Sunset Beach

Season 3 Episode 250

Episode 752

Aired Unknown Dec 28, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

Olivia stopped Annie from leaving the warehouse before their score was settled. Annie tried to run, but Olivia grabbed her roughly. Olivia knew the whole story. Amy had told her everything about the potion. After all of Annie's previous crimes against her -- stealing her child and her husband -- Olivia didn't believe that Annie could stoop any lower. Yet she had proved herself worthy of the task. And for what? Money? Annie insisted that money wasn't the motivating factor. She'd done it because Olivia deserved it. Olivia asked if her family deserved all the pain. Annie wasn't going to buy into Olivia's little guilt trip. She had sat by and watched Olivia take her father away. Then there was Gregory. Annie really did love him. He too had turned his back on Annie to be with Olivia. Wasn't it clear that people preferred a real human being as opposed to a viper like Annie? --asked Olivia. That's precisely why Annie hated Olivia so much. Olivia always got joy out of telling Annie that she wasn't worthy of receiving love. Annie said that Olivia deserved everything she had done to her. In fact, Olivia deserved what Annie had chosen not to do. One more dose of the potion would have kept her wallowing in a drunken stupor forever. Moreover, Olivia would never be able to prove any of Mrs. Moreau's mischievous activities. Who would believe that black magic had brought Olivia back to the bottle? It was the one thing that Olivia and Annie agreed on. Olivia realized that she didn't have any solid proof to send Annie off to jail, although she would continue to hunt for it. Meanwhile, she intended to make sure that everyone in Sunset Beach knew about Annie's sordid machinations. And they would believe Olivia because Annie's reputation was already shot to hell -- everybody knew what a troublemaker she was. Jude came into the warehouse with news that Gregory had been hauled off to jail. A grateful Olivia thanked him and announced that she was going home to rest. Jude then turned to Annie. They still had things to settle. He kissed her, but he could tell something was bothering her. Annie said she needed Jude's help.
Maria visited Tess in jail and said that, in spite of all the things Tess had done wrong, there was one last thing she could do right. She could give Benji the life he deserved. A tearful Tess said it almost sounded like Maria cared. Maria did care about Benji. He had nothing to do with all the evil perpetrated by his biological parents. If Tess loved her son, then she would do what was truly best for him. Tess painfully agreed to surrender custody of the child. On her way out to have adoption papers drawn up, Maria turned to thank Tess. The childless mother sat with her arms wrapped around her knees in her prison cell crying. Meg and Ben kissed at the door, grateful to be finally reunited. Ben received a phone call telling him that Tess had signed over custody of Benji to Maria. Meg thought it sounded like wonderful news. Ben was glad she thought so, but wondered how she would feel about the second part. As Benji's uncle, he intended to serve as the boy's surrogate father and share the parenting responsibilities with Maria. That's as it should be, responded Meg. During the last three years, Meg had learned that love conquers all. She loved Benji, and she loved Ben. Meg told him she needed to be alone tonight, but asked him to meet her at Michael and Vanessa's wedding. Separately, Ben and Meg were each planning a wonderful surprise to rekindle their love.
Carmen was so happy to see Ricardo walk through the door. She had known all along that the DA was wrong about Antonio killing him. She knew how much her sons loved one another. But when Antonio and Gabi came into the stationhouse, that love was not apparent. The DA ordered Spencer released from jail and the charges against Gabi and Antonio formally dropped. But she hinted that new charges might have to be filed. Carmen asked what she meant by that. DA Steele suggested that Ricardo take Antonio and Gabi into the interrogation room first. The three of them did as requested. In the interrogation room, Ricardo remarked that things were going to end the way they'd started. Just the three of them. Antonio spoke up. He and Gabi were human... they had made a mistake. They were only trying to protect him when they kept their infidelity a secret. But how could Ricardo justify letting his sister and mother believe he was dead? Ricardo refused to allow his brother to judge him. He had been through hell dealing with Gabi and Antonio's betrayal. Seeing the videotape was only the beginning of that personal hell. It got even worse when he had to watch the two of them hovering at his bedside, acting innocent and concerned after what they had done. Gabi screamed out. She was tired of hearing what she and Antonio had done to Ricardo. It was time to talk about what Ricardo had done to himself. Hate and revenge were two dangerous weapons that Gabi knew a great deal about. Hate and revenge toward her sister had brought her to Sunset Beach in the first place.
But Ricardo had helped her emerge from that nightmare. Ricardo claimed that Antonio had given her what she needed. No, it was Ricardo who had turned her life around. She knew where Ricardo was mentally right now because she had been there herself. What she regretted was that she couldn't seem to do for him what he had done for her. With those words, Gabi turned and exited. Antonio felt sad watching his brother. He had once looked to his brother for guidance on how to be a man, but now Ricardo could no longer teach him that. Antonio had learned that a man was someone who admitted his mistakes. He was wrong for sleeping with his brother's wife, but Ricardo was wrong for this twisted game he'd been playing. Maria came into the room, so happy to see her brothers together. Ricardo apologized for alarming her and their mother. He would find a way to make it up to them. For now, he needed some time alone. Maria ran into Antonio's arms as Ricardo left the room. She loved both of her brothers very much. Antonio acknowledged her love, but feared that he and Ricardo would never be brothers again. Outside the interrogation room, Gabi sat looking at a picture of Ricardo, Antonio and herself. How had it all gone so wrong? Suddenly, Gabi knew what she had to do. She assured Carmen that things would be okay. She was going to make sure of that.
Emily told her mother how Sean had been drugged and then seduced by Amy. Bette didn't buy the whole story. Was her daughter a little desperate to find a way to forgive Sean? But Emily insisted that Sean was an innocent victim here, not a two-timing cad. After all, the story had come from Brad, not Sean. Rededicated to loving him, she announced that she was going to look for Sean. Bette was shocked by these travel plans. She would not allow her daughter to go gallivanting around the globe in search of Sean. But Emily wasn't asking for her mother's permission. Besides, she was only doing what her mother had done for years -- being true to her heart. Emily was proud to have some of her mother's determination in her. Sean was her soulmate, and she would find him. But when Emily called the airlines, she encountered a slight setback. All flights were filled until tomorrow. Well, maybe this would give AJ more time to dig up some leads on Sean's whereabouts. Emily was glad she'd joined her mother in Sunset Beach. Despite their rocky road, things had worked out for both of them. Bette had found AJ and now Emily would have Sean (she had absolute faith in that). Best of all, Emily and Bette had bonded solidly as mother and daughter.

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