Sunset Beach

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  • Season 3
    • Episode 755
      Episode 755
      Episode 253
      Caitlin and Olivia have a heart-to-heart. Caitlin says she's leaving to Europe to be with Cole. Jude tells Olivia that Annie was the one who helped him bring her children back home. Cole makes a surprising return to reunite with Caitlin. Amy realizes the wrong she's done and she turns for comfort to Brad. Annie and Meg finally make up after years of fighting. Gabi announces that she's leaving Sunset Beach and then says goodbye to Ricardo, Carmen and Antonio. Then there's a double wedding - Meg and Ben and Michael and Vanessa. Everyone is happy to be with their loved ones. Meg dreams a little dream (a fantasy sequence of the entire cast in different roles), but wakes up right there where she always wanted to be, in Ben's arms.moreless
    • Episode 754
      Episode 754
      Episode 252
      Maria is reluctant to listen to Carmen, who still claims that Ben is the man she's destined to be with because the cards show an English man. While returning home, Maria runs into a mysterious man and has a nice talk with him. She then learns that his last name is English. Ricardo and Antonio talk in the confessional and finally make up as brothers. Annie and Jude flirt while in bed. A.J. congratulates Jude on capturing Annie. Bette fears that Annie may continue plotting against Olivia, but Annie convinces her that her final plot will be memorable and Bette realizes that Annie finally had a change of heart. Olivia visits Gregory in jail and then shares a heartbreaking conversation of what Gregory's life has turned into. She's disgusted by what Gregory did. She returns home where she receives the gift that Annie sent her... Caitlin and Trey back home. Gabi says goodbye to Vanessa as Vanessa's preparing for the ceremony. Amy and Brad talk about Amy's sudden change of heart. Ben is surprised to learn that Benjy and Meg are now friends. He goes to the chapel and proposes to Meg.moreless
    • Episode 753
      Episode 753
      Episode 251
      Vanessa learns that her father won't be able to make it to the wedding, so Tyus offers to take her down the aisle. Tyus and Michael have a conversation about life and it seems like they are becoming good friends. Meg has a meaningful conversation with Sara and Casey. Sara comes to a conclusion of living in a fantasy world. Maria and Ben tell Benjy about their divorce and although at first it doesn't go good, Benjy tries to deal with it. Meg and Benjy talk. Maria runs into Carmen, who is still claiming that Maria's future love is Ben. Ricardo and Gabi have a heart-to-heart about lying, cheating and keeping secrets and they finally come to a place of calm. Gabi tells Ricardo that she's leaving Sunset Beach. Gabi then talks to Antonio and shares the news with him too. Antonio is surprised when Ricardo enters the confessional.moreless
    • Episode 752
      Episode 752
      Episode 250
      Olivia stopped Annie from leaving the warehouse before their score was settled. Annie tried to run, but Olivia grabbed her roughly. Maria visited Tess in jail and said that, in spite of all the things Tess had done wrong, there was one last thing she could do right. She could give Benji the life he deserved. A tearful Tess said it almost sounded like Maria cared. Carmen was so happy to see Ricardo walk through the door. She had known all along that the DA was wrong about Antonio killing him. She knew how much her sons loved one another. Emily told her mother how Sean had been drugged and then seduced by Amy. Bette didn't buy the whole story.moreless
    • Episode 751
      Episode 751
      Episode 249
      Jude kissed Annie to assure her that things would be okay, but things were far from okay. Gregory hit Jude in the back of the head with a board. Gregory thought it was sweet that Annie had gotten a kiss so soon before her death. But lucky for her, he didn't have time to kill her here and now. He had to get out of here before the authorities showed up. Before Gregory could escape, Olivia walked through the door. She stood there, shocked to see Gregory alive. Joan relaxed in the arms of her husband, relieved to have her daughters happy and safe for Christmas. Hank gave his wife a snow globe that reminded both of them of their past Christmases in Kansas. Casey and Sara snuggled in bed together at the hospital. Maria entered the visitors' room at the police station where her mother waited for news about Antonio and Ricardo. Carmen was so glad to hear that Ricardo had been found and he was fine. Meg visited Tess in prison.moreless
    • Episode 750
      Episode 750
      Episode 248
      Michael and Vanessa rushed up to the car as Antonio and Gabi were being buckled into the beat seat. DA Steele was furious at them for showing up at the cabin. Emily laced into Amy for drugging Sean and seducing him. Yes, Brad had told her everything. She knew about Mrs. Moreau and the love potion. She knew that Amy had tricked Sean into bed. Emily had trusted Amy with her friendship, and Amy had reciprocated with lies and betrayal. Olivia confronted Bette, and the two women hashed out their feelings for AJ. Bette admitted that she loved him. Olivia realized that AJ would be happier with Bette than with her, and asked Bette to make a deal with her. Annie was trapped and death seemed imminent. Gregory suggested they take Annie farther out of town, but Jude pointed out that they might be spotted or she might get away.moreless
    • Episode 749
      Episode 749
      Episode 247
      Annie grabbed Jude as he entered the room, hoping that her white knight had just arrived. Instead, her worst nightmare appeared before her eyes when she realized that Jude was Gregory's partner. AJ and Bette decorated her tree together. Bette had never imagined such a happy Christmas when she purchased the tree. AJ was glad that she'd been honest with her feelings; it had finally allowed them to find each other. Then Olivia showed up. She was rejoicing in her newfound sobriety. Vanessa demanded that Spencer tell her where Antonio and Gabi were. DA Steele had the same question. Michael accused the DA of transferring them to another lock-up facility. Knowing that she hadn't moved them, the DA accused Michael and Vanessa of helping them escape.moreless
    • Episode 748
      Episode 748
      Episode 246
      Benji said he felt safe as long as he had his dad and mommy. Meg turned away to hide her disappointment at even thinking of Ben with Maria. Ben asked Benji for a moment alone with Meg. He wanted to talk to her about their relationship. Meg thought it was bad timing, but Ben disagreed. Casey was anxious to leave the hospital as soon as possible. With Sara's help, he tried to get up a little too soon and fell back on top of her. The doctor thought their loving affection was nice, but she was preventing him from completing his examination. He asked Sara to wait in the hall for the time being. Michael and Vanessa came into the station house to get an update on Ricardo's case. They ran into Carmen and Maria. Maria couldn't fathom why Antonio and Gabi were under suspicion. Carmen wondered what had gone wrong with her family. Michael spoke up, saying she could blame him. Meanwhile, Antonio and Gabi were stuck behind bars.moreless
    • Episode 747
      Episode 747
      Episode 245
      Gregory prepared for his last performance as Uncle Tobias. He had done admirably in the role, but all good things must come to an end. After today, it would be fair to say that Annie's life would never be the same. A police officer interviewed the survivors of Derek's wrath. Ben asked that Maria be allowed to rest. One of the officers apologized to Maria for the situation with her brothers. She didn't know what he was talking about. He added vaguely that it was some type of police matter; he wasn't at liberty to say more. Maria was torn between wanting to check out this police matter involving her brothers and wanting to see Benji. Ricardo watched a news report on television about his case. The report said that he was missing and presumed dead. But the TV reception went fuzzy before he could hear anything about Antonio and Gabi.moreless
    • Episode 746
      Episode 746
      Episode 244
      Mrs. Moreau promises Annie that the potion Olivia imbibed will soon wear off. At the precinct house, Antonio and a weeping Gabi are formally charged with Ricardo's murder. A.J. informs Olivia he can't watch her self-destruct again. Although Olivia frantically vows to change her ways, A.J. tells her this is goodbye. Amy urges Brad to convince Emily to leave Sunset Beach with him, thus clearing the way for her own blissful reunion with Sean. Stunned when the district attorney displays the video of him having sex with Gabi, Antonio realizes his brother set him up to take a fall. Amy warns Brad she'll ruin his chances with Emily unless he knuckles under and agrees to her plan. Olivia suddenly realizes that her craving for alcohol has completely vanished. Bette is bowled over when A.J. declares that he has feelings for her which go far beyond mere friendship. Gregory shoves his way into Mrs. Moreau's apartment and orders her to talk. Later, the witch woman decides to take a powder.moreless
    • Episode 745
      Episode 745
      Episode 243
      Touched by the depths of Olivia's despair, Annie begins to wonder if she's gone too far to destroy her rival. Amy returns, sans habit, and announces that she's going to spill the beans unless Annie finds a way to bring Sean back to Sunset Beach. Antonio and Gabi unwittingly fuel D.A. Steele's suspicions as they reach out to one another in their mutual anxiety over Ricardo's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ricardo's doubts dissipate and he forges ahead with his scheme to wreak revenge on the wife and brother who betrayed him. Steele coldly informs a baffled Gabi that she won't get away with the terrible crime she's committed. Olivia describes for "Tobias" how monstrous Gregory was. At the mission, Antonio conducts a First Communion ceremony for his Sunday school students. Amy blackmails Brad into helping her carry out her latest plan. Gregory secretly trails Annie back to Mrs. Moreau's place, where she begs the witch woman to reverse her potion. Antonio's parishioners gasp in shock when the police interrupt Mass and place their priest under arrest for the murder of his brother.moreless
    • Episode 744
      Episode 744
      Episode 242
      In the basement, Ben struggled to free Maria, but he couldn't cut her loose in time. Suddenly, Derek and Tess showed up with Meg in tow. Derek said he wanted to enjoy watching his brother suffer. Gregory entered a dilapidated warehouse for a secret meeting with Jude. Jude thought it was time to move on with the plan. Gregory agreed, but first he wanted to remind the young man of something: Jude was being paid to work for Gregory 24 hours a day. Gregory wasn't happy that Jude had let Caitlin slip out of town. Annie had nightmares about losing control of the estate. She thought of Jude's promises of a better future. Mrs. Moreau appeared in her dream. She demanded that Annie admit what she had done to Olivia. Annie awoke to hear Christmas carols coming from downstairs. Rose entered the main room to find Olivia trimming the tree and dancing to Barbra Streisand's version of "Jingle Bells."moreless
    • Episode 743
      Episode 743
      Episode 241
      Tied together in the basement, Maria sadly tells Ben she now knows his heart belongs to Meg. Tess grows agitated when she learns that Meg had a heart-to-heart chat with Benjy earlier that evening. Meanwhile, Meg tells Derek she's on to his masquerade, then claims she's fallen in love with him. A troubled Michael quietly confides to Vanessa how Gabi forced Ricardo to take out a million dollar life insurance policy in which she is named as sole beneficiary. At the loft, Gabi and Antonio are stunned the police chief reveals that Antonio can walk--and has now apparently disappeared. Later, the chief privately tells Spence she's certain Ricardo's wife and brother are lying through their teeth. A skeptical Derek tests Meg's claim that she's been hungering for him all along. Hiding out at the cabin, Ricardo has a nightmare about the results of his recent handiwork. Meg grabs Derek's gun and orders him to reveal what he's done with Ben. Easily disarming her, Derek takes Meg downstairs for a bittersweet reunion with her lover.moreless
    • Episode 742
      Episode 742
      Episode 240
      Meg looked to Benji for answers, but the little boy still didn't trust her. He thought that she only wanted to get rid of his mommy and him. Meg admitted that she and Maria hadn't gotten along recently, but that was something she wanted to change. Maria realized from Ben's groggy mumbling that he really loved Meg. It had been her all along. But Maria couldn't think about that at the moment. Ben had to get up and walk. Suddenly, Derek sneaked up behind her and hissed that the gig was up. Tess held Sara captive at gunpoint. This time Miss Cummings would regret sticking her nose into other people's business. Sara tried to distract her attacker, hoping to get away, but it didn't work. Sara then lunged at Tess, but that didn't work so well either. Tess managed to get back on her feet.moreless
    • Episode 741
      Episode 741
      Episode 239
      Antonio tells Gabi he feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted from his shoulders at last. Meanwhile, outside in the shadows, a seething Ricardo loads his gun. Carmen frantically explains to Meg why she is the only one who can save Maria now. Derek suggests to Tess that the best solution to their numerous problems would be to eliminate all their enemies in one fell swoop. In the basement, Maria weeps to find Ben's seemingly lifeless body lying under a sheet. Weary of Carmen's rantings, Sara decides to go wring the truth out of Tess. Derek tells Tess he's drugged his twin brother while they decide how to permanently dispose of Ben and the others. Later, as Tess listens in, Casey places another carefully worded call to Sara. Michael confides to Vanessa how worried he is about Ricardo. After letting the air out of one of his brother's tires, Ricardo calls Michael and claims he just saw Gabi and Antonio making love. As Maria leans over him, Ben murmurs a declaration of love---for Meg. Tess catches Sara snooping and takes her captive at gunpoint. Ricardo slyly leads Michael to believe that he's been shot by Antonio.moreless
    • Episode 740
      Episode 740
      Episode 238
      Tess didn't believe that Sara and Meg had stopped pursuing them. She told Derek about her disturbing visit from Carmen. Derek wasn't concerned about Carmen, because nobody really paid her any mind. But she did have a detective as a son, Tess pointed out. Yes, a paralyzed one, Derek said. Derek felt they had to get rid of all their obstacles tonight. Meanwhile, Maria searched for a way out. In the basement, she came across a covered body. She choked back tears, believing it was Ben.moreless
    • Episode 739
      Episode 739
      Episode 237
      Derek entered to find Casey awake. He thought that it was time for Casey to call Sara with the little speech he had prepared. Casey said he would never do anything that would put Sara or Meg in danger. If Casey needed a little incentive to do as he was told, then so be it. Tess brought Maria into the room. Either Casey would call Sara, or Maria would die. Maria didn't understand what Casey had to do with this. Tess said that Casey, Meg and Sara were all guilty of meddling. It came down to this. Either Casey would do as Derek said, or Tess would kill Maria in any way she liked.moreless
    • Episode 738
      Episode 738
      Episode 236
      With their plan temporarily derailed, an irate Gregory reminds Jude why they teamed up in the first place. Olivia sadly explains to A.J. that she loves him far too much to drag him down with her as she spirals even deeper into an alcoholic haze. Ricardo talks fast to prevent Gabi from reading the letter from the insurance company. Gregory orders Jude to bring Caitlin back from Europe before she manages to track Cole down. Olivia walks in on a private chat between Jude and Gregory but is too drunk to realize that "Tobias" is not who he seems to be. Dumbstruck when "Tobias" suggests that she started drinking again because she misses her husband, a giggling Olivia assures him she couldn't be happier now that Gregory is gone for good. Bette rails at her niece for her lack of sympathy towards Olivia. Ricardo places an urgent call to Michael. At the cottage, Antonio gently presses Gabi to disclose her secret.moreless
    • Episode 737
      Episode 737
      Episode 235
      Amy threatened to blow the whistle on Annie if she didn't help her get Sean back. Bette stepped into the fray, wondering what these two fine ladies were up to. Tobias suggested that Olivia look in Caitlin's room for clues as to where the children had gone. Gregory had not gone through all of this to see Cole brought back into Caitlin and Trey's life. He threw a glass against the wall. The crash of the glass nearly struck Jude in the head as he entered. Gabi asked Carmen to confide what was bothering her. Carmen was very worried about Ricardo. Gabi asked for specifics. Carmen thought back to the night when she had walked in on Ricardo standing. She also remembered his serious tone in asking her to keep his secret. Brad realized, as he talked to Emily, that she wasn't listening to anything he said. He tested his theory by telling her he'd been out on a date with Chelsea Clinton. She apologized for being distracted. It was something about Sean.moreless
    • Episode 736
      Episode 736
      Episode 234
