Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 246

Episode 748

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Benji said he felt safe as long as he had his dad and mommy. Meg turned away to hide her disappointment at even thinking of Ben with Maria. Ben asked Benji for a moment alone with Meg. He wanted to talk to her about their relationship. Meg thought it was bad timing, but Ben disagreed. He said that one of the main things that had kept him going while in captivity was thinking about her. Benji ran back in. He wanted a Christmas tree just like everyone else. Ben agreed to get one if he could have just a few more minutes with Meg. Meg talked about the future. This wasn't the time for them to rekindle a relationship. There were some tough times ahead for Benji as he learned that Tess and Derek were his real parents. Benji was going to need Ben's love and support more than ever. Meg left so that Ben could fill Benji in about his true father. He got Benji the desired tree. As they prepared to decorate it, Benji gave his father a decoration that he had made at school. It was a piece of paper with his handprint on it, and the words above read "To Daddy." This made Ben think back to Derek telling him who Benji's real father was. He snapped back to reality and thanked Benji for the ornament. With the tree decorated, Ben called Maria's voicemail to let her know that all was well with Benji. Together they would work through this trauma.
Casey was anxious to leave the hospital as soon as possible. With Sara's help, he tried to get up a little too soon and fell back on top of her. The doctor thought their loving affection was nice, but she was preventing him from completing his examination. He asked Sara to wait in the hall for the time being. With one last kiss, she exited the room. In the hall she encountered her parents, who rushed to her side. Joan shivered at the thought of what might have happened had Derek carried out his plan. Hank wouldn't hear any of the "what ifs." Tyus emerged from Casey's room, saying that he was waiting for some test results. Until then, Casey needed to get complete rest. Hank and Joan went to get Sara a drink, since she intended to stick close by and wait for Casey's test results. When a nurse walked past Sara, she had an inspired idea. Meg showed up to check on her sister. Sara thanked her for all her help. If Meg hadn't figured out where Derek and Tess had taken the captives, who knows what might have happened. Sara excused herself when Hank and Joan came back. They used the time to catch up on Meg's part of the story. At least she now knew why Ben hadn't seemed like himself recently. But now that she had the real Ben back, what did she plan to do? Did she hope to have him back in her life romantically? Only time would tell, said Meg. Suddenly, she had to rush off… something about a mission that she didn't have time to share with her parents. In his room, Casey wasn't pleased to have an orderly guarding him. A nurse came by, saying she had medication for Casey. The orderly could take a break while she attended to her patient. Casey insisted that Dr. Robinson hadn't said anything about medicine. Sara turned to him in her nurse's uniform and whispered that her special treatment didn't exactly come from Dr. Robinson. Casey was suddenly very pleased with this new health care worker.
Michael and Vanessa came into the stationhouse to get an update on Ricardo's case. They ran into Carmen and Maria. Maria couldn't fathom why Antonio and Gabi were under suspicion. Carmen wondered what had gone wrong with her family. Michael spoke up, saying she could blame him. He rehashed his alarming phone call from Ricardo, explaining that he'd reported it to the police. But Michael and Vanessa didn't really believe that Ricardo was dead. In fact, they had been out all night looking for him. Carmen then conferred with her daughter and offered her own take on this bizarre situation. Why had Ricardo hidden the fact that he could walk again? For one reason only. It was clear to her that he'd been setting Gabi and Antonio up. He had to know about them sleeping together. This was revenge. Maria thought her mother was right. Ricardo had stewed over Gabi and Antonio's infidelity and hatched his plan for revenge while he was stuck in that bed. He had lost his mind. Carmen suspected that Antonio and Gabi weren't even in the vicinity when Ricardo had phoned Michael and called out their names. He'd just staged things so that Michael would report hearing a gunshot to the police. Maria said she was glad that Antonio was in jail. Otherwise, they might have a real murder on their hands.
Meanwhile, Antonio and Gabi were stuck behind bars. Antonio was sure the he knew where to find Ricardo. He told Gabi about the cabin where their father used to take them on fishing trips as kids. He was sure that Ricardo was using it as his hiding place because he had used it before in times of stress (i.e., while mourning Maria's "death"). Gabi thought they should send a police team up there as soon as possible. Antonio disagreed. In order to truly protect Ricardo, they had to confront him themselves. Antonio said that he had to look his brother in the face and apologize. Gabi wondered how they could get out of jail and drive to the cabin. She remembered that Maria was in the process of hiring an attorney to arrange for their release. But that wasn't going to be soon enough, Antonio said. They had to get to the cabin today. Gabi had an idea. She asked the guard to get Spencer. When he arrived, Antonio explained his hunch about Ricardo's whereabouts. Spencer volunteered to go check out the cabin when he got off duty. Gabi said that wasn't an option. Ricardo wouldn't talk to him. He would only run at the sight of him. The only people who could confront Ricardo were Antonio and her. Spencer insisted that he couldn't just break the rules and release them. What she was asking him to do would cost him his badge. Gabi insisted that when they found Ricardo, Spencer would be the hero. When Michael and Vanessa showed up at the holding area to visit their friends, they found the cells empty.
As Ricardo prepared to leave the cabin, he came across a fishing pole. The pole brought back a childhood memory: His mother wanted him to assume a fatherly role in Antonio's life. With their father gone, Ricardo had now become the man of the family. His mother asked him to help Antonio find his way in the world. She made Ricardo promise that he'd never let his brother down. Back in the present, Ricardo mumbled to himself he didn't let Antonio down by setting him up. It was the other way around -- Antonio had betrayed him. The radio reported that Gabi and Antonio were being held without bail as suspects in Ricardo's murder. Finishing off the news, the radio went back to playing holiday music. The music reminded Ricardo of a Christmas spent with his little brother on the beach throwing a football. That memory carried him to a much more recent one, when they'd tossed a football back and forth as adults. Ricardo shook off these warm feelings. He had to get on with his plan. With the plane ticket in his pocket, he was ready to go. But before he opened the door, Ricardo heard footsteps approaching. Gabi's voice rang out. She hoped that they weren't too late.
Annie fought to get away from Tobias. In her struggle, she pulled off his wig to find Gregory standing before her. He sniped that she was born asking for trouble. This time she had it in spades. How had he pulled this off? -- Annie wondered in astonishment. Gregory told her about his missing uncle, who naturally was the perfect candidate to become executor of his will. He noted that Annie had made such a fool of herself competing with Olivia for control over the estate. She reminded him that Cole had been in that contest too. Gregory had not forgotten about Cole. Who did she think had arranged Cole's disappearance? She couldn't believe that Gregory would be responsible for something that had caused his daughter such pain. Gregory said he'd have plenty of time to make it up to her. He added that he would be in Europe right now, reuniting with his children, if it weren't for the karmic retribution that he needed to dole out to Annie. Yes, Annie must go to prison for drugging Olivia. Oh no, cried Annie, if anyone should be locked up, it was Gregory! He had actually killed someone. Suddenly, Gregory changed his tune and agreed that Annie wouldn't be going to jail. Things had gone too far for that. He would have to come up with some other punishment for her. Annie renewed her struggle to break fee of Gregory's powerful grip. She ran toward the door and fell into Jude's arms just as he walked in. She told him in a panicked voice how she had just learned that Tobias was actually Gregory. If Jude didn't go call the police, Gregory would kill them both. When Jude joined Gregory in laughter, Annie knew she was in real trouble.

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