Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 249

Episode 751

Aired Unknown Dec 27, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jude kissed Annie to assure her that things would be okay, but things were far from okay. Gregory hit Jude in the back of the head with a board. Gregory thought it was sweet that Annie had gotten a kiss so soon before her death. But lucky for her, he didn't have time to kill her here and now. He had to get out of here before the authorities showed up. Before Gregory could escape, Olivia walked through the door. She stood there, shocked to see Gregory alive. She had never suspected that Uncle Tobias was actually her dead ex. How could Gregory let his family believe he was dead? Annie spoke up and informed Olivia that Jude, currently passed out on the floor, was an undercover FBI agent. He had been operating a sting on Gregory. The police were on their way to haul Gregory into custody. Gregory pushed past Olivia, hoping to escape. She chased after him, determined to stop him. She couldn't bear the thought of seeing Gregory gunned down by the police. Oh, really? Gregory thought she might actually appreciate another chance to grab his money. Was he supposed to believe she actually cared for him? Olivia retorted that, believe it or not, she had grieved over his "death." They had shared over twenty years of marriage and two children together. She asked him to give himself up and save his life. But Gregory said he'd rather be a fugitive than spend the rest of his life behind bars. Gregory kissed Olivia, promising she would see him again. He was like a cat with nine lives, he reminded her.
Olivia refused to let him go. If he wouldn't stop running for her sake, how about for someone he truly did love? Would he stop running for Caitlin? If he ran now, he would never see his family again. His cover as Tobias was blown now. He couldn't stay away from his family forever. He couldn't survive without them. She couldn't accept that he had only come back for revenge. He needed his family. "You may escape again, but you will die inside," she warned him. Jude suddenly spoke up, saying that Olivia was right. Give yourself up, he urged Gregory. Rather quickly, Jude managed to get the upper hand and capture the twisted tycoon. Now Annie confronted the prisoner. Before Gregory was incarcerated, she had to know if he had ever loved her. Gregory said that he hadn't. She intrigued him, but he had never loved her. As he was led away by the authorities, Gregory said he was sure that he would see Annie in prison. Annie started to leave, now that the crisis was over, but Olivia detained her. Olivia mentioned her enlightening little chat with Amy. Neither of them was going anywhere before things were settled.
Joan relaxed in the arms of her husband, relieved to have her daughters happy and safe for Christmas. Hank gave his wife a snow globe that reminded both of them of their past Christmases in Kansas. Joan asked him to admit that he missed not being there. He confirmed it with a slight smile. Joan admitted that she too missed Ludlow. She missed Christmas visits with all the neighbors and the same holiday decorations pulled out year after year. Hank stopped her, saying that he might miss Kansas, but he would never miss home. Home was here with his wife and family.
Casey and Sara snuggled in bed together at the hospital. Nurse Cummings was giving him just the care he needed. Tyus walked in and smiled when he saw the new treatment that his patient was getting. He gave Casey a clean bill of health; all the test results had come back negative. He guessed that Casey had figured that out on his own, considering Casey's current position with Sara. Casey offered to take full responsibility for Sara confiscating a nurse's uniform and sneaking into his room. No explanations were necessary. Tyus suggested that they pack up and go home. Casey told Sara that he had a surprise for her at a secret location. He took her to their favorite romantic spot, which was decorated with flowers and candles. (Casey had cleverly pre-arranged this.) They reminisced about all the times he'd rescued her. On three occasions, she probably would have died had it not been for him. Sara mentioned a fourth time, which had been the bravest rescue of all. That was when he'd given her a second chance. Casey said he was particularly fond of that move himself. Now it was time to go one step further. He had a question for her. "Sara Cummings, will you marry me?" he asked as he bent on one knee. He knew that he wasn't the most successful man. He would never be a business tycoon, but... She stopped him. She didn't care what his career goals were. He was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with . Sara shared the good news with her parents, and Hank gave Casey his blessing.
Maria entered the visitors' room at the police station where her mother waited for news about Antonio and Ricardo. Carmen was so glad to hear that Ricardo had been found and he was fine. Her sons and Gabi were all on their way back to Sunset Beach. Suddenly, Benji ran in. He was so glad to see his mother. Ben (who had accompanied the boy) asked Maria about her brothers. When he learned that her brothers were okay, he inquired how she was adjusting to their own situation. Carmen asked what that "situation" was. Ben stepped outside with Benji to give Maria a chance to finally tell Carmen about her own tragedy. Carmen was shocked to hear that Benji wasn't Maria's biological son. When Ben stuck his head back in to make sure everything was okay, Carmen offered to check on Benji, giving Ben and Maria a few moments alone. Ben felt they had some difficult decisions to make. But the answers seemed very clear to Maria. He loved Meg. He hadn't loved Maria since she came back to Sunset Beach. They couldn't keep pretending that love was still there. Ben said he hoped they could always be friends. When he left with Benji, Maria looked to her mother for comfort. She had put up a brave front but was hurting deeply inside. She didn't know where to turn with all the hurt and chaos in her life. Carmen said there was only one place to turn. Benji loved her with all his heart. He had to be her focus. Maria found comfort in her mother's words.
Meg visited Tess in prison. Meg had come for answers and, for once in her life, Tess was going to tell her the truth. But Tess wasn't interested in talking. She blamed Meg, Ben, and Maria for Derek's death. Meg couldn't believe it. How could Tess still defend Derek? He had used her in his murderous plot to steal his brother's money. Meg asked Tess to admit that she had arranged Benji's kidnapping that day on the beach. Tess admitted nothing. Meg pushed her, insisting that Tess was protecting a man who never even loved her. Why would Derek have kissed Meg if Tess was the woman who possessed his heart? Tess lunged at the bars, raging that she should have had Meg abducted that day instead of Benji. Tess then admitted that she had staged the kidnapping at Derek's request. He had wanted what was his, and that included his son. Meg was stunned. How could Tess have used her own son as a pawn just to gain money? Tess assured Meg that all her machinations were for her son's ultimate good. He already had a better life than she ever had. Meg replied that sooner or later Benji would have learned that his inheritance had been gained via the misery of others. And now, worst of all, Tess would be separated from her son. Meg offered one last thought: the person to feel sorry for in all of this was Benji. Meg exited, leaving Tess to stew in her own anguish. A few minutes later, Maria arrived and walked toward Tess' cell. There was something Maria needed from Tess, and she was determined to get it.

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