      Jude has a change of heart and returns to comfort a sobbing Annie. Amy realizes too late the part she and Annie played in tossing Olivia off the wagon and chasing Sean out of town. Though his mother accuses him of lying in front of Antonio and Gabi, Ricardo manages to joke his way out of a corner. Amy vows to force Annie to help her reunite with the man she loves. "Tobias" arrives to find Olivia drunkenly struggling with Amy, who slips away in search of Annie. A.J. appeals to Bette for help getting Olivia sober again. Michael goes to great lengths to persuade Vanessa to marry him on New Year's Eve and start the new millennium off on the right foot. Vanessa's mother makes a surprising return with news about her recovery. Ricardo hisses to Carmen that he'll never forgive her if she reveals his secret. Worried when they learn how all of Olivia's children have left town, A.J. and Bette hurry over to their friend's house to check on her. Annie admits to Jude that she keeps people at a distance because she's afraid they won't like her once they really get to know her. "Tobias" hits the roof when Olivia discloses how Caitlin took Trey off to Europe. Amy threatens to squeal on Annie unless she finds a way to bring Sean back to Sunset Beach. Ricardo's plan hits a major snag when Antonio balks at going out of town with Gabi that night.moreless
    • Episode 735
      Episode 735
      Episode 233
      Annie is surprised when "Tobias" tells her that he chose himself to be the executor of Gregory's estate, and that she isn't fit to get that position, but she wants Jude to vouch for her. Annie then asks Jude for help, but he refuses to listen to her. Rose tries to remove the alcohol from Olivia, but she refuses to let her take it, and she continues drowning her sorrows. Emily talks to Amy about Sean's departure. Ricardo states to himself that he doesn't know who Gabi and Antonio are anymore, and that tonight they will pay. Carmen wants to know why Ricardo is lying and Gabi walks in and wants to know what Ricardo is lying about.moreless
    • Episode 734
      Episode 734
      Episode 232
      Sean and Caitlin prepare to leave Sunset Beach. Olivia breaks down while kissing Trey good-bye. Caitlin hugs Olivia, telling her that she loves her and wants her to take care of herself. Sean visits Emily at Bette's house to tell her that he's leaving Sunset Beach for good but refuses to tell her why. As Sean leaves, Emily breaks down crying. Brad is disgusted to see Amy's newest scheme. Annie tells Tobias that it's such a shame that Olivia returned to drinking. Derek and Tess are at some abandoned location and are unwrapping a carpet causing Casey's unconscious and bound body to roll out.moreless
    • Episode 733
      Episode 733
      Episode 231
      Annie fears that her whole scheme is about to collapse when Olivia seems to choose A.J. over alcohol. Caitlin explains to her astonished brother how she plans to steal Trey and flee from Sunset Beach. When Sean balks at helping her pull off the kidnapping, Caitlin reminds him how tortured his own childhood was thanks to their mother's alcoholism. A.J.'s face falls as Olivia decides she can't live without the bottle after all. Meg nervously allows "Ben" to paw her for a few minutes but is relieved when an urgent call from Tess interrupts. Emily confides to Bette her fear that she'll never love anyone as much as she loved Sean. Derek is forced to rearrange his strategy upon learning that Tess has taken Casey hostage. Sean finally agrees to help Caitlin take their little brother to Europe to search for Cole. Bette asks A.J. if it's really over between him and Olivia. Sara begins to wonder why Casey never returned from his spy mission.moreless
    • Episode 732
      Episode 732
      Episode 230
      Sean confronted his mother. She was making him relive his childhood horror of walking in on her passed out. He didn't want Trey to have to go through the same. They struggled over a bottle of liquor. When it crashed to the floor, AJ, Caitlin, and Cathy all ran in from outside. They were then witnesses to Sean calling his mother a drunk and her slapping him. Olivia's response to the presence of witnesses was simply to wonder who had invited them in. She stumbled around the room and accidentally knocked Cathy's purse to the floor. Caitlin introduced Cathy as a friend of hers.moreless
    • Episode 731
      Episode 731
      Episode 229
      Gregory breathes a sigh of relief when it becomes obvious that Olivia doesn't remember seeing him out of disguise the night before. Derek tries to assure a jittery Tess that the police have no way of connecting them to Tim's murder, but Spencer's arrival puts both conspirators on their guard. Though a giggling Sean assumes his friend is putting him on, Amy solemnly insists she's donned a full nun's habit because she's decided to devote her life to doing good deeds. Annie reports for her first day of work in Jude's office and quickly demonstrates that she has a real head for numbers. Desperate to be named executrix, Olivia swears to "Tobias" that she'll remain clean and sober from this day forth. Meg explains to her sister why she fears "Ben" had something to do with Tim's death. Olivia's cravings overcome her willpower and she returns to the liquor cabinet for another bottle of vodka. Meg and Sara concoct a plan to search Ben's house for evidence. Sean struggles to pry the glass out of his drunken mother's hand just as Caitlin and A.J. walk in with the social worker. Meg finds "Ben" cleaning out the safe at The Deep.moreless
    • Episode 730
      Episode 730
      Episode 228
      In her inebriated sleep, Olivia flashed back to Sean and Caitlin coming into her room when they were children. Even then Sean supported her, and Caitlin didn't believe that she'd quit drinking. Gregory, dressed as Tobias, came into Olivia's bedroom. He saw that she was passed out. He couldn't help but feel a certain amount of compassion. Covering her with a blanket, he said, "You did this one alone kiddo. Can't blame me for this one." Olivia awoke hearing Gregory's voice.moreless
    • Episode 729
      Episode 729
      Episode 227
      Caitlin bars Olivia's way when she tries to enter the nursery, then informs her drunken mother she won't let her near Trey in her appalling condition. Ricardo feigns distress as he confides to Michael how his wife persuaded him to make her his sole beneficiary. Jude reminds Annie that she still owes the Liberty Corporation a debt she can't possibly repay. Amy suggests to Sean that his mother may not be entirely to blame for toppling off the wagon. Carmen sets up a booth at Career Day to help budding psychics realize their true potential. Jude offers Annie a job as his executive assistant but she icily advises him to drop dead. Tobias tries to referee a mother-daughter quarrel as Caitlin bitterly vows she'll never let her baby brother suffer the way she did for years with an alcoholic Olivia. Gabi angrily tears into two young men when they sneer at Antonio's decision to remain celibate. Michael is troubled by Ricardo's story about Gabi but agrees to witness the change in his will. Amy considers becoming a nun to prove to Sean that she has a pure and shining soul. Caitlin places a call to social services. Carmen enters the loft without knocking and is thrilled to see Ricardo walking around. Tobias is revealed to be Gregory in disguise.moreless
    • Episode 728
      Episode 728
      Episode 226
      Though a hopeful Gabi makes it clear she wants to get intimate again, Ricardo abruptly rejects her sexual advances. Stunned by Tim's grisly murder, Meg shivers to think that "Ben" may be a cold-blooded killer. Amy berates Annie for exploiting Olivia's alcoholism, then demands that she obtain some kind of antidote from Mrs. Moreau. Meanwhile, as the disastrous birthday party comes to an end, Olivia drunkenly rails at a mortified Bette for her obvious interest in A.J. Annie tries to hide her hurt feelings after Jude explains why she can't keep her job at the Liberty Corporation. Amy decides to keep her mouth shut about Annie's machinations for fear that her own connection to Mrs. Moreau will come to light. Derek tells a suspicious Meg that Maria has gone away alone to think things over. Tobias reminds a woozy Olivia that she's jeopardizing her future with Trey.moreless
    • Episode 727
      Episode 727
      Episode 225
      Olivia's friends and family members are stunned to find her half in the bag and still tipping back glasses of vodka. As the horrified onlookers watch the monument crumble, Derek takes off when it becomes apparent that a human body is encased in the rubble. Annie grins in triumph as Olivia drunkenly taunts her heartbroken children. Recognizing the watch on the exposed arm of the still unidentified corpse, Meg tells her father she's certain the dead man is Tim. Meanwhile, Derek breaks into Tim's motel room to make sure he hasn't left behind any clues to his killer's identity. Amy shudders to realize that Olivia's stumble was the result of Annie's latest visit to Mrs. Moreau. Michael makes a positive ID of Tim's body. Sara decides to search Tim's room at the Seabreeze but Casey urges her to wait for the police instead. Sadly recalling the sweet boy Tim once was, Meg wonders if "Ben" could be responsible for taking the life of her former fiancé. An inebriated Olivia berates Amy for seducing Sean. When Bette tries to intervene, Olivia turns on her old friend and slaps her across the face.moreless
    • Episode 726
      Episode 726
      Episode 224
      When Annie realizes that Olivia's elated to have regained control of her drinking, she adds a second dose of the potion to Olivia's morning coffee. Just as Olivia congratulates herself on her new life, the potion takes effect. Maria wakes up and asks Tess where she is. Tess responds that it doesn't matter where she is, because she's never going to leave alive. When Maria asks where Ben is, Tess says that Ben won't be coming to Maria's rescue this time. Then she tells Maria that Benjy isn't Maria and Ben's son, he's Tess and Derek's. She said that Maria had been held captive by her and Derek for five years, but then she escaped. Luckily for them, as well as for Maria, Maria still had no memory of those five years, so she and Derek had been able to continue with their plans. Then Tess tells Maria that Tim had gotten in their way, so they had killed him. Then Tess drugs Maria.moreless
    • Episode 725
      Episode 725
      Episode 223
      When someone knocks on his door, Jude hopes that Annie has decided to come to him after all, but it's Caitlin, who has come to thank him for all he's done for her. She also asks him to come to Olivia's birthday party. Jude is surprised by the invitation, because he is now a family friend, as well as because he helps keep her relationship with Olivia a civil one. Jude agrees to attend the party. She also compliments him on his business acumen. After she leaves, Jude goes back to thinking of Annie. When Annie returns to the Richards house, she sees that a vodka bottle is missing from the bar. Olivia has taken the bottle upstairs with her, but pours it out rather than drinking it. When she returns downstairs, Annie asks if she's seen the bottle, and a completely sober Olivia tells her that it broke. The pair then argue once again about Gregory's estate.moreless
    • Episode 724
      Episode 724
      Episode 222
      In her dreams, Gregory appears to Olivia, telling her that as much as she might want to give up drinking, she couldn't, so she might just as well give in. She fights the urge again, telling herself that she had to fight for Trey's sake, especially since Tobias has hinted that he is going to make her the executrix of the estate. When Gregory tells her that her drinking ended their love, she says that the end of their love caused her to start drinking. However, she soon saw all of her other past loves, each telling her that her drinking ruined their relationships. When she awakes, she still hears them taunting her in her head. Annie and Jude make love in his office, but her memories of what she's done to Olivia stop her from going home with Jude when he asks her to. He accuses her of sleeping with him to make him forget the money she owes the Liberty Corporation.moreless
    • Episode 723
      Episode 723
      Episode 221
      When Benjy leaves her after saving her from Tim, Tess realizes that she can't let anyone separate her from him. Later, Tess tells Derek that she's been seeing Tim's ghost and that Benjy had saved her from it, becasue she had concentrated on her love for their son. She tells Derek that she can't wait until they were going to kill Maria so that she could tell her that Benjy isn't Maria's son. When Derek asks why she's so eager to kill Maria when she is so sorry that Tim died, Tess explains that Maria has something that belongs to Tess. He tells her that Maria had agreed to go away with him, and that Meg won't be a problem either. Carmen tells Maria that she has to open the box, but she's unable to tell her daughter what box she means.moreless
    • Episode 722
      Episode 722
      Episode 220
      Joan tells Sara and Casey that she is worried about Tim. She and Hank say that they had gone to Tim's room. The manager of the motel had let them into his room, and he wasn't there, but all of his things were. Sara says that she blames Tess for Tim's disappearance because she'd seen Tess and Tim together plotting something, and perhaps their relationship had gone bad and Tess had done something to him. Hank, Casey and Joan agree that Sara's suspicions seem reasonable. Maria arrives, asking them to get Meg to leave "Ben" alone. The Cummingses suggest that Maria should talk to "Ben" about it. Casey takes Maria aside to ask if she could trust what "Ben" had said to her and if she could say that "Ben" hadn't been acting at all strangely lately. She accuses him of siding with the Cummingses against her, not allowing him to defend himself.moreless
    • Episode 721
      Episode 721
      Episode 219
      Mrs. Moreau gives Annie a potent demonstration of her potion's power. Meanwhile, a panicking Olivia fights off her growing desire to take a long slug from the bottle of champagne. Bette explains to an exasperated Jude why it would be foolish to expect an honest day's work from her notoriously slothful niece. "Ben" reminds Maria about the second honeymoon which had to be postponed. Later, Antonio reluctantly lets his sister know how he found Meg and "Ben" in close conversation earlier that day. Olivia heads for home but finds the liquor cabinet there even harder to resist than the champagne bottle she left behind at the media center. Sensing victory just ahead, Annie pours herself a glass of vodka and sips it slowly in front of a salivating Olivia. Bette shakily assures A.J. she knows they can only be friends. "Ben" pays another call on Meg, while Sara is surprised to hear some news from Antonio.moreless
    • Episode 720
      Episode 720
      Episode 218
      After Olivia drinks the spiked water, Annie waits hopefully for a sign that the witch woman's potion is beginning to take its toll. Caitlin admits to Jude how terrified she is that she will never see Cole again. Brad and Amy put their heads together again in an effort to figure out a way to keep Sean and Emily from reconciling. Outraged when Olivia displays no interest in a nearby bottle of champagne, Annie marches back to Mrs. Moreau's place to demand a refund. Sean asks a fuming Bette to step outside for a private chat. Spotting a golden opportunity to make her move, Amy slips into the shop for an eye-opening chat with Emily. A.J. is annoyed to watch Olivia getting kittenish with Tobias as he prepares to pick an executrix for Gregory's estate. Sean convinces Bette that he does genuinely love her daughter. Mrs. Moreau informs Annie that the potion requires at least an hour to kick in. Sean returns to the shop but is baffled when Emily icily orders him to go away and never come back.moreless
    • Episode 719
      Episode 719
      Episode 217
      As Emily begins to warm up to a delighted Sean, Brad interrupts and an argument erupts between the two young men. Jude blasts Annie over the phone after she fails to report for work on her first scheduled day at the Liberty Corporation. Olivia again blunders in when A.J. tries to mend fences with Bette. Casey and Sara spot a familiar looking priest at the airport and call out to "Antonio". Anxious to avoid being recognized, Ricardo ducks out of sight but is soon accosted by a troubled stranger who begs the "priest" to hear his confession. Meanwhile, Antonio demands to know why Gabi was preparing to confide in his mother when she wouldn't open up to him. Pressed by Amy for help gaining all of Sean's love, Mrs. Moreau warns the rattled girl she'll never win a decent man's heart because she's not a pure and gentle soul like Emily. Gabi informs Antonio that her marital problems are none of his business. Annie spikes Olivia's water carafe during a board meeting at the Liberty Corporation. Brad warns Amy that Sean and Emily are on the verge of a reconciliation.moreless
    • Episode 718
      Episode 718
      Episode 216
      Gabi tells a worried Carmen she'll do everything she can to make sure that Antonio and Ricardo remain as close as they always were in childhood. Tess stares in horror as Tim suddenly materializes in the Shock Wave and orders her to confess her crime. Watching Tess writhe and moan, a startled Sara and Casey wonder what on earth could have possessed the nanny. Sean bumps into Emily at the shop while looking for a birthday gift for his mother. Ricardo manages to prevent his brother from viewing the video. Meg informs a puzzled "Ben" that his recent declaration of love secretly thrilled her. Sean entreats Emily to believe that he still loves her and always will. Dressed as a priest, Ricardo heads to the airport and stashes the video in a locker, then makes sure that a custodian sees "Father Antonio" with the gym bag. Carmen explains to a shaken Gabi how her Tarot cards reveal deep sorrow--even death--just ahead. Tess returns to the construction site and again meets up with a jeering Tim.moreless
