddy did. In fact, Benji, Tess and his dad were all going to meet Mommy tomorrow. They were going to have an adventure. Meg asked if Benji remembered Casey. Had the boy heard Tess mention him? "Are you looking for him, too? Did you lose all your friends?" the innocent, young lad asked. She agreed that her friends were lost. When she found them, they'd have some secrets to talk about. Benji noted that Meg was just like Tess, who had secrets too. Could Benji tell her about Tess' secret? He said that Tess had a box with a secret compartment. He explained how it opened. Meg was armed with helpful information. She thanked the little boy for his help and headed off. Meg continued to worry. She got no answer from Sara on her cell phone and Ben's house was empty. She decided to break in. With great determination, she went straight to Tess' room, grabbed the box and left quickly. She didn't even look inside the box until she got back outside. The secret compartment was just where Benji said it would be. There she found papers and pictures. The pictures were shots of Ben and a pregnant Tess. Her confusion was cleared up when she turned the picture over and saw that it had been printed in Seattle. She had been dealing with Derek all this time. She waited for him to come home. Eventually, Derek showed up and entered the house. This was supposed to be his last visit to his brother's home. When the doorbell rang, he greeted Meg with a smile. "Hello Derek," was her response.
Maria realized from Ben's groggy mumbling that he really loved Meg. It had been her all along. But Maria couldn't think about that at the moment. Ben had to get up and walk. Suddenly, Derek sneaked up behind her and hissed that the gig was up. He was not pleased with her escape attempt. Ben spoke up, telling his brother to leave her alone. It was Ben that Derek wanted, anyway. But Derek wanted it all. He planned to have everything that Ben possessed. This time was going to be different. In fact, maybe it was time that he filled in Maria's memory about her sojourn in Seattle. Ben should know what Derek had already done. He and Tess had been working on this for a long time. They had kidnapped Maria long ago and kept her drugged up in Seattle. Ben then learned that Benji wasn't his son. So, you see, maybe Derek did have something that Ben lacked. Now Derek would have the satisfaction of knowing that Ben and Maria had died painfully. Maria grabbed something handy and tried to attack Derek. She wasn't successful, however. He tied her up next to her ex-husband. Ben asked Maria to tell him that Benji was their son, but, by this point, she knew that Tess and Derek were the child's real parents. Benji had only been conceived as a means to inherit Ben's money. No matter. As far as Ben was concerned, Benji would always be their son. As soon as they escaped from this house, they would continue to raise him as such. Maria told Ben that screaming would do no good. The house was sound-proof. Ben promised her that somehow they would get out alive.
Tess held Sara captive at gunpoint. This time Miss Cummings would regret sticking her nose into other people's business. Sara tried to distract her attacker, hoping to get away, but it didn't work. Sara then lunged at Tess, but that didn't work so well either. Tess managed to get back on her feet. When she did, she pointed the gun right at Sara's face. If Sara didn't calm down and start following orders, she would never see Casey again. Tess led her back to the house where all the prisoners were being detained. When Derek saw what Tess had done, he freaked. Was she out of her mind? Why had she brought Sara here? She told him about finding Sara at the house with the fake passports. He didn't understand why Tess was at Ben's house. While he was in the basement, Tess was supposed to be watching Casey. Sara only then realized that she was looking at Derek, not Ben. They escorted her into the same room with Casey. Derek stood guard over Sara and Casey, while Tess went to get Benji. The timetable had just been moved up. Casey begged Derek to let Sara go. They tried to fight their way out, but Derek locked the two of them in a closet. To make sure they wouldn't get out, he nailed the door shut. He found a match and torched the place. Meanwhile, Tess went to retrieve Benji from his sleepover and learned that Meg had been there.
Ricardo phoned Michael and announced that he had just seen Antonio and Gabi naked in bed together. This was a nightmare! He couldn't believe it was happening. He then pretended that Gabi and Antonio were standing right in front of him. He screamed, "No!" and shot a gun in the air. Quickly, he hung up the phone. Michael panicked not knowing what to do. Michael didn't even know where the cabin was. With Vanessa in tow, he raced over to the police station and consulted with Spencer and the DA. Their initial attempts to locate Ricardo proved difficult. Michael didn't want to think the worst of Antonio and Gabi, but he had to pass along the information that Michael had given him. He had to tell them that Ricardo had just seen his brother and his wife in bed together. Vanessa jumped in, arguing that nothing in this story made sense. She knew that what Michael had said was true, but she also knew that Antonio and Gabi were both devoted to Ricardo. The DA recalled the day she had visited Ricardo. On that occasion, Ricardo had assumed that Gabi was at the police station, but the DA knew that wasn't the case. She now insisted that she and Spencer get right over to Ricardo's house. They needed to find out where this time-share cottage was. Michael and Vanessa stayed behind to file an official police statement. Vanessa urged Michael not to put Gabi and Antonio's names on the paper before getting some more information. Michael admitted that he knew even more than he had already revealed. If Gabi was really having an affair with Antonio, what Michael knew could make them look guiltier than sin.
Gabi and Antonio packed up the vehicle. He felt a momentary shiver. Was it a bad sign? Gabi teased that he was starting to sound like his mother. Being a priest, Antonio wasn't supposed to be superstitious, but having a psychic for a mother made that difficult. Gabi thanked him once again for helping her get the place ready for Ricardo. Now that Antonio knew that Ricardo had forgiven him, he felt even more strongly that he owed Ricardo a lot. It was time for them to head back to Sunset Beach. But they couldn't leave before fixing a flat tire. Once the tire was changed, they finally started out for home. Back in Sunset Beach, they were surprised to find Spencer and the DA searching the house. What had happened to Ricardo? Strangely enough, everyone else wanted to know the same thing.
Ricardo knew his plan was going well. He had planted enough doubt in Michael's mind to make a police search inevitable. Now he moved on to phase B -- giving them the evidence they would need to put Gabi and Antonio behind bars. Back in his priest garb, he went directly to the airport. There he made sure that the janitor, the same one who had seen him rent the locker, noticed that he was carrying a gun. The janitor warned that Ricardo would get in a lot of trouble for bringing a weapon into an airport. Ricardo assured him that it was a fake gun, a prop he intended to use for lecture purposes. He made sure to seem nervous as he headed off quickly. The janitor then called for security and told the guard about seeing Father Antonio twice -- this time carrying a gun. Ricardo hid around the corner, pleased to hear the information being passed along.

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