Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 245

Episode 747

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Gregory prepared for his last performance as Uncle Tobias. He had done admirably in the role, but all good things must come to an end. After today, it would be fair to say that Annie's life would never be the same. He entered the Richards house just as Annie was on her way out. It was good to catch her because they had one last thing to talk about. He wanted to reward her for all her hard work. Annie didn't want to jump the gun, but what hard work was he talking about? Her work at the Liberty Corp. Tobias said that Jude had reported how helpful she'd been to him. Before they continued this conversation, Tobias thought they should go somewhere more private. He had the perfect place picked out. Annie was ecstatic; her day seemed to be turning out so well. Gregory knew that she was in for a shock. He took her to the place where she had exposed him as a murderer. He recalled that fateful night when he'd been forced to run and had supposedly died. Annie listened to Tobias' ramblings, but didn't really see what this had to do with naming her as executrix of Gregory's will. Tobias asked her to be patient. There were just a few other things he needed to touch on. There was the issue of Olivia's drinking. He had looked for the root of the problem. Annie said that the reasons for Olivia's drinking were unfathomable but predicted that it would end soon. Tobias said the games were over. He knew about Annie's involvement with Mrs. Moreau. He had documentation to prove it. Remember how Annie had felt compelled to expose Gregory's treachery for the good of society? Now Tobias would do the same and expose Annie. She was going to jail for what she had done. She tried to get away from him, but he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder. Why was he being so mean to her? She had never harmed him. She fought to free herself from his grip. As she tumbled off his shoulder, she knocked his wig off. She found herself facing Gregory.
A police officer interviewed the survivors of Derek's wrath. Ben asked that Maria be allowed to rest. Couldn't the officer see how warn out everyone was? One of the officers apologized to Maria for the situation with her brothers. She didn't know what he was talking about. He added vaguely that it was some type of police matter; he wasn't at liberty to say more. Maria was torn between wanting to check out this police matter involving her brothers and wanting to see Benji. Ben promised to take care of Benji while she went to the police station. Meg asked an officer for a ride back into town, but Ben stopped her from leaving. He apologized for all that had happened. If he'd only been more careful the day that Derek attacked him, she could have been spared this ordeal. Meg told him not to blame himself. How could he know that his "dead" brother was in cahoots with the nanny? At least now Derek was really dead. Everything was finally over. But they both knew it wasn't over, Ben said. They had been on their way out to the altar when Tess showed up with Benji. They couldn't let Derek win from the grave. Meg said it wasn't that simple. Ben still cared for Maria and Benji. If he didn't care, he wouldn't be the Ben she'd fallen in love with. Things just weren't that simple. Ben knew that Meg needed to see her parents and he needed to see Benji, but couldn't they do this together? Wouldn't she come with him? They went to Zach's house where Benji had spent the night. By this time Zach's mom, Yvette, knew about Derek's rampage. She left Ben and Meg alone to talk with Benji. Ben told the boy they had adult things to talk about -- things that involved him. Benji asked where Tess was. She had promised to take him to see his mommy. Ben said they wouldn't be going anywhere. Tess had to go away because of some bad things she'd done. Benji had a question. If Tess went to jail for lying, would Benji have to go too, because Tess had made him lie along with her? Ben assured him that children weren't responsible for what adults made them do.
Ricardo watched a news report on television about his case. The report said that he was missing and presumed dead. But the TV reception went fuzzy before he could hear anything about Antonio and Gabi. He turned to the radio for more information and learned that his brother and wife had been arrested. Now his brother would know what it felt like to have his life torn apart. Ricardo had another flashback of Antonio and himself as kids. He focused on the time that he'd accused Antonio of cheating at a game. A young Antonio kept insisting that it was only a mistake. Returning to the present, Ricardo lectured himself that Antonio's recent behavior wasn't just a mistake. His brother had lied and cheated with Gabi. Ricardo felt his revenge was just. Suddenly, he experienced another flashback. This time the whole family was on a fishing trip, and Maria was the only one who didn't catch any fish. Her two brothers assured her that their catch was also hers. Their motto was "all for one and one for all." How could Ricardo know that years later Antonio would twist that motto to mean he could sleep with Ricardo's wife? Next Ricardo remembered Antonio bringing him to the cabin right after they'd gotten word that Maria was "dead." Antonio had promised to always be there for his brother. Ricardo couldn't stand it anymore. He willed himself to stop dwelling on the past. Staying in this cabin was messing with his head. He phoned the airline and booked the next flight out.
DA Steele told Antonio and Gabi about Ricardo's call to Michael. When they saw Michael's statement to the police, Antonio realized that he'd set them up. Gabi assumed the "he" Antonio was talking about was Michael. Antonio corrected her. He was talking about Ricardo. That sounded ridiculous to Gabi. But Antonio went through the evidence with her. Had she changed the will? Or how about the life insurance policies? Had she tampered with them? The only person who could have done that was Ricardo. They both knew that Antonio hadn't touched that gun and yet his fingerprints were all over it. She had to recognize the truth: this was a well-planned revenge plot. Gabi buried herself in Antonio's arms for comfort. When the DA came back in, she suggested they hug as much as they wanted. After she finished with them, they would never touch again. Were they ready to confess? Antonio insisted they had done nothing wrong. Gabi stopped him from speaking any further until they could get an attorney. DA Steele promised that she would punish them for the murder of her friend Ricardo. They were taken to holding cells. Gabi thanked her brother-in-law for not telling the DA their dark suspicions about Ricardo. She had caused her husband to go crazy. They had to protect him. Suddenly, reality hit her. If Ricardo had done this to them, then he might be hurt or dead. Antonio agreed that they had to help Ricardo, but they first had to get themselves out of jail.
Maria burst into DA Steele's office demanding answers. What was going on with her brothers? She hadn't been able to find anyone who would tell her anything. Carmen arrived on the scene, equally frantic. She was happy to see her daughter, but terribly worried about her sons. Carmen had spent the night at her husband's grave praying for the safety of her children. The DA told them that Antonio was in custody. As to the whereabouts of Ricardo, the DA had no idea. Maria rushed out of the room to go see Antonio. Carmen turned in anger to DA Steele. How could she put her son, a man of God, behind bars? DA Steele assured Carmen that her son and Gabi weren't behind bars on a whim. They were accused of murdering Ricardo. Carmen called her a liar. There was no way that Antonio had killed his brother. In fact, Ricardo wasn't dead. She could feel it. Maria approached her brother's cell. She now knew that he was suspected of murdering Ricardo, but she didn't believe it. Antonio could see that Maria was struggling with problems of her own. He urged her to talk to him. She just wondered where their lives had gone wrong. Their childhood had been so wonderful. Antonio agreed. He remembered how close they'd once been, like the Three Musketeers. Spencer came into the holding cell area and told Maria that she had to leave. She promised to get her brother an attorney. Gabi complimented Antonio on easing his sister's pain by bringing up the Three Musketeers. He said that Ricardo used to call them that. He suddenly realized where Ricardo must be.

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