    • Episode 717
      Episode 717
      Episode 215
      Derek tells Maria that Meg is in love with him. Tess still hears Tim's voice. Derek tells her to go to the Shock Wave and ask for Tim. While she's arguing with Sara, Tim walks in. Ricardo is nearly caught by Antonio wearing the priest outfit he stole, but gets away with it by hiding under the covers. Sara tells Emily she is glad to have her on staff. Emily says she really doesn't know how to use the software on the computer that is part of her job. Sara says that is ok that she will help her. Meg shows up and asks Emily if she can talk to her sister for a few minutes. Emily says sure. Meg asks if Sara can hold the down the store for her.moreless
    • Episode 716
      Episode 716
      Episode 214
      While exercising Ricardo's legs, Michael is surprised to see how much stronger his patient's calf muscles have become. Gabi and Antonio are flustered when a new officer at the precinct house assumes they are a couple. A suspicious Maria continues to give "Ben" the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Tess grows increasingly jumpy as she hears Tim's voice whispering accusations at her from every corner of the room. Ricardo convinces Michael he's not even close to walking again. Later, Ricardo tells his physical therapist how Gabi insisted on taking out a million dollar insurance policy on his life. After her scream brings Maria, Derek and Benjy on the run, Tess claims she just had a bad dream. Later, out of Maria's earshot, Derek orders a trembling Tess to pull herself together or else. Ricardo has a hairstylist give him a cut which closely resembles Antonio's. Afterwards, Ricardo dons the clerical clothes and collar he stole from the rectory. Maria confronts "Ben" with the accusations hurled by Meg.moreless
    • Episode 715
      Episode 715
      Episode 213
      When Maria catches Derek and Tess in an embrace, Derek says that Tess had been attacked on the beach, but Maria doesn't believe him. She asks Derek why he went to Surf Central. Derek decides to kill Meg. Meanwhile, Meg decides to figure out what's going on with Derek. Casey tells Meg that he and Sara are back together. When AJ tells Caitlin his theory about how Cole disappeared, she wonders if AJ's giving up. When Olivia tries make amends to Caitlin, she forgives her.moreless
    • Episode 714
      Episode 714
      Episode 212
      Jude's interruption prevents Annie from spiking Olivia's glass of water. Tobias again plays confidante for Caitlin as she continues to castigate her mother for Cole's recurring troubles. Derek assures an unnerved Tess that Tim's apparent "movement" was due simply to the onset of rigor mortis. At Surf Central, Casey explains to Maria how "Ben" reported a break-in to the police. When Maria demands to know why her husband was on the premises in the first place, Hank reluctantly reveals how "Ben" declared his love for Meg. Bette kicks herself for mooning over A.J. when it's painfully obvious he only has eyes for Olivia. While Tess distracts the foreman of the construction crew, Derek dumps Tim's body into the wet cement being poured at the base of the new monument. Annie is touched by a kind gesture from Jude. A. J. returns with news about his son. Maria comes upon "Ben" embracing Tess.moreless
    • Episode 713
      Episode 713
      Episode 211
      Derek is forced to stuff Tim back into the chest when Meg returns to the living room. Irked to see "Ben" in Surf Central, Meg orders him to leave. Ricardo asks Gabi if dancing with his brother reminded her of the intimate times she shared with Antonio. Caitlin again gives her mother the cold shoulder when Olivia repeats her assertion that she had nothing to do with Cole's disappearance. Derek claims he chased off an intruder, then manages to convince Meg to vacate the premises. At the Shock Wave, Sara reminds Joan they can never depend on Tim to show up when he's needed. Annie returns to Mrs. Moreau's place and presses the witch woman to brew up the potion she requires. Using the lock of Olivia's hair, Mrs. Moreau concocts an elixir designed to make Annie's victim fall off the wagon for good. Tess timidly agrees to help Derek move Tim's body. After hearing Meg's tale, Hank and Casey decide to have a chat with "Ben". Mrs. Moreau warns Annie that her scheme could backfire if she doesn't handle the potion with care.moreless
    • Episode 712
      Episode 712
      Episode 210
      Their hands full with a large and hungry crowd at the Shock Wave, Hank and Joan wonder why Tim never showed up for work. Carmen consults her Tarot cards for answers to Maria's concerns about "Ben". Ricardo ducks into hiding when his brother and Gabi enter the rectory. Derek chokes the life out of Tim as Meg finally hears the sounds of the scuffle out in her living room. Narrowly escaping from Surf Central, Derek hastily fills Tess in on the night's events. A dejected Sean explains to Amy why he's sure he isn't good enough for any girl, let alone her or Emily. Declaring her love, Amy vows to wait for Sean until he's ready to return her feelings. Maria comes to the rectory to ask her brother for advice. Tess tries to lure the Cummings sisters out of the house by claiming that their swamped parents need help at the Shock Wave. Antonio encourages Maria to ask her husband about Meg's accusations. Derek returns to Surf Central to retrieve the body he hid in the aptly named dead man's chest. Ricardo manages to jump back into bed just before his wife and Antonio return to the loft.moreless
    • Episode 711
      Episode 711
      Episode 209
      Derek is about to shoot Tim just as Tim bursts out of the water and pulls Derek into the vat, holding his head under water. Tim escapes into the main power plant. Tess tells Derek that Tim will go to Meg's to warn her. Meanwhile, Meg has returned home to Surf Central, followed by Sara and Casey, who are concerned for her and want her to spend the evening with them. A blackout strikes Surf Central and other parts of Sunset Beach and the house is plunged into darkness. Casey and Sara leave to pick up take-out; Meg's alone and is thinking of Ben when Tim arrives. Tim manages to get inside, and is heading for the kitchen when, all of a sudden, Derek appears behind him in the darkness, using a metal cable as a garrote. But at that same moment.moreless
    • Episode 710
      Episode 710
      Episode 208
      Derek and Tess take Tim to the power plant. Derek gives Tess the gun, and leaves so that he can temporarily appease Maria. Alone with Tess, Tim dives over a railing and into the water vat below. Tess thinks he's dead. Meanwhile, Derek covers with Maria by giving her Tess' jeweled watch. Carmen calls and Maria has to go home to Benjy. Derek returns to the power plant and finds Tess standing by Tim's body, floating in the water tank.moreless
    • Episode 709
      Episode 709
      Episode 207
      Tim makes a narrow escape from Derek, only to run into him again as Derek impersonates a police officer. Tim's sunk. Annie manages to get a snip of Olivia's hair but Olivia wakes at that moment and Annie's nearly caught. Caitlin and Olivia start to argue, and Annie escapes. Unfortunately for her, Mrs. Moreau refuses to make the potion just now, because the stars are not in alignment. Caitlin's given the bad news by Jude: Cole just can't be found. Caitlin knows Olivia has to be behind it all. Michael's special "ballroom under the stars" is nearly busted by the arrival of Sunset Beach's Finest, but Casey buys Michael some time. Then, one by one, others in Sunset Beach arrive at the park, drawn in by the magical romance of it all. Annie dances with Jude. Meg imagines herself back with Ben. And at the end of it all, a butler brings a jeweler's box out to Michael on a velvet pillow. In front of everyone, Michael gets down on one knee and asks Vanessa: will she marry him?moreless
    • Episode 708
      Episode 708
      Episode 206
      Tim's watch alarm goes off and Derek catches him. Tim tries to get away but Derek pummels him, knocking him out. He says Tim is going to die. Later, in pain, Tim still tries to weasel out of the situation offering to help Derek/Tess. Derek demands to know if Tim is working with anyone. Tim denies it and Derek begins to strangle him. Tim manages to grab a rock and pummel Derek in the neck. Tim escapes into the fog. At the same time, Meg and Maria have it out and Meg manages to paint a doubtful picture re: Ben's conflict. Meg tells Maria that Ben kissed her. Maria says she will make Meg pay if she learns that Meg is lying. Olivia sees the good looking masseur and agrees to the massage. Later, Tobias is curious why Annie's doing this for Olivia and Annie covers. Bruno's massage has worked and Annie tiptoes into Olivia's room to cut a locket of hair from the sleeping Olivia for Mrs. Moreau. Unbeknownst to Annie, Tobias is watching. Michael begs Casey to help with his proposal to Vanessa. But Casey's hands are tied because he's going on his second "first" date with Sara. Sara happily tells Michael that she and Casey will help him.moreless
    • Episode 707
      Episode 707
      Episode 205
      Tim sees Derek and Tess kissing in the grotto and learns of their plan. At EOD, Tim's watch alarm goes off and Derek comes looking for him. Meanwhile at Ben's house, Meg confronts Maria with Ben's flippant behavior since his return from Seattle. Maria thinks Meg is still in love with Ben, but Meg claims she's here because she thinks Ben needs help. Maria orders Meg to get out.

      Annie is determined to get a lock of Olivia's hair for Mrs. Moreau's potion. She enlists Amy's help, threatening to tell Sean all if Amy reneges. Annie overhears Olivia complaining to Tobias that she's unable to sleep. Annie offers to bring in a masseur she's seen in an infomercial whose techniques are guaranteed to put the client into a state of deep sleep. Unsuspecting Tobias agrees to present the idea to Olivia as his own. When the masseur arrives Olivia orders him out. At the Shock Wave, Sean encounters Emily and learns her date with Brad fell apart. Sean assumes Brad is to blame and jumps on him when he arrives at the restaurant. Emily breaks up the quarrel and absolves Brad of any wrong-doing.moreless
    • Episode 706
      Episode 706
      Episode 204
      Tim hides in the closet. Derek comes in and things start to heat up between he and Tess. Tess goes to the closet to fetch a sexy nightgown and Tim is about to get caught until Maria appears in the doorway. Tim listens as Tess and Derek deflect Maria. Derek and Tess quickly make plans to meet later in the grotto. Derek meets up with Tess at the grotto, where they fold into a passionate kiss - witnessed by a thunderstruck Tim. Earlier, Meg goes to Joan, still deeply troubled by Ben's behavior. Meg decides she must tell Maria what Ben's been up to. Meg shows up at Maria's door and tells her she needs to know the truth about Ben. Gabi freaks out to learn that Antonio's gone to see Ricardo. Meanwhile, Ricardo is about to hit Antonio with a paperweight until he realizes that Antonio really doesn't know anything. Gabi comes flying in, and Ricardo says he should have known Gabi could lie to Antonio - after all, she lied to him so well. Ricardo sends Gabi on an errand, then pulls himself out of bed and walks. Perfect. Now that he can walk and no one knows it, he can make Gabi and Antonio pay - very soon. Sara is thrilled when Casey visits her and tells her that he wants to start over.moreless
    • Episode 705
      Episode 705
      Episode 203
      Ricardo collapses after taking a step from bed. He lies to Maria and Carmen by saying that he fell. Meanwhile, Gabi is about to tell Antonio that Ricardo knows they made love when Michael interrupts to say he's worried Ricardo is overdoing his therapy. Gabi lies to Antonio, and Antonio confronts Ricardo, saying he knows everything, while Ricardo grips a paperweight over Antonio, fearing his cover is blown. Meanwhile, Meg doesn't believe Tim's apologetic attitude. He finds a cedar box similar to Tess's and remembers the photo of her and Ben. Sara interrupts his thoughts, and adds fuel to the fire of his insecurity about Tess. Tim goes to and finds the cedar box. Tess about to walk in on Tim. Emily and Brad make out on the couch until Bette interrupts and throws Brad out. Sean, meanwhile, bumps into Tobias who realizes Sean's thinking about Emily and Amy and suggests Sean lean on his family for support. Sean scoffs, blaming Gregory for his problems, then realizes he's become his father--who is a monster. Sean leaves while Tobias looks after him, a hint of displeasure on his face.moreless
    • Episode 704
      Episode 704
      Episode 202
      Ricardo is fearful that Gabi may tell Antonio everything. Just then, Michael, who'd been exercising Ricardo's legs, announces he sees movement in them. But he warns Ricardo the process can't be hurried. He leaves as Ricardo realizes he has no time to waste. He has to be able to walk again. With great effort, he manages to stand on his own. Meanwhile, Antonio finds Gabi on the cliff and demands to know why she was crying. Gabi, realizing she's got to keep her promise to Ricardo, refuses to tell him. Antonio goes to call his brother, Gabi stops him. Antonio convinces her she's got to tell him what's wrong. Gabi finally agrees. Annie's attempt to drug Olivia is thwarted. Amy tells Annie Olivia wants to kick her out of the house and Annie realizes she can use Amy to help her destroy Olivia. Meanwhile, Bette asks if Olivia even loves AJ. Olivia assures Bette she does...and that AJ loves her back. Amy asks Sean if he could ever love her. Sean, put on the spot, is interrupted by Caitlin, who tells him she suspects Olivia of putting Cole in danger. Sean is blown away by Caitlin's suspicions, and nothing he can say will change her mind. Meanwhile, Brad is blown away by Emily's seductive manner. They kiss.moreless
    • Episode 703
      Episode 703
      Episode 201
      Determined to steal a lock of Olivia's hair, Annie sneaks up behind her enemy with a pair of scissors. The Monsignor returns to Sunset Beach and informs Antonio that he's to remain at the mission indefinitely. Emily explains to her startled mother why she's changed her look so drastically and left her innocent, naive ways behind. Sean cautions Amy to steer clear of Annie before the perpetually troubled redhead complicates her life as well. Gabi swears to Ricardo that she'll never go near his brother again without his express permission. Later, Gabi reels when her husband reveals how he told the Archbishop about her indiscretion. Annie fails in her quest to obtain a sample of Olivia's hair for Mrs. Moreau's potion. As Ricardo slyly pushes all her guilt buttons, Gabi tearfully blames herself for setting in motion the tragic chain of events leading up to the Archbishop's death and Ricardo's stroke.moreless
    • Episode 702
      Episode 702
      Episode 200
      Derek is elated to learn that Carmen has no memory of what caused her to faint. Meg admits to following Tess, but says she wanted to get an update on Carmen's condition. Derek comes to Tess, thrilled to report that Carmen doesn't remember, but Tess blasts him for going to Meg's shop. Derek says he hates Meg and wants to make her suffer. Maria promises Carmen not to go on the trip. Olivia is beside herself that Caitlin and AJ think she had something to do with Cole's disappearance in Europe, and finds a surprising source of comfort and strength in Tobias. Meanwhile, AJ and Jude comfort Caitlin, and vow to find and help Cole. AJ leaves for Europe to find his son. Mrs. Moreau agrees to cook up a potion for Annie that will make Olivia crave alcohol again. However, Annie must bring her a lock of Olivia's hair, cut with special scissors. A distraught Olivia sits in the living room, her head buried in her hands, and Annie sneaks up behind her and reaches for her hair, scissors in hand. Casey tells Sara that he was never jealous of Meg when she was with Ben, but he is jealous of her and Jude.moreless
    • Episode 701
      Episode 701
      Episode 199
      An enraged Caitlin screeches at Olivia for driving Cole underground. Meanwhile, Jude reluctantly breaks some bad news to A.J. From her bed at South Bay Hospital, Carmen consults her ever-present Tarot cards and is alarmed by what she still sees in her daughter's future. Derek nervously attempts to prevent Maria from seeing her mother but Tyus misreads his concern and assures the couple that Carmen is well enough for visitors. Mrs. Moreau warns Annie that she might have to forfeit her soul for the chance to best her enemies. Though Olivia insists she had nothing to do with Cole's latest troubles, Caitlin exhorts Tobias not to let her mother have a single penny of Trey's inheritance. Casey and Sara have another heart to heart chat but Meg's arrival throws the usual bucket of cold water on her sister's hopes. Later, Meg bumps into Tess at South Bay and wonders if Sara might not be right about the nanny's ulterior motives. Jude prevents Caitlin from turning Olivia in to the police. Annie hits upon the idea of asking Mrs. Moreau to mix up a potent potable which will throw Olivia right off the wagon.moreless
    • Episode 700
      Episode 700
      Episode 198
      Annie pays off Amy's debt to Mrs. Moreau, and tells Moreau that she wants a potion of her own. Meanwhile, a defiant Amy tells Olivia she's not leaving town, and Olivia snaps just as Sean walks in. Sean demands to know what's going on, but Olivia realizes it is in her best interest not to tell him. Olivia warns Amy that she will destroy her. On Jude's phone, Cole tells Caitlin good-bye and that he fears someone has set him up and he has to go underground and disappear until he figures out who is after him. Caitlin confronts Olivia about possibly setting up Cole. At Moreau's, Annie tells Moreau that she wants a potion that will completely discredit Olivia. Moreau thinks she has just the thing to do it. Sean At the same time, Olivia gets Amy alone and lays into her saying when Amy least expects it she will destroy her. Meanwhile, Meg still frets over Ben's odd behavior and Sara gets the feeling from Casey that maybe what they had isn't quite over. At the same time, after accusing Derek of not being Ben, Carmen faints. Maria goes to her side and Derek is reluctant to help. Later at the hospital, Derek and Tess both fret over Carmen's statement and Carmen regains consciousness and wants to see Maria, who invites Derek to join her.moreless
    • Episode 699
      Episode 699
      Episode 197
      Prodded by Annie, Amy tells Olivia she'll need ten thousand dollars to relocate. A.J. is baffled at first by Bette's emotional outburst but it finally dawns on him that she's developed feelings for him which go way beyond mere friendship. As Maria shows off her new ring, Carmen suddenly has a premonition of danger and begs her daughter not to leave Sunset Beach. Sara and Meg's new shop earns kudos from their customers as the grand opening turns into a big success. Caitlin is mystified by a brief call from Cole, who hints darkly that things have taken a turn for the worse. Embarrassed that the man she loves has read the situation right, Bette tries to backpedal and laugh it off but A.J. isn't fooled. Carmen warns Maria she will die if she goes off with "Ben". Eager to get Amy out of her hair, Olivia forks over the ten grand. Later, Annie relieves a disappointed Amy of the cash. Bette's heart breaks when A.J. reminds her that his love will always belong to Olivia. Angered to discover that Carmen has disrupted his plans, Derek takes the woman aside for a private chat. Staring deep into Derek's eyes, Carmen realizes that he is not Ben.moreless
    • Episode 698
      Episode 698
      Episode 196
      Derek reassures Tess about their plan. Meanwhile on the beach, Meg wants to tell Maria about Ben and how he's been acting, but Derek interrupts them before Meg can say anything. Meg lays into Derek saying Maria should know how Ben's been acting. Derek tells Meg that his feelings for her don't matter because he and Maria will be leaving Sunset Beach for good. Maria goes to Carmen's and tells her about the honeymoon. However, Carmen sees the ring "Ben" gave Maria and freaks out. At the same time, Annie gets Amy to tell of the love potion. Annie decides that she and Amy should work together. At the same time, Bette is unhappy with Olivia for her intrusion. Bette leaves and AJ follows. Bette says she can no longer be AJ's friend as long as he's involved with Olivia. Meanwhile, across town, Emily flirts with Brad and Sean threatens Brad. Later on, Olivia runs into Emily and tells her not to give up on Sean. Olivia returns home and per Annie's instruction, Amy says she has a proposition for Olivia. Michael tries, unsuccessfully, to propose to Vanessa.moreless
    • Episode 697
      Episode 697
      Episode 195
      Tim confronts Tess with the photo and demands an explanation. As "Ben" declares his love to Meg in the shop's back room, Maria and Sara's shoving match sends them spinning into a glass display case which instantly shatters into a thousand pieces. Bette bristles following a brief encounter with Olivia at the Java Web. As they argue about Emily, Sean and Brad are astonished to see her stroll up with a sexy new look. Tess concocts a lame story to explain the photo of her and "Ben" but Tim remains unconvinced. Tobias wonders aloud why Olivia seems to attract the undying enmity of so many people in Sunset Beach. Sean burns when Emily flirts with a thrilled Brad right in front of him. Annie secretly trails Amy to Mrs. Moreau's place in South Central. A.J. asks an unnerved Bette why she disappeared the night before. Amy offers Mrs. Moreau her most prized possession---her vast collection of Barbies--but the witch woman insists on cold, hard cash instead. Meanwhile, Annie puts two and two together after hearing from a neighbor how Mrs. Moreau specializes in love potions.moreless
    • Episode 696
      Episode 696
      Episode 194
      Annie fantasizes about seducing Tobias into doing her bidding. Though Gabi balks at lying to Antonio, Ricardo icily reminds her that his brother can never know what they've been discussing. Startled to spot a flashy new ring on Maria's left hand, Meg storms off to the back room. When "Ben" follows her in, Meg slaps him hard across the jaw and calls him a bastard for playing mind games with her again. Meanwhile, Sara tears into Maria for cruelly rubbing her "victory" in Meg's face. Under questioning from Antonio, Ricardo explains away his wife's outburst by hinting that Gabi is still emotional after their hot night of passion. Embarrassed, Antonio hastily changes the subject and reveals how Maria has reconciled with "Ben." Jude advises an outraged Annie to accept a low paying job at the Liberty Corporation so she can start paying back her debts. Mrs. Moreau gives Amy one hour to come up with the five thousand dollars she owes. Claiming that he wants to prove his love, Ricardo tells Gabi to throw away the tape. Later, Ricardo secretly substitutes a blank and hides the incriminating video. Tim finds a photo of Tess in "Ben's" arms.moreless
    • Episode 695
      Episode 695
      Episode 193
      While teaching a catechism class, Antonio fields questions from the kids about priests falling in love and never being able to get married. He dismisses them, only to face Carmen who's still troubled by what the cards have in store for him and Ricardo. Meanwhile, Ricardo orders Gabi out of the house. Gabi swears nobody wanted to hurt him which is why none of them told him about the lovemaking or tape. Ricardo stops her and says that they can try again if Gabi promises not to tell Antonio that Ricardo knows about them. Meanwhile, Tim tells Tess he wants to know why she keeps pushing him off. At the same time, Ben presents Maria with a new wedding band. Maria agrees to go away with him, and Ben says they have go one more place before leaving. Sara and Meg have pre-opening celebration. Casey is still jealous of Jude. Both Michael and Hank tell him to make up his mind regarding Sara. Michael makes plans for him and Vanessa. Jude asks Meg to return to Liberty Corp. She refuses. Jude understands Sara's situation with Casey and wants to help. Sara invites Casey to come back to shop. She and Meg open shop officially and Meg greets her first customers: Maria and "Ben."moreless
    • Episode 694
      Episode 694
      Episode 192
      Cole phones home to let Caitlin know he should be safely back in her arms the very next day. Derek reminds an annoyed Tess why he has to keep pretending that he's enjoying his physical relationship with Maria. As Gabi stares in horror at the videotape, a seething Ricardo pronounces her a liar and a whore. Meg confides to her sister how "Ben" seems like a changed man--and the change is definitely not for the better. Encountering Antonio working out aggressively at the gym, Jude guesses that the man is suffering from wounds inflicted by the woman he loves. Later, upon learning that his new acquaintance is a priest, Jude apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. A weeping Gabi begs Ricardo to believe she really does love him, but he bitterly informs her he's done listening to her treacherous words. Tess backpedals furiously to keep her secrets intact when Tim presses her for an update on the progress of their scheme. Sara urges Meg not to let Maria know about "Ben's" forked tongue. Derek and Maria make love again. After Gabi frantically pleads for another chance, Ricardo decides to string her along by pretending to consider her request.moreless
    • Episode 693
      Episode 693
      Episode 191
      Gabi is rocked by Ricardo's accusations and tell him that she loves him. Ricardo tests her for lying and says he must have made a mistake. Gabi lies and says that she never slept with Antonio. He apologizes profusely and Gabi says that he is forgiven. Ricardo confronts Gabi: Did she enjoy the sex with him as much as she did with Antonio? Gabi is reeling as Ricardo lists her treacheries and the number of times he's forgiven her. Ricardo puts on the tape of her making love with Antonio. Gabi is horrified. At the rectory, Antonio hears a voice tell him to help Gabi Go to her now. He starts to go but is detained by upset Emily who needs his counsel on forgiving Sean. Antonio is uncomfortably aware of the parallels with his own situation but offers Emily what comfort he can. Emily thanks him and leaves. Antonio resolves not to seek out Gabi again until he has given up all lustful thoughts and managed to forgive himself. Amy is thrilled that Sean thinks it's over with Emily. She arrives home and is confronted by Moreau. Annie is intrigued. At the same time, Michael is about to propose to Vanessa, but changes his mind when she starts talking about the high divorce rate.moreless
    • Episode 692
      Episode 692
      Episode 190
      Ricardo and Gabi make love and Ricardo asks Gabi if he was as good in bed as his brother, Antonio was? Meanwhile, Antonio who is trying to get Gabi out of his mind runs into Michael. Michael asks for Antonio's advice re: marrying Vanessa. Antonio asks Michael a thoughtful question and unbeknownst to Michael, his answers cause Antonio to reminisce about he and Gabi. Michael leaves and Antonio prays to the Virgin. The Virgin's voice tells Antonio to help Gabi. Olivia tries to choke Annie, but Annie manages to pull away and lashes out at Olivia. Once again, she lets her off, saying that it is enough punishment for Annie to not be loved by anyone. Annie loses it and slaps Olivia. Annie vows to make Olivia pay, even if she has to make a deal with the devil. The doorbell rings and Annie comes face to face with Mrs. Moreau. Meanwhile, Amy doesn't know how to pay Moreau. Sean and Emily have words and Emily says she can't get over Sean and Amy sleeping together. At the same time via Mrs. Moreua's phone machine, Amy says she won't pay.moreless
    • Episode 691
      Episode 691
      Episode 189
      Uncle Tobias asks Annie what is wrong and she says she isn't ready to talk about it, he says ok and goes to leave, when she tells him maybe he is right maybe she should talk about it, she tells him that it's Olivia and she will squash anyone that gets in her way, He says he doesn't believe her, Olivia says she lies, and Annie says Olivia lies; he says he doesn't know who is telling the truth and decides that he needs to interview people outside the family, Annie says that would take too much time, and she will show him the kind of person she is, one on one, just the two of them together, he says he will talk to her tomorrow.moreless
    • Episode 690
      Episode 690
      Episode 188
      Carmen warns of impending danger for their family, but Antonio and Maria ignore her, saying that she always sees things in a negative light. Maria tells Antonio she and Ben are back together, asks him if he's over Gabi. Ricardo, meanwhile, plots to show Gabi the lovemaking tape. But he abruptly changes his mind when Gabi appears in sexy nightgown and starts to make love to him. But when things get too heated he stops, tells Gabi this is difficult for him because he loved her once. As Gabi reacts to the word "loved". Meanwhile, Derek pulls out the blue crayon at the last possible minute. Maria leaves and Derek calls Meg. She hangs up on him. Tess overhears his call, and wonders what game he's playing. Derek tells her it's all part of their plan... soon, Meg and Maria will both get what they deserve. Meanwhile, Meg confides to Joan she doesn't like the man Ben's become and she's ready to get on with her life. Bette tells Olivia about Sean making love to Amy. Sean arrives and admits full responsibility. Olivia blames Amy. Amy, meanwhile, puts off Mrs. Moreau's demand for the money another day. Brad refuses to help. Amy beside herself when Olivia shoves Amy up against the wall.moreless
    • Episode 689
      Episode 689
      Episode 187
      Jude calls off Annie's effort to lure Olivia away from Tobias. When Olivia learns the message was a misunderstanding she sits back down in relief, working her charms on Tobias. Annie returns and the two women exchange venom. An uncomfortable Tobias excuses himself. Annie deliberately lets slip she made the call re: Sean. Olivia throws her drink at her and Annie uses her wet dress as an excuse to leave, "running into" Tobias and "breaking down." Tobias agrees to take her home. Sara is upset to learn that Casey didn't follow her to the restaurant and walks out on her date with Jude. Jude and Casey take each other's measure. Jude runs into AJ, learns about Cole, insists on taking care of situation. Olivia runs into AJ at Club. Bette joins them, furious with Olivia. Meanwhile, Michael's installed a regular bed and Ricardo tells Gabi they can now make love. Derek tells Tess that Ben is still alive because they need him for their ultimate plan. Maria comes home, and it is obvious that Derek has no memory of the blue crayon Ben promised Benjy he would keep.moreless
    • Episode 688
      Episode 688
      Episode 186
      Ben deflects Maria's by saying that Meg is having trouble letting go of him. Maria buys it, telling "Ben" he's wonderful to be so concerned for Meg's welfare. Derek manages to get alone with Tess, who reacts to the close call. Arrogant, Derek isn't worried -- no one's going to figure out he isn't Ben. Tess thinks there's one person who could cause them trouble: Ben himself. Derek assures her Ben isn't a problem. Tess reacts: is he saying... he killed Ben? Annie and Olivia agree on a "truce": they'll behave, all go out to dinner together, and make their case. Annie's wary but buys it. She shouldn't have: Olivia manages to split up and go to a different restaurant and Annie's left in the cold. But she manages to track them down at the club. After some harsh words with Olivia, Annie decides that two can play this game, and calls the Club, impersonating Rose, telling Olivia to come home immediately. But when Annie turns, there's Jude, who's heard all. Ricardo regains movement of his hips, and is told that he can make love to Gabi once again. Sara and Jude go out on their date, and Casey denies being jealous about it to Vanessa. But when Casey by chance winds up at the same restaurant as Sara and Jude, Sara asks if he's following her.moreless
    • Episode 687
      Episode 687
      Episode 185
      Maria and Meg catch Ben and Tess discussing their plan in Ben's bedroom. Meg bolts after learning that Maria is moving into Ben's bedroom. Ben follows her and tells her that he can't stop thinking about her. Meanwhile, Tess covers with Maria who then goes to talk to Ben and demands to know what is going on with he and Meg. At the same time, AJ is upset with Olivia re: Cole's imprisonment in London. Olivia truly wants to help but AJ thinks Olivia should focus on the problems in her own family. He tells her she needs to talk to Sean. Meanwhile, Tobias connects with the distraught Caitlin and they share a warm moment. At the same time, Jude is Annie's knight in shining armor until he gets a flat. Annie bursts into the mansion and tells Olivia her plan to ensnare Tobias isn't going to work. Sara waits for Jude at The Deep and she runs into Casey. Awkward at first, but lightening up, Sara and Casey reminisce re: old times. Jude arrives for his date with Sara and we see Casey is jealous.moreless
    • Episode 686
      Episode 686
      Episode 184
      Maria starts the day at Carmen's, upset that her mother sees trouble in the cards. Maria refuses to believe it, insists that everything is wonderful since she and Ben have reunited. Meg goes to confront Ben about his intentions. After "Ben" pulls Tess into a kiss, she realizes to her horror that it's not Ben, but Derek. Derek admits that he "took care of" Ben in Seattle and returned in his place. Tess hauls off and slaps him across the face for sleeping with Maria. Derek dismisses her jealousy, reminds her that their plan hinges on Ben and Maria reuniting, and he's just making that happen. Tess insists that Derek impersonating Ben wasn't part of their plan—just as Meg and Maria appear in the doorway—what plan? Meanwhile, Olivia arrives back in Sunset Beach with Tobias in tow, only to be pounced on by an angry Caitlin and AJ who blame Olivia for Cole being in jail in London. Meanwhile, in an interrogation room in London, Cole demands to be allowed to call his wife. Caitlin's thrilled to hear from Cole, but falls apart when they're cut-off again. a sobbing Caitlin receives comfort from an unlikely source—Tobias. While all this is going on at the Richards' mansion, Annie's locked up at the airport, being held for tying up a stewardess and stealing passports. Jude surprises Annie by showing up and getting her out of jail. But she treats him badly and Jude leaves her alone-without any money. Jude gets the last laugh when Annie's fumbling at a bus stop when Jude pulls up and tells her to get in.moreless
    • Episode 685
      Episode 685
      Episode 183
      Ben corners Tess who threatens to scream for the police. Ben calls her bluff, thinks the police will be interested to hear what he dug up on her in Seattle. Tess shifts gears, offers to explain if only he'll tell her what he's accusing her of. Ben tells Tess he tracked down Benjy's kidnapper who ratted on Tess. Tess tries to bolt again but Ben grabs her. He was going to turn her over to the police but has decided to teach her a lesson himself. Tess is going to get what she deserves. Ben pulls Tess into a kiss. Meg is outside Ben's door and gathers her nerve to confront him. Maria visits Carmen who notices that Maria's is glowing. Maria reveals she's reconciled with Ben. Carmen's overjoyed, wants to do a reading for Maria, and Carmen does not see the happy future Maria is anticipating. Mrs. Moreau pays Amy an unexpected visit and says she wants five thousand dollars within a few hours or she'll tell Sean about the love potion. Bette suggests to Emily that Amy manipulated Emily's breakup with Sean by conveniently dropping the pregnancy test kit. Emily encounters Sean on the beach. Meanwhile AJ pays Bette a visit... wonders if she's heard from Olivia. He knows from a garbled phone call that something has happened to Cole. Bette has no information for him. They comfort each other over their children's problems and agree to have dinner.moreless
    • Episode 684
      Episode 684
      Episode 182
      A furious Ben catches Tess snooping in his bedroom. He tells her that he found out a lot about her on his trip. A panicked and frightened, Tess tries to bolt but Ben stops her. Meanwhile, Maria shows up at Meg's shop and wishes her all the best. She says that although she is the one who ended up with Ben, she wishes Meg all the best. Meg tells Maria she doesn't know what she is talking about, and later, Meg can't imagine why Ben is doing this to her or Maria and she intends to find out. At the same time, at the Shock Wave, Tim overhears Sara telling Joan about her date with Jude. Tim thought Sara only had eyes for Casey. Sara tells Tim that is true, but unfortunately he/Tess ruined that relationship. Sara tells Tim that she hasn't given up on finding out what he/Tess are up to. Meanwhile, Brad brings Emily flowers and Bette tries to get Emily to think logically about what Amy "might have" done. At the same time, Amy comforts an emotional Sean and offers to take the blame when Sean tells Olivia of his indiscretion. Sean says Amy is a good friend and Amy tries to convince Sean to go on a walk. Eventually Sean agrees and Amy finds a surprise at her front door: Mrs. Moreau.moreless
    • Episode 683
      Episode 683
      Episode 181
      The Monsignor says that since the archbishop left no official orders for a transfer, Antonio will remain in Sunset Beach where he is needed. Antonio confronts his brother: What was Ricardo about to tell them just before the accident... about why the archbishop was having Antonio transferred? Ricardo says it doesn't matter anymore. Meanwhile at Carmen's place, Maria comforts her distraught mother and takes away her Tarot cards. At the same time, Ben follows Meg home and apologizes for kissing her earlier. He says he can't seem to get Meg out of his mind. Meg is tortured by his ambivalence and tells him to go. Hank and Joan arrive, wonder if something's wrong. Ben's sweet words echo in her memory and Meg gets a visit at the shop from Maria. A delighted Tess anticipates a change in Ben's will to include Benjy. Ben catches Tess going through his personal papers. At the shop, Casey stops by and witnesses Jude asking Sara out. Jude exits and Casey asks if she is going out with Jude? Sara pleasantly reminds Casey her social life is now her own. After he leaves, she wonders if Casey was jealous.moreless
    • Episode 682
      Episode 682
      Episode 180
      Ben and Meg both have trouble forgetting their recent kiss. At the same time, Maria discovers by accident that Ben has started the paperwork to adjust Benjy's birth certificate to legally declare Benjy to be his son. Maria picks up on Ben's internal conflict, but he puts her at ease by asking her to move into his bedroom. Meg arrives at her parents' house to pick up something for her shop when Ben arrives. She tells him they have nothing to talk about—and he says quite the contrary: they most certainly do. Meanwhile, the Archbishop is pronounced DOA at the hospital. Antonio asks Ricardo what he was going to tell them about the Archbishop. He is saved, however, by the arrival of the Monsignor. Ricardo may have a new idea on how to get his revenge on Antonio and Gabi for sleeping together behind his back. Casey tries to patch things up with Hank, who listens to his appeal and promises to think about it. Later, at the store, Jude has met up with Sara and has found her charming and funny. He asks her out—just as Casey arrives to hear.moreless
    • Episode 681
      Episode 681
      Episode 179
      Immigration officials arrest Cole and Annie. Olivia, meanwhile, is concerned that Caitlin is going to blame her for his arrest and hires a lawyer to defend him. Tobias is sympathetic, and Olivia thinks she has another chance to become executor of Trey's estate. However, Annie shows up and says she's being deported. She finagles the seat next to Tobias and once again Annie and Olivia vie for his attention. Meanwhile, Carmen accidentally plows into a distracted Archbishop as Ricardo is about to tell Gabi and Antonio he knows they made love. Antonio gives Extreme Unction to the Archbishop who is near death when he unexpectedly regains consciousness. Disoriented, he mutters to Antonio: Your brother. At the same time, Sean won't let Amy blame herself for sleeping with Sean. Meanwhile, Brad offers his sympathy and support to Emily who is once again crying on Bette's shoulder. An appreciative Emily asks him to take her shift and when he shows up at lifeguard station, he chews out Sean for sleeping with Amy. Emily tells Bette if she slept with Sean he never would've slept with Amy. Mrs. Moreau, needing money, calls Amy who hangs up on her. Caitlin tries to find out more about Jude. He realizes this is about his seeing her notes re: qualities of an unfit mother, and once again assures her he has no intention of getting involved. He parts from Caitlin, friends. Caitlin gets a call from Cole about his being arrest. She blames Olivia.moreless
    • Episode 680
      Episode 680
      Episode 178
      Gabi pleads with the Archbishop not to send Antonio to a monastery, but the Archbishop refuses to change his mind. Antonio goes to pack and Gabi wonders why Ricardo didn't say anything to keep his brother in town. Gabi says it could be years before they have contact with Antonio again. Later, Ricardo tells Gabi and Antonio that he knows why the Archbishop is sending Antonio away. Meanwhile, Carmen's Tarot cards reveal that Ricardo/Gabi/Antonio are at the church and that a terrible truth is about to be revealed. When the final card Carmen throws is the death card, she rushes out, determined to get to the church before something terrible happens. Later, Carmen frantically drives to the church, just as the distracted Archbishop steps into the street without looking and is struck by Carmen's car! Meanwhile, Tobias reveals that he will return to Sunset Beach and assume control of Gregory's estate. Later, just as they're about to take off, immigration agents board the plane and arrest both Annie and Cole. Maria walks in on Ben and Meg in the shop, just after their kiss. They cover by saying that Ben was returning Meg's pearls. Maria decides that the three of them need to talk. Ben later apologizes to Meg, who hangs up saying that it is over between them. At the same time, Michael has accidentaly erased all of Vanessa's computers files. Michael confesses to Vanessa who admits that the files are just locked, leading to an emotional conversation about never hiding anything from the other person.moreless
    • Episode 679
      Episode 679
      Episode 177
      Maria arrives and Ricardo is able to hide the videotape from Gabi. Ricardo insists on visiting Antonio when he learns that the Archbishop has returned. The Archbishop realizes that Antonio will not confess his sin, and so informs him that he will be reassigned to a monastery. Ricardo and Gabi have arrived just in time to hear this, and Ricardo smiles to himself, seeing his plan unfold. Ben surprises both he and Meg by refusing to relinquish the memory of what they had. Ben tries to give her back the pearl necklace, but Meg refuses it, saying that it is a symbol of their being together. Ben realizes he misses being with her and kisses her. The kiss breaks... just as Maria arrives. Meanwhile, Annie just about has Tobias set to sign over control of Gregory's will to her when Cole and Olivia arrive to prevent it. Cole gets Annie out as Olivia makes a plea to Tobias to do the right thing for Trey, and give her control of Gregory's estate. Tobias is clearly on the fence when Cole and Annie return -- and he tells them: he's made a decision.moreless
    • Episode 678
      Episode 678
      Episode 176
      Ricardo is so upset with Gabi and Antonio that he squeezes the bean bag in his hand so hard it pops. Vanessa asks to borrow his car, but he then remembers the tape in the glove compartment and tells her she cannot borrow it. He tells Vanessa his car has bad brakes. After Vanessa goes, Ricardo gets an unsuspecting Michael to retrieve the tape for him and thinks he's home free until Gabi comes home, catching him with the tape in his hand. Earlier, Gabi goes to the rectory where Antonio tells her that he's fine about losing the promotion, although he's still privately troubled by the Archbishop's attitude. As Gabi leaves, a broken heel propels her into Antonio's arms, just as the Archbishop arrives and misunderstands the situation. Later, the Archbishop confronts Antonio, demanding that he be honest with him. Cole and Olivia try to catch up with Annie who is at Tobias' place feeding him the line of the grieving widow, and kindly offering to handle executor duties of Gregory's will. Later, Tobias lowers the pen to sign. Meanwhile, on the beach, Emily almost forgives Sean until she realizes that he and Amy made love more than once. She says she never wants to see him again. Later, Bette breaks down in AJ's arms because of Emily's situation.moreless
    • Episode 677
      Episode 677
      Episode 175
      Olivia, Annie and Cole try to find out from a chairwoman about Tobias. Olivia shows too much attitude and the chairwoman gives them no information. While Cole and Olivia argues about not leaving Trey with Caitlin, Annie bribes the chairwoman for info about Tobias. Later, Olivia and Cole realize Annie is one step ahead of them. Meanwhile at the Java Web, Jude catches a glimpse of Caitlin's list to declare a mother unfit, but says nothing about the list to AJ. At the same time, Ben catches Tess going through his papers. Tess blames Benjy, and he backs her up. Meg sees Maria and Ben walking Benjy to his first day of kindergarten. Later, Ben spots Meg and excuses himself to Maria, saying he has unfinished business to take care of. Meanwhile, Amy tries to apologize but Emily won't have it. She's angry she ever trusted Amy, given her rotten past. Amy is surprised how much it hurts to lose her only girl friend. Meanwhile Bette reams Sean for his behavior. Sean wants to talk to Emily in person but Bette forbids it. Sean goes past Bette up the stairs but finds Emily is gone. He exits to look for her. Later, Emily encounters Sean on the beach and Amy, alone, tries to justify her actions to herself.moreless
    • Episode 676
      Episode 676
      Episode 174
      Olivia gets on a plane with Trey and Rose to help Cole stop Annie from getting to Tobias. Meanwhile Annie finds herself stuck in a lift to Tobias' flat with Cole. Cole rewires the fuse box, and as the door is opening, Annie tries to knock him out. He catches her, they struggle, the lift doors open and they fall at Olivia's feet. Meanwhile AJ warns Jude to stay away from Annie. They reset their past, in which AJ was helpful to Jude and his now deceased mother. Caitlin meets with case worker Kathy to declare Olivia an unfit mother but learns Olivia would have to be a drug user or an abuser of Trey in order for a case to be set in motion. Kathy leaves, leaving a despairing Caitlin who bumps into Jude. Maria will stay married to Ben if he agrees to a marriage in every sense of the word. Ben makes a moving declaration of his feeling for Maria and they make love. Tess, meanwhile, realizes Ben is back and wonders what he found out about her in Seattle. As she goes through his briefcase she's seemingly caught by an entering Ben and Maria. Meg tells Sara why it's over between her and Ben. Sara sees how much Casey still cares for Meg and realizes any hopes she had for reconciling with him are over. Meanwhile Emily is determined to figure out why Sean made love with Amy and leaves. Later Bette comes face to face with Sean while Amy comes face to face with Emily.moreless
    • Episode 675
      Episode 675
      Episode 173
      Meg tells Casey about Ben's choosing Maria. Meg thanks Casey and tells him that she will redress the bandage on his head. Meanwhile across town, an upbeat Sara tells Joan how she helped nurse Casey after he was injured. A motherly Joan reminds her that Sara was so certain in the past that her relationship with Casey was over for good. What changed her mind? Sara says it's because Meg's and Ben's relationship is not over, thus leaving Casey available. Later Sara arrives with a handmade card just as Meg is about to redress Casey's bandage. Meg and Sara have a moment alone and Sara urges Meg to fight for her love with Ben. However Meg tells Sara she's too late. Later Ben tells a thrown Maria that although he still loves Meg, he also loves Maria and he wants to reconcile with her. At the same time Annie and Cole sabotage each other on their flight to London. Later Cole and Annie both arrive at Uncle Tobias' flat.moreless
    • Episode 674
      Episode 674
      Episode 172
      Ben tells Meg that Tess' story checked out. Ben tells her that while he was away he had time to think about their relationship, and says it is over. Ben must make a home for his son with Maria, and he needs to set Meg free - even though he will always love her. Later he exits, leaving Meg devastated. Tim assures Tess that her story will check out with Ben. Tess has trouble learning anything about Ben's trip. Later she pulls a mysterious photograph out of the secret compartment in her cedar box. Meanwhile in the grotto, Sean confesses to Emily that he made love with Amy. Emily slaps him and tells him it's over between them. She tears off the pearl necklace he gave her and throws it down in the sand. Bette tells Amy how proud she is of her, making Amy feel extra guilty. She invites Amy to stay with Bette and Emily while she attends UCLA. Casey is injured when he tries to apprehend two taggers defacing the lifeguard headquarters. Sara tends to him and calls Tyus. We realize there is still chemistry between these two former lovers. Tyus arrives, examines Casey and okays him. Casey and Sara say goodnight with awkward affection and later, we see they are thinking about each other.moreless
    • Episode 673
      Episode 673
      Episode 171
      Ricardo says to Antonio that he told the Archbishop he felt like a burden to Antonio. Maria's convinced that the Archbishop didn't give Antonio the promotion because he realized that Antonio already had too much on his plate. Antonio has a twinge of doubt. Meanwhile, Annie impersonates a stewardess on Cole's flight to London. While Annie has a fantasy of wrapping Tobias around her little finger and getting Gregory's millions, Cole is twigged to the fact that Annie's on board and busts her. Later Annie and Cole each fantasize about having the other arrested in London. Meanwhile Caitlin schemes to have Olivia declared an unfit mother so she can reclaim Trey but has second thoughts when Olivia reaches out to her. Cole calls Olivia with a report on Annie and Olivia decides to take Trey and leave for London. Later Caitlin realizes that Olivia will never voluntarily share Trey with her, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and calls the social worker. Sara and Meg come together to work on their shop, but Meg finds a picture of her and Ben. Later Meg opens the door to leave and finds herself face-to-face with Ben. At the same time, Emily and Brad arrive at Amy's bedroom to find Amy's not pregnant, but Emily rails against the horrible jerk who did this to Amy.moreless
    • Episode 672
      Episode 672
      Episode 170
      Ricardo tells the Archbishop about Antonio and Gabi sleeping together while everyone waits in the chapel. The Archbishop returns to the collected group and avoids making the announcement. Antonio wonders what Ricardo told the Archbishop. Olivia tells Caitlin that she is keeping her away from Trey for her own good. Cole walks in on the argument and almost decides not to go. Caitlin, her own plan in motion, convinces him otherwise. Later Caitlin calls Social Services, curious how to declare a mother unfit. Annie tries to pick-pocket Jude, but he's on to her. Annie's undeterred: she'll get to London no matter what! Later Cole settles into his seat as we pan down to see his stewardess... Annie. Meanwhile Sean panics when he learns from Emily that Amy might be pregnant. He covers with Emily and races to Amy's room, only to discover it was a close call... but Amy isn't pregnant. She discusses the two times they made love when Emily walks in... has she heard everything?moreless
    • Episode 671
      Episode 671
      Episode 169
      Antonio is surprised to see Ricardo at the church. Ricardo asks Michael to wheel him over to the Archbishop where Ricardo says he would like for the Archbishop to hear his confession. The Archbishop and Ricardo go to the Rectory and Ricardo confesses a horrible rage for his brother Antonio. Later the Archbishop is thrown as Ricardo tells him that Antonio slept with Ricardo's wife. Olivia informs Caitlin and Cole of Uncle Tobias. AJ and Cole share a warm moment while Olivia realizes she can't go to London and leave Trey alone. Caitlin steps in and says she'll watch him. Olivia tries to side step her offer but is caught when AJ and Cole return. Olivia relates Caitlin's offer but covers, saying the search for Tobias could be longer than expected and she won't leave her baby that long.moreless
    • Episode 670
      Episode 670
      Episode 168
      Antonio gets a letter from the Archbishop who's coming to Sunset Beach to see him. A concerned Antonio leaves to meet him. Carmen and Maria confide in Gabi and Ricardo that Antonio's going to receive an award. Ricardo, furious that Antonio's going to be rewarded for being a good priest after sleeping with Gabi, comes up with a plan to expose them. He demands to go to church to witness Antonio receiving his award. Annie, Olivia and AJ learn that Gregory made a second will that supersedes the one leaving Trey his money with Olivia as executor. Gregory's lawyer tells them while Trey is still the heir, Gregory's Uncle Tobias will now be administering the money. Annie's lawyer tells her that this may be her chance to get everything. Sean, guilt-ridden over sleeping with Amy, suggests to Emily they spend the next quarter abroad. Emily senses he's trying to run away and demands to know what's going on. Meanwhile Amy decides to implement stage two of her plan to break up Sean and Emily so she can get Sean. She has Brad make a phone call to Emily, then when she arrives, starts acting upset at Emily presence. She drops her purse and a home pregnancy kit falls out.moreless
    • Episode 669
      Episode 669
      Episode 167
      Ricardo tries to tell Gabi that he knows what she is up to. But she misunderstands and in a heartfelt speech almost convinces him to fall in love all over again. However upon seeing Antonio and Gabi together he thinks she was trying to dupe him about her love for him. Ricardo realizes that Michael may be the only one who he can trust. Annie tries to trick Jude in order to steal money from Gregory's safe. But Jude is one step ahead of her. Annie is furious and blames Olivia for her money woes. She and Olivia fight over who the money belongs to: Annie or Trey. AJ, overhearing, says the money may not belong to either one. At lunch AJ is upset over Olivia's obsession with Trey. Olivia accuses AJ of using her affair with Cole as a way of putting distance between them. Both agree to meet each other halfway. Meg and Sara both have unexpected encounters with Ben and Casey. Joan and Hank try to convince Meg and Sara to become partners in the shop, hoping their partnership will help get them over their broken relationships. When Meg and Sara realize they spark to each other's ideas they agree to go in together.moreless
    • Episode 668
      Episode 668
      Episode 166
      Ricardo finds himself torn between the hatred and the sexual attraction he feels toward Gabi. At the last second he pulls away from a kiss. Struggling to form the words he tells her it's time for them to be honest with each other. Completely honest. At the same time Antonio counsels Caitlin about the loss she feels for Trey... but his own words of comfort only make him think of the loss he himself suffered... Gabi. Sean tells Cole that he and Amy made love a second time. Cole assumes that Amy is manipulating Sean but he assures Cole that isn't the case—what's happened is Sean's fault entirely. Meanwhile Amy is blackmailed into helping Brad get together with Emily; otherwise he warns, he will tell Sean how she tricked him into bed. Meg and Sara realize they were each interested in renting out the same storefront—and they have a bitter fight about who deserves the location. Hank and Joan arrive and suggest a comprise—but the sisters balk. They'll never work together!moreless
    • Episode 667
      Episode 667
      Episode 165
      Annie tries to finagle money from Liberty Corp., but Jude, the future managing director, says she will not get a dime. To appease her, he offers Annie a job. Later Annie tells Jude he'll be sorry he ever met her. A misunderstanding develops when Olivia hears of Caitlin trying to claim Trey as her son. Caitlin defends herself by saying she is Trey's stepmother. Cole is relieved but Olivia's still tweaked. Cole wants to spend the day with Trey and Caitlin and Olivia reluctantly agrees. Caitlin however has other plans. Caitlin arrives at the Rectory and has a jarring fantasy. Amy finds out that Sean bought Emily a trip to Hawaii. Sean wonders if Amy told Brad they've made love. Later Brad turns on Amy and tells her that it is her turn to help him with Emily. Meg fancies opening a shop and Sara receives a sizable inheritance. Meg wants to put a deposit on a store front but realizes Sara's beat her to it.moreless
    • Episode 666
      Episode 666
      Episode 164
      Maria loans Annie $1000. Annie tells Maria about the stranger and says she hopes to never see him again. Ben meets Jude Cavanaugh and gives his blessing for him to replace Gregory. Meanwhile Tess learns from Maria that Ben lied to her about where he was going. Tess makes a threatening vow that if Ben is going to Seattle he'll be sorry. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Olivia go on a shopping trip with Trey but their bonding ends when they run into the same woman who Caitlin lied to about being Trey's mother. At the same time Annie and Bette have a frosty meeting, but later mend fences and re-establish their relationship. Annie hooks up with AJ and offers him a trade—her support for the new man he wants to bring aboard in exchange for being paid some dividends on her stock. Later an unknown voice booms from behind her refusing to give her a penny, and she's stunned to turn and find herself face-to-face with Jude. Sean buys Emily an expensive necklace and a trip to Hawaii, while Amy begs Brad not to tell Sean about the love potion.moreless
    • Episode 665
      Episode 665
      Episode 163
      Jude saves Annie from her would-be assailant in the alley behind the Deep. Annie catches up with him inside the Deep and they have a drink together. He faults her for having provoked Bret and is very evasive about personal information. But Annie's intrigued. She orders an expensive second round of drinks, but Jude has gone and stiffed her with the bill. Later Maria arrives at the Deep to bail her out. Annie badmouths Jude to Maria. Meanwhile Jude arrives at AJ's hotel room and is welcomed to Sunset Beach. Ben tells Meg he's going to Seattle to investigate Tess. He says he's still concerned for Meg even though she's moved on to Casey. Meg lets him know she and Casey aren't involved and Ben sees a glimmer of hope for the two of them. Meanwhile Tess questions Maria about Ben's sudden 'business trip' but learns nothing. Fragile Caitlin is at last persuaded to hand Trey to Olivia. Olivia suggests to Cole that he take Caitlin on vacation. Cole opposes the idea to leave Olivia alone with Trey. Meanwhile at the Club, Bette and AJ are having their promised dinner together. Olivia calls AJ's cell phone and he plays it cool. Later he says to Bette that playing hard to get is the only way to make Olivia fall for him.moreless
    • Episode 664
      Episode 664
      Episode 162
      Ben surprises Maria by telling her he is planning a trip to Seattle to investigate Tess, but he has a stop to make first. Meanwhile Meg and Casey don't fare too well at their "pal's night" together. He gets called to work and she is alone when Ben surprises her at the door. At the same time Annie heads to the Deep convinced she can make her own fun since no one will give her the time of day. She is offered a drink at the Deep and then is told by the gentleman that he expects something in return. She throws her drink in his face and he is kicked out of the bar. Outside he confronts her in an alley. Caitlin still feels the loss of Trey, despite Cole's constant reassurances. Trey has a small panic attack and Caitlin is the only one who knows what's wrong. She holds Trey and when Olivia asks for Trey back Caitlin doesn't budge. Later Olivia learns that AJ and Bette are going out without her. She calls and tries to blunt their plans.moreless
    • Episode 663
      Episode 663
      Episode 161
      Sara tries to convince Ben that Tess engineered the breakups of herself, Casey, Ben and Meg. Ben listens until she implicates Maria as well. Sara urges Ben to fly to Seattle and ask around about Tess. Ben discovers Tess has also asked Maria about his will. Later Ben confronts Tess about her plans. Earlier in the day, Tim confronts Tess. Does she really love him or is she just using him? Tess regains his sympathy and promises to meet him at his motel tonight... but we're aware she's not being fully honest with him. at the same time, Casey and Meg agree to stop avoiding each other. they make plans to watch videos that evening and Sara arrives to overhear. Later Sara quips that Meg's gotten over Ben awfully fast and meg murmurs she'll never get over him. Meanwhile, Sean is deeply chagrined when he wakes up in bed again with Amy. Each tries to claim responsibility. Amy convinces him not to tell can he explain they made love twice? At the Java Web, Amy confides in Brad that she and Sean made love again. brad threatens to tell Sean about the love potion. Later Lonesome Annie decides to dress up and go out... alone.moreless
    • Episode 662
      Episode 662
      Episode 160
      Ben grows suspicious of Tess after she asks him about his plans for Benjy in his will. Meanwhile Sara corners Tim at the Shock Wave and tries to get more information about what Tim and Tess are up to, but he escapes when Meg enters and interrupts. An upset Meg refuses to help Sara further investigate Tim and Tess. Sara follows Tim who becomes upset. He yells at her and Casey comes to Sara's rescue. Tim leaves, then Sara tells Casey that he is not her knight in shining armor anymore—he is Meg's. At the same time, Gabi is convinced that Ricardo won't speak to her because he knows about her and Antonio. Antonio confronts Ricardo, but he lies and says he loves Gabi but feels like a burden. Alone, Ricardo vows to make them all pay. Meanwhile Amy convinces Sean that she's moving to her aunt's to spare him any more guilt or pain. He catches her in a lie, realizing there is no aunt and she has nowhere to go. She slips him more love potion and they end up making love. Later Sean is mortified to find that it happened... again!moreless
    • Episode 661
      Episode 661
      Episode 159
      Gabi and Antonio have a little too much fun splashing each other with water. They get too close and realize they still have a connection. Meanwhile Ricardo realizes that Maria already knew about Gabi and Antonio. He is furious that his entire family kept it a secret from him. He is further enrage at the sight of Gabi and Antonio soaking wet. Gabi learns Ricardo has been talking to Maria. Maria leaves and Gabi questions Ricardo about why he talks to Maria and not her. Meanwhile Caitlin wants a bigger role in Trey's life. Olivia tells her she can play a bigger role in Trey's life, but there's room for only one mother and that's Olivia. Cole and Caitlin take Trey to the beach. While there a woman assumes Trey is Caitlin's son and Caitlin doesn't deny it. While Brad eavesdrops, Cole convinces Sean to tell Emily the truth about his and Amy's lovemaking. Meanwhile Amy tries to convince Emily not to make love with Sean. Brad tells Amy what he overheard and then at Amy's behest tells Sean that Amy's been acting weird. Sean comes home to find Amy packing. She's leaving.moreless
    • Episode 660
      Episode 660
      Episode 158
      Carmen is convinced that something is wrong with Ricardo and tells Antonio as much. Gabi thinks Ricardo must know about their affair, but Antonio puts her at ease. Ricardo becomes jealous when Antonio asks Gabi to help him wash Ricardo's car. When they leave Ricardo tries to talk to Maria. She is rocked when Ricardo manages to say Gabi loves Antonio. While washing the car Antonio opens the glove compartment and unknowingly reveals the tape of he and Gabi making love that Lupe had presumably throw out. Meanwhile Sean wonders if the Richards' infidelity is by choice or otherwise. He surprises Olivia by asking her about sleeping with Cole. Later Bette overhears AJ and assumes he spent the night with Olivia. Olivia confirms this but makes known AJ spent the night in the guest room. Cole and Caitlin return home and Caitlin begins to feel like the third wheel. Later Sean tells Cole about making love to Amy. Cole thinks Sean may still have feelings for her. Also Caitlin asks Olivia what her role is in Trey's life.moreless
    • Episode 659
      Episode 659
      Episode 157
      Ricardo, alone with Maria , tries to communicate with her and make her realize that he needs to see her alone - without Gabi. Maria's concerned but sees how intense he is about it and agrees to come back tomorrow. Meanwhile Ben runs into Meg who tells him that she is leaving Liberty Corp. He surprises her by saying it is probably a good idea. She's thrown and he tells her he just doesn't want her to be miserable. The false niceties get the better of both of them and they snap at each other. Ben vehemently tells Meg that despite all, he will not apologize for having loved her. Meg is taken aback as Ben turns and goes. He returns home and later we see Meg and Maria both longing for him. After asking her to marry him Cole tells Caitlin the most important thing is to remember that together they can overcome any obstacle. He romances her and lost in his convincing words, Caitlin agrees. Cole "performs" an impromptu ceremony and they dance under the stars. They make love later that night, truly reunited.moreless
    • Episode 658
      Episode 658
      Episode 156
      Cole protests when Caitlin suggests she go away alone. He feels he's neglected her and wants to make amends. Inside the mansion AJ lambastes Olivia for not coming to him for help before deciding to run off with Trey. Cole announces that he and Caitlin are leaving Sunset Beach temporarily. AJ returns later and says he's holding Olivia under house arrest so that Cole can take Caitlin and have some romantic time alone without worrying about Olivia stealing Trey. In Santa Barbara Cole asks Caitlin to marry him... again. Meanwhile Annie drops by the Shock Wave for some take-out but discovers she's too broke to pay for it. Tess and Tim meet up in a park. Tim's panicked that Sara and Meg are both on to him. He presses Tess to cash in the promissory note and leave town. Tess convinces him they must wait until Ben and Maria are sharing a bedroom again before the ask for the money. At the same time Sean opens Amy's stuck window. He's attracted to her but says goodnight and starts to go. Amy tries to stall him by asking him to un-jam the closet door. In obliging her Sean accidentally sets off a Christmas tree that plays a carol. He wants to know the story behind it and Amy tries to joke her way through a sad tale of parental neglect, but Sean sees through her cover. Later we see their friendship has deepened.moreless
    • Episode 657
      Episode 657
      Episode 155
      Olivia tries to steal Trey and leave town, but Cole and AJ stop her. She says she was doing it for Caitlin. Later AJ asks Olivia if he would ever have seen her again had she succeeded in her escape. Alone with Cole, Caitlin says this is all her fault and wonders whether she should be the one to leave - alone. Meanwhile Benjy's delighted to hear that he and Maria are staying at Ben's. Later Ben and Maria find themselves alone together. It's an awkward situation with one another in the park. Sara and Meg corner Tim and pressure him for details about what he and Tess are up to and why they were talking about a million dollars. Sara stuns Meg by saying that she thinks Tess and Tim are in league with Maria. Later Meg admits that she can't talk about Maria and her pain at losing Ben is evident. Amy's overwhelmed that Sean decided not to tell Emily that he and Amy made love in order to protect Amy. Amy is bolstered by the fact that Sean seems attracted to her without the potion, but she can't leave well enough alone. Later, clad only in a nightshirt, she lures Sean into her room to fix a "stuck" window.moreless
    • Episode 656
      Episode 656
      Episode 154
      Gregory, in his office, puts his plan in motion. Meanwhile Caitlin tells Cole he must choose between her and Trey, but Cole is able to put her at ease. Caitlin apologizes and thinks she is very much like her father. At the same time Olivia tells AJ that she is going out of town to give Cole and Caitlin their space. Later Olivia attempts to leave town with Trey but is caught by Cole and AJ. Meanwhile Maria decides to stay at Ben's for selfish reasons. An eavesdropping Tess is elated and Maria's decision is not lost on Ben. Later Meg hears Tim talking to Tess about "getting the money." Tess asks Maria if Ben has a will and notes how close Maria and Ben are. Tess goes to the Shock Wave and assures Tim their plan is on track while Meg and Sara both notice Tim is up to something. Later Ben welcomes Maria home and Sara and Meg converge on Tim.moreless
    • Episode 655
      Episode 655
      Episode 153
      Gregory, hiding in the shadows, learns that Olivia and Cole know Trey is Cole's - not Gregory's. Gregory comes up with a plan to keep Olivia and Cole out of reach of his millions. Cole and Olivia return home, fighting over how to raise Trey and not hurt Caitlin. Caitlin tells Cole that as long as they're under the same roof she'll always be reminded he and Olivia had an affair. She begs Cole to run away with her. Meanwhile Meg follows Maria home wanting an explanation of why Maria said she was sorry for Meg. Maria and Meg agree they miss their old friendship, and Ben walks in on them hugging. As Tess eavesdrops, Maria tells Ben she's decided to stay with him. Meanwhile Tim questions Tess's attitude about asking Maria for the million dollars. Meg overhears and confronts Tim after Tess leaves. Tim makes an excuse but Meg remains suspicious. Amy is sympathetic to Sean dealing with his dad's death and being left out the will. She pulls him into the hot tub and Emily finds them horsing around.moreless
    • Episode 654
      Episode 654
      Episode 152
      Annie asks Cole for a loan but he refuses. Annie lets slip that Olivia has taken off with Trey, and Cole is thrown into a panic. Caitlin is threatened by the realization that her mother and her husband are forever bonded over this child. Annie fuels the flames and the two women get into a big fight. Upstairs in the Richards mansion AJ has proposed a bargain to Bette. He'll help Annie turn her life around if Bette will help him win Olivia. Hearing loud voices downstairs, AJ and Bette hurry to break up the fight between Caitlin and Annie. Meanwhile Gregory has found a hideout in the old power station. Later he glimpses Olivia in a park with Trey. Cole arrives and Gregory is intrigued by their conversation. Meanwhile Meg has a tense encounter with Maria. Ricardo is fueled to get better by Gabi's and Antonio's deception. At the Shock Wave, Amy shows the kids an article in the paper about Gregory's will which mentions how Sean was cut out. Emily's twigged to realize that Sean previously confided this news to Amy instead of her. Sean leaves to meet Caitlin and Amy surprises Sean at home in the hot tub.moreless
    • Episode 653
      Episode 653
      Episode 151
      Gabi can't believe Ricardo thinks she wants him dead. Antonio tries to get answers from Ricardo about what he meant, but Ricardo remains silent. He sees their proximity and becomes angry. Tyus tells them outside the room that Ricardo has no "filters," and is saying anything that comes to mind. He's likely just depressed from his stroke. Meanwhile Olivia tries to get Annie arrested for breaking into the safe, but AJ intervenes. Olivia is furious but AJ insists that she doesn't need to got to war with Olivia. He asks Bette for help, and she says there can only be a truce if AJ helps her. Meanwhile Amy is a true-blue partner to Sean at the Sports Tournament, sticking up for him after he gets into a fight with a bystander who accused Amy of cheating. The Tournament wraps up with the big winner declared: the charity event they all played for. Later Emily gets to Sean, saying he was anxious to tell her something before the tournament began, what was it? Sean hesitates, and Amy steps forward.moreless
    • Episode 652
      Episode 652
      Episode 150
      Gabi and Antonio convince themselves that Ricardo doesn't know about them. Tyus gives them good news: Ricardo is going home soon. As Gabi gives Ricardo the news and puts his wedding ring back on his finger, she is stunned when he says, "you wish I die." Annie offers to walk out of Olivia's life for three million dollars but Olivia refuses. Annie declares war, vowing to contest the will and take everything. Olivia's parting shot about Annie being alone and friendless really rattles Annie. AJ wonders if the safe is safe from Annie and Olivia assures him she's taken precautions. Later Annie sneaks into the safe and opens an envelope of cash and a dye pack explodes. Olivia and AJ literally catch her red-handed. Meanwhile at the tournament, a trouble making spectator accuses Amy of cheating and Sean defends her by decking the guy. Tim tells Tess he thinks they should take the money and run. Tess turns on Tim telling him in no uncertain terms that she's calling the shots and she'll decide when to make her move.moreless
    • Episode 651
      Episode 651
      Episode 149
      At the loft Gabi has a nightmare and is certain Ricardo knows about her affair with Antonio. Carmen catches Antonio comforting Gabi. Antonio assures Carmen nothing happened between he and Gabi. Vanessa arrives to support Gabi. Meanwhile Ricardo happily learns Michael is going to be his physical therapist. Michael finds Ricardo's wedding ring on the floor and places it with a note for Gabi. Carmen sees the ring and takes it for safe keeping. Ricardo is wheeled to x-ray and overhears Gabi, Antonio and Carmen talk about the missing tape. On the beach Michael apologizes for accusing Vanessa of fixing his physical therapy job. They make up and kiss.moreless
    • Episode 650
      Episode 650
      Episode 148
      Tyus announces that Trey is Cole's son. Annie and Cole are jubilant, while AJ and Olivia react distressed and Caitlin tries to hide her upset. Caitlin confesses now that she knows Trey is his son, it'll be harder to forget he slept with her mom, especially since she - Caitlin - can no longer give him a child. Meanwhile, AJ tells Olivia he hopes this news won't hurt his chances of marrying her, while Bette reacts in concern for both Caitlin and AJ. Sean, hearing the news, slips away unnoticed. He tells Amy he has to tell Emily the truth about his sleeping with Amy. Amy tries to convince him not to. Annie gloats to Olivia that she's going to sue for Gregory's money now that Trey is no longer his son. Antonio convinces Gabi that Ricardo doesn't know about them. Ricardo meanwhile, tries to take off his wedding ring. He learns that Antonio is taking Gabi home. When he finally manages to remove the ring, he calls Gabi a slut. Meg tells Casey she's staying at Surf Central now that she realizes she and Ben have nothing left to talk about. She sets the ground rules, but it is obvious that Casey still has strong feeling for her.moreless
    • Episode 649
      Episode 649
      Episode 147
      Olivia realizes Cole and Annie made off with Trey. Caitlin won't let her call the police. AJ follows Cole and Annie to a lab where he notifies Bette of the whereabouts. Cole takes Trey off for testing as Olivia, AJ, Bette, and Caitlin arrive. Tyus, paged by Cole, arrives to say he'll notify them as soon as the results are in. Caitlin is torn, although she understands that both Cole and Trey need to know who Trey's father is. Tyus arrives with the results. Meanwhile, Meg breaks from her embrace with Casey, saying she can't do this - she is hurting Sara too much. She runs into Ben on the beach who's torn between his love for Meg and his obligation to Maria. Ben tells Maria he wants to take Benjy on vacation. Meanwhile, Ricardo has regained use of his right arm. Carmen tells Antonio the tape is gone, and wonders if Ricardo saw it and then had the stroke. Antonio tells her to keep looking. Lupe tells Carmen she threw out everything in the trash. Gabi promises to love and be faithful to Ricardo forever when he suddenly responds out loud: NO! Tyus asks Michael to be Ricardo's physical therapist. Michael accepts the job, then accuses Vanessa of putting Tyus up to it. Vanessa is upset that Michael still doesn't trust her.moreless
    • Episode 648
      Episode 648
      Episode 146
      Benjy tells Ben and Maria he doesn't want to move. After putting Benjy to bed, Maria says that if she stays, Ben would never be able to sort out who it is that he loves and wants to be with. Later Benjy calls out in his sleep and Ben and Maria rush to their child and are drawn together. Meanwhile Casey wants to know if Meg feels something for him. Meg has trouble finding the words and says she must leave Surf Central as soon as possible. Meg finally admits she hasn't been able to stop thinking about their kiss. Meg is conflicted and Casey guesses because she still love Ben. Meg says that is the truth and therefore she must go. Later Meg is leaving and Casey, out of a desire to comfort her, once again takes her into his arms. Sara lays into Tim about what he's done to her. Tim denies everything. Hank overhears the argument and fires Tim. In a surprising turn Sara pleads to Hank to give Tim his job back. Hank reluctantly agrees. Later Sara tells Hank she believes Tim is guilty as hell, but it's best to keep him close so they can watch him. Meanwhile Annie offers her help to Cole. After Olivia's ranting Cole finally realizes he has to listen to Annie. At the same time Bette comforts Caitlin and Sean overhears that Gregory didn't mention him in the will. Olivia still won't budge and Cole and Annie split with Trey.moreless
    • Episode 647
      Episode 647
      Episode 145
      Olivia refuses Cole's demand to do another paternity test on Trey and rushes out. Caitlin is having difficulty as well. Casey tells Michael that he and Sara have broken up. They catch Tim eavesdropping on their conversation. An upset Hank orders Casey out of the Shock Wave and tells him he is no longer welcome there. Meanwhile Meg and Sara try talking through their problems, but only continue fighting more. Meg leaves and tells Casey she is moving out. Ben tells Maria that he will always care for her. Maria comes up with a solution that is best for all: she and Benjy are moving out.moreless
    • Episode 646
      Episode 646
      Episode 144
      Hank told Meg and Casey that Sara had been in tears. After Casey left, Meg defended him to her father. Meg told Hank that everything that happened was her own fault. When Hank said that none of this would have happened if it weren't for Ben, Meg told him that he and Maria were back together. Hank told Meg that eventually she'd find someone new and be able to start over -- just as long as it wasn't Sara's boyfriend. Tess told Tim that Ben and Maria really had slept together.moreless
    • Episode 645
      Episode 645
      Episode 143
      Brad told Amy that he distracted Emily. She told him that she had successfully seduced Sean. Sean decided that the middle of the beach was the wrong place to be confessing to sleeping with Amy. Amy offered to tell Emily what happened between them. She said that she and Sean had had a fight about how she knew that Sean only wanted to be with Emily. She said that Sean had nothing to feel guilty about, because what happened was totally their fault. Brad, who arrived to stop Amy from telling Emily the truth, was stunned when he heard what she had told Emily. Amy counseled Sean to forget about their tryst.moreless
    • Episode 644
      Episode 644
      Episode 142
      Rose told Emily to go ahead and look for Sean, but just as Emily was about to go up the stairs, Brad arrived and told her not to go upstairs. He told her that Sean was on the beach looking for her and offered to take her to him. Amy told Sean that she had just lost her virginity. Sean tried to let Amy down easy, telling her that they shouldn't have slept together because he loved Emily. Sean apologized for sleeping with her, and she said that for her it was right, because she loved him, even if he didn't love her.moreless
    • Episode 643
      Episode 643
      Episode 141
      Gabi asked Antonio to leave the room. Once they were alone, Gabi promised that she'd stay by Ricardo, no matter what happened. Carmen admitted that Gabi really was devoted to Ricardo. Antonio told her that Gabi had asked Ricardo to marry her, and that it was their decision to make. She pulled the Tower of Destruction card out of her purse and said that it wasn't their decision to make. Carmen explained to a skeptical Antonio how the card related to Ricardo's current condition. Gabi told Antonio and Carmen that she thought that he was only refusing because he thought that she was pitying him.moreless
    • Episode 642
      Episode 642
      Episode 140
      Sean tried desperately to fight his attraction to Annie. When Annie mentioned Emily, Sean left in a hurry to find her. As Annie called to find out about Gregory's will, AJ arrived. AJ told Annie that he wouldn't let her get away with peeking at the will, because it would hurt Olivia, Caitlin and Trey. Olivia, Caitlin, Cole and Trey returned home. The Richardses and Deschanels ambushed Annie to tell her that Gregory's will would be read that day. Amy was surprised when she realized that Emily really wanted to be friends.moreless
    • Episode 641
      Episode 641
      Episode 139
      Finding him in the chapel, Gabi announces her plan to help Ricardo and Antonio agrees to help her. Meanwhile, Ricardo receives a vase of flowers from Gabi and knocks it to the floor. With Vanessa with him, Michael applies for a job at the hospital as a physical therapist. There they learn about Ricardo's stroke. Gabi brings Antonio to Ricardo's bed and announces that the priest is going to marry them today. Ben decides to tell Meg that she saw her kissing Casey just as she is about to reveal that she knows that he and Maria made love in the casita. Before either can confess, Casey interrupts. Tess is encouraged when she overhears that Ben and Maria made love. Later, Ben confides to Maria that he made love to her only after he saw Meg kissing Casey. He apologizes for using her but she assures him that she is thrilled by what they did. Tess returns with Benjy who asks to spend the day with his parents. Meg tries to tell Casey about her feelings for him but has trouble. Knowing that Sean's been affected by the love potion, Amy tries to lock Emily in the lifeguard station but ends up locked in with her. Meanwhile, Sean feels the affects of too much love potion and heads home where he runs into Annie.moreless
    • Episode 640
      Episode 640
      Episode 138
      After Sean chugs the whole glass of punch, Amy is surprised that he isn't affected by it. Sean insists on going to the beach to practice for the sports competition. Amy pretends to turn her ankle in order to get him to agree to stay at home. Brad and Emily return. Amy notices Sean starting to get turned on while cuddling with Emily, and tries to convince him to go out to practice with her again. Amy tells Emily that she can't pair up with Sean for practice. Sean overhears and asked her why not. Casey tells Hank that he wants to talk to Sara alone. Hank becomes belligerent, but goes along with it when Sara asks her father to leave the room. Casey admits his feelings for Meg, saying that he feels that he owes Sara the truth.moreless
    • Episode 639
      Episode 639
      Episode 137
      As Gregory leaves the sanctuary, Cole demands that he tell them what he is doing there. Fortunately for Gregory, Antonio unwittingly gets him off of the hook by saying that the monks have taken a vow of silence. When Antonio tells the Richardses that Ricardo had had a stroke, they send him to go to visit his brother. After Antonio leaves with Annie, who wants to check on Maria, Bette suggests that they pray for Ricardo. The arrival of Rose with Trey makes Caitlin and Cole leave. Gregory says that it was worth almost being caught to find out that Caitlin still loves him.moreless
    • Episode 638
      Episode 638
      Episode 136
      Tyus rescues Gabi from Ricardo, telling her that Ricardo's strangling her was a reflex. Gabi begs him to make Ricardo well, saying that she'll do anything to make him well again. Carmen and Gabi make a tentative attempt to bond over their desperation to help Ricardo recover. Gabi reassures Carmen that she'll do everything possible to help Ricardo get well. When Annie demands that Gregory turn around, Cole interrupts them, asking Annie if she is looking for Gregory's will. Annie tells Cole that she doesn't want to disinherit Caitlin or Trey, she just wants what is her right as Gregory's widow.moreless
    • Episode 637
      Episode 637
      Episode 135
      Gregory calls his office and finds out that his memorial service is that day. Annie pays Gregory's attorney $1 to establish an attorney/client relationship and attorney/client privilege and then tells him that Gregory fixed Trey's paternity test. He advises her to keep her mouth shut, because she would be an accessory, and just to keep calm and see what will happen next. A cynical Sean appalls Olivia with his comments about the memorial service. Caitlin sees through it to the pain that Sean is hiding. Amy overhears Sean talking to Emily about how much the journal means to him.moreless
    • Episode 636
      Episode 636
      Episode 134
      Sara walks in on Casey tickling Meg on the couch. Meg and Casey don't see what she means when Sara says that she'd been right about Casey's feelings for Meg. Meg leaves the house so that Casey and Sara can talk. When Casey tells Sara that he and Meg are just friends, she accuses him of lying. Sara tells Casey that she came back because she remembered how he told her he loved her and felt foolish for not trusting him. He tells her that he had loved her, but that it was over. She finally gets him to admit that he and Meg had just been about to kiss.moreless
    • Episode 635
      Episode 635
      Episode 133
      Tyus tells Gabi and Antonio that Ricardo had a stroke and that he might be slipping into a coma, but that Ricardo's youth and health are in his favor. When he asks them if they knew of anything that would have caused him some kind of emotional stress, they tell him about Ricardo's headaches. The nurse tells them that Ricardo is coming out of the coma. Gabi tells the still-unconscious Ricardo that she wants him to hurry up and get well so that they can get married. Antonio prepares to give Ricardo his last rites, saying to have faith in God and trust him. Ricardo awakes with a furious expression on his face.moreless
    • Episode 634
      Episode 634
      Episode 132
      Sara tells Ben that Casey had asked her to move out and collapses, crying, in Ben's arms. Sara says that Casey had always had feelings for Meg, but Ben dismisses it as just friendship. She says that they pushed Casey and Meg into each other's arms, but he denies that his separation from Meg was in any way related to Sara's breakup with Casey. She tells him that Meg goes to the pier to think, and suggests that he go to find her. Joan finds a heartbroken Sara crying in the rain. Meg won't tell Casey what is bothering her, asking instead what is bothering him. Casey tells Meg about his confrontation with Sara. Meg tells Casey that Ben and Maria have gotten back together. When she explains that she thought that Ben had taken Maria to the casita, Casey tells her that Ben would never have done that. Meg tells Casey that she doesn't want to be alone anymore. Ben sees Meg and Casey kissing. Before he can tell them what is bothering him, Ricardo collapses. At the hospital, Ricardo codes while he having a nightmare about finding Gabi and Antonio together. Gabi tells Antonio that Ricardo's condition is their punishment for cheating on him.moreless
    • Episode 633
      Episode 633
      Episode 131
      Casey chews Sara out for deceiving him and breaks up with her. Maria tells Ben that Ricardo got Gabi back, reminding him that things usually work out, when you don't give up, and encourages him to find Meg and do whatever he can to get her back. He leaves for Surf Central. Tess calls Tim, who tells her that Casey and Sara have broken up, and that Meg should be on her way to cry on Casey's shoulder right that moment. While mourning her relationship with Ben, Meg runs into Casey. Carmen says that she has decided not to tell Ricardo about Antonio and Gabi. When Antonio and Gabi ask why she had a change of heart, Carmen says that she'd realized that she couldn't be proud of the way she'd behaved. Carmen tells Antonio that she'd always love him and then leaves.moreless
    • Episode 632
      Episode 632
      Episode 130
      Benjy asks Tess why she wants him to tell Ben how much he dislikes Meg. She tells him that Meg would keep him from seeing his father again. After Maria arrives home, Ben asks Benjy to tell them what he and Tess had been talking about. Benjy tells Ben and Maria that Tess had been trying to talk him out of saying bad things about Meg. Ben and Maria step out onto the porch, and Tess congratulates Benjy on making sure that Ben and Meg would never get back together.moreless
    • Episode 631
      Episode 631
      Episode 129
      When Sara makes shepherd's pie for Casey, which turns out soupy, he reassures her that it doesn't make her a complete failure. Tim tries to back out of their plan to break up Sara and Casey, but Tess won't let him. Benjy asks Ben why he is sad all of the time, and Tess overhears Ben telling Benjy that he is sad because Meg had left him, and Benjy responding that he is happy that Meg was gone. Ricardo notices that Antonio's greeting of Gabi isn't very enthusiastic, and encourages him to give her a hug. Antonio assures Gabi that she won't regret coming back. Maria tells Carmen that Gabi is back in Sunset Beach. She begs her mother not to cause more problems for her sons, because if Ricardo finds out what happened, he, not Gabi, will suffer, reminding Carmen that she raised her children to love and trust each other, and that if her sons lose that love and trust, it will be her fault, not Gabi's.moreless
    • Episode 630
      Episode 630
      Episode 128
      Ricardo brings Gabi home to his loft. Gregory loses his chance at catching Cole alone on the beach. Clutching the package containing the videotape and the still photographs, Antonio returns to the rectory and prays for strength. Caitlin referees a shouting match between her mother and Annie, who enjoys reminding a seething Olivia that she has no place in the Richards' mansion any more. Still laboring under the delusion that his lover left him because of the abuse she suffered as a child, Ricardo promises to give Gabi all the space she needs until she can come to terms with what her father did to her years before. Carmen tells Maria how she intends to use the proof she's obtained to drive Gabi out of both of her sons' lives forever. Antonio puts a match to the evidence of his sin. Casey presents Sara with a dream catcher to hang by her bed as she moves into Surf Central. As she lashes out at Olivia, Annie almost lets the truth about Trey's paternity slip from her loose lips. Ricardo and Gabi make love.moreless
    • Episode 629
      Episode 629
      Episode 127
      Caitlin has a nightmare of being confronted by her father's ghost. Caitlin and Sean reminisce about Gregory. When Caitlin says that Gregory had loved Sean, Sean denies it. Tess pretends to be surprised to see Meg standing in the doorway, and asks if Meg had overheard them. Vanessa feels guilty because she and Michael are happy, and Ben and Meg and Gabi and Ricardo aren't. When an envelope drops out of Michael's pocket, Vanessa picks it up and opens it. The envelope contains Michael's physical therapy license. When he excuses himself to go on night patrol on the beach, she goes with him, saying that they'll celebrate his license when they get home. A.J. tells Cole that he wants to marry Olivia and adopt Trey as his son, but Cole says that he can't accept A.J. as Trey's father.moreless
    • Episode 628
      Episode 628
      Episode 126
      Vanessa is thrilled to learn that she's being reassigned to the hard news division at the Sentinel. Ricardo dares Gabi to look him in the eye and swear she doesn't love him anymore. Unable to deny her feelings, Gabi tries to explain why she isn't worthy of the man she loves. Antonio orders his mother to hand over the incriminating videotape and all the photos so he can burn every scrap of evidence which could break Ricardo's heart. When Carmen stubbornly refuses to comply, Antonio tears her place apart and finally locates the tape. Tess confides to a delighted Benjy how she's scheming to get his mother and father back together again. Meanwhile, Ben reminds Maria she must come to terms with the fact that he intends to spend the rest of his life with Meg. Later, as they discuss Tess, Maria tells Ben she has a feeling the nanny doesn't really want her to regain her memory. Gabi agrees to return to Sunset Beach with Ricardo. Michael arranges a romantic surprise for his favorite newshound. Maria decides to cancel her trip to Seattle.moreless
    • Episode 627
      Episode 627
      Episode 125
      Reporters from the NBC news magazine show Timeline decide to investigate the town of Sunset Beach and devote their show to the ins and outs of the area and its people. The opening report looks at the shocking story of how Sunset Beach's most prestigious resident and businessman Gregory Richards could be driven to murder Francesca Vargas. They reveal more about the numerous suspects in the case, the revelation about Gregory's role in the killing and Gregory's subsequent assumed death due to drowning. This story is followed by a report on the town's most prominent police officer, Ricardo Torres, whose wedding became an embarrassment for him and his family when his bride-to-be Gabi Martinez left him at the altar where they were t be married by Ricardo's brother Antonio. The final story by the news magazine is devoted to Meg Cummings, the woman who came to Sunset Beach for love. She is questioned about why she has left Ben Evans and how Maria, the woman who came back from the dead, destroyed her relationship.moreless
    • Episode 626
      Episode 626
      Episode 124
      While helping Sara pack for her move to Surf Central, Meg remembered following Ben back to Sunset Beach after he had followed her to Kansas. She admitted that she thought about Ben all of the time, but that sometimes love wasn't enough. Meg told Sara that she didn't blame Maria, Tess or Benjy for her breakup with Ben -- she blamed herself for wanting it to be just her and Ben again, which led to her letting Benjy be kidnapped.moreless
    • Episode 625
      Episode 625
      Episode 123
      When Spence went to get the DA, Cole told Annie that he was upset that Trey was never going to know his real father. Annie considered telling him that he could be Trey's father, but they were interrupted by the arrival of the DA, who refused to drop the charges, explaining that because they had a fake Francesca on the tape, they might also have used a fake Gregory.moreless
    • Episode 624
      Episode 624
      Episode 122
      When Ricardo came in, Gabi begged Antonio to distract him. Ricardo told Antonio that he shouldn't have come after Gabi. Then he asked where she was. Antonio told Ricardo that by the time he got there, Gabi was gone. Antonio counseled Ricardo to let him handle Gabi. Ricardo said that he had a headache and went out for aspirin. Gabi told Antonio that if she goes back to Sunset Beach, Ricardo will be guaranteed to see the tape, because Carmen had it.moreless
    • Episode 623
      Episode 623
      Episode 121
      Annie was congratulating herself on winning out over Gregory in the end, when she was "haunted" by Gregory's "ghost." She was in the process of telling him off when Olivia arrived, saying that Annie had been talking to herself. Olivia told Annie that she, not Annie, was Gregory's widow. When she said that Annie had only ever loved Del's money, Annie hit her. Caitlin said that she didn't blame Cole for Gregory's death.moreless
    • Episode 622
      Episode 622
      Episode 120
      Sean told Emily that, as much as he dreamed of the day when Gregory wasn't there to tell him what to do, he'd never thought it would be like this. Amy came to give her sympathy to Sean, saying that she identified with him, having lost her own father. When Sean pointed out that he had Emily to support him, Amy decided that she had to find Mrs. Moreau and get the love potion she needed. Sean mourned the chance to be the son that Gregory always wanted.moreless
    • Episode 621
      Episode 621
      Episode 119
      Antonio told Maria that he was going to find Gabi and bring her back. When she argued that he needed to let Ricardo get Gabi back, Antonio said that he felt responsible for her departure and that he wanted to set things right. Maria agreed, saying that Ricardo was busy enough with Gregory. She told her brother that Gregory's disappearance reminded her of her own near-drowning.moreless
    • Episode 620
      Episode 620
      Episode 118
      When Sara broached the subject of moving in again, Casey pulled a gift-wrapped box out of his pocket. Sara told Casey that she needed more than presents to know that she meant more to him than just a passing fancy. He asked her to open the present, as a favor to him. It was a key to Surf Central. Casey invited Sara to come down the hall to his room to sleep anytime she wanted.moreless
    • Episode 619
      Episode 619
      Episode 117
      Gabi had a nightmare about Carmen trying to make her decide which brother she loves. When she came downstairs, she overheard Kelly and another woman gossiping about what a loser she had been in high school. She confronted them and scared the other woman off. Gabi told Kelly that she'd left Sunset Beach because she'd hurt the people she cared about the most.moreless
    • Episode 618
      Episode 618
      Episode 116
      Carmen haunts Gabi as she visits her mothers grave. Michael joins Ricardo in search for Gregory. Vanessa goes to the Richards home for a statement by the police. Olivia finds the tracker that Sean has set up to find Gregory and Caitlin. Sean and Emily tell A.J. about their plan to track Gregory and Caitlin. Annie and Cole team up to find Gregory. They find him. Gregory runs off to the beach with Cole chasing him, they fight and both fall off a tower and land in in the ocean.moreless
    • Episode 617
      Episode 617
      Episode 115
      Amy reads Caitlin's diary and works out where Caitlin is but tells only Brad when she realizes that Emily will somehow end up the savior of the situation. Amy and Brad then go to Vanessa's apartment to inform her and Michael that Gregory is the one who killed Francesca. Olivia reminisces with Sean a time where she was bonding with Caitlin over a children's book that they both read to Trey. Caitlin gives Cole hidden clues as the where she and Gregory are. Annie and Cole both go to the Grotto to find Caitlin and Gregory.moreless
    • Episode 616
      Episode 616
      Episode 114
      Meg left the room and told Ben that what Benjy had said was the truth. She said that Ben, Maria and Benjy are a family, and that she had no place in that family. Sara asked if she could move in, pointing out that there were extra rooms, but Casey made excuses why she couldn't move in. Meg returned. While Casey was letting Meg cry on his shoulder, Sara became increasingly jealous. Meg asked if she could move back in.moreless
    • Episode 615
      Episode 615
      Episode 113
      Ben tried to prove to Meg that he didn't blame her for the kidnapping -- by kissing her. Meg begged Ben to let her move on with her life, so that Benjy could have a normal child's life. Before he remembered that Tess told him that their collusion was a secret, Benjy said that he hadn't been afraid of the kidnapper because of what Tess told him.moreless
    • Episode 614
      Episode 614
      Episode 112
      Cole and Annie told Spence that they had proof that Gregory confessed to killing Francesca. Spence wouldn't let them leave until they'd explained the gunshots that AJ had reported, but no matter how they tried to explain that they needed to stop Gregory, Spence didn't buy it. Bette and AJ found Annie's Francesca wig.moreless
    • Episode 613
      Episode 613
      Episode 111
      While AJ was examining the lock on the door, Bette arrived. They heard the gunshot and decided to call the police. Annie stood up when she realized that she hadn't been shot. When Cole and Gregory struggled, Annie tried to knock Gregory out, but knocked Cole out instead. When Gregory started strangling Annie, they were interrupted by the sounds of police sirens.moreless
    • Episode 612
      Episode 612
      Episode 110
      When Maria told Ben that she needed to help him with Meg because she still loved him, he said that Meg thought that he blamed her for Benjy's kidnapping and that he didn't know if she'd ever come back. While Meg was asking Sara all sorts of impertinent questions about why Sara was playing "dress-up," Casey walked in on them.moreless
    • Episode 611
      Episode 611
      Episode 109
      Sara and Casey told Hank and Joan about Benjy's kidnapping. Joan told Hank, Sara and Casey that she was worried that Benjy's kidnapping may have driven a wedge between Ben and Meg. Joan recommended to Sara that night might be a good might for romance, to show Casey how glad she was that he was all right.moreless
    • Episode 610
      Episode 610
      Episode 108
      After they brought Benjy home, Tess fell apart in Tim's arms because she didn't know what she'd do if anything happened to Benjy. Tim pointed out to Tess that she was the reason that meg looked away. Then Tess mentioned one kidnapper, forgetting the other that she said she saw. Tim told her that she was bothering him.moreless
    • Episode 609
      Episode 609
      Episode 107
      Ben woke up and took Benjy from the room. Tim and Casey disarmed the kidnapper. Just as they were about to stop him, Tess yelled out that the man she saw was after them. Ben and Benjy returned, and Ben told the others that Benjy had been playing with a lighter. Tess lost it when she saw a bandage on Benjy's arm, despite Ben's assurance that it was just a scratch, and he'd had it checked out by the paramedics who came in response to the explosion.moreless
    • Episode 608
      Episode 608
      Episode 106
      When she caught her gossiping to Maria, Meg told Tess to say whatever she had to say to her face. Maria broke up Tess and Meg's argument to ask them if either of them cared whether Benjy was alive or dead. Meg agreed with Maria and Tess gave in reluctantly. Sara tried to stop Casey from going after Ben, but he insisted that he had to go help Ben, promising her that he'd stay safe.moreless
    • Episode 607
      Episode 607
      Episode 105
      Annie walked in on Gregory arranging to have something done, and asked him what he was having done. When Gregory told Annie to get out of his study, she told him that she knew that Francesca was alive. After Gregory got over the shock, Annie said that she knew that Francesca was really dead, and that Gregory was trying to make Olivia think that she was alive. She offered to help him bring Olivia down.moreless
    • Episode 606
      Episode 606
      Episode 104
      Maria grabbed the phone from Ben, demanding Benjy back. When Ben got the phone back from her, the kidnapper made his demands -- $40,000 in small bills, and that they couldn't tell the police or anyone else. Ben swore everyone to secrecy and then went to the bank for the ransom. Knowing that Meg had been on the beach, Hank and Joan came by to see if she was all right.moreless
    • Episode 605
      Episode 605
      Episode 103
      Ricardo asked Antonio who the other man was. When Antonio hesitated, Ricardo assumed that the other man was the memory of being raped by Lorenzo, and Antonio couldn't get a word in edgewise. After Ricardo took off, Antonio prayed for the strength to tell Ricardo the truth. He sensed that a piece was missing from Gabi's story that she hadn't been able to marry Ricardo because she'd been unfaithful to him.moreless
    • Episode 604
      Episode 604
      Episode 102
      Francesca was about to suggest a place for them to meet when Gregory knocked something over. Olivia convinced Francesca that she was alone -- after all, who would she tell that she's having conversations with a dead woman. When Bette came home, she demanded to know who they had been on the phone with. Gregory told Bette that they were on a conference call, and then wouldn't say anything more.moreless
    • Episode 603
      Episode 603
      Episode 101
      When Maria said that she was getting her memories of Seattle back, Tess didn't seem pleased. She asked Tess for a specific time when she used the phrase "right as rain." Tess said that she used it at least twice a day. When Benjy brought Franklin down to meet Maria, Maria asked if he meant like Franklin Street. Benjy recited their address in Seattle, 612 Franklin Street.moreless
    • Episode 602
      Episode 602
      Episode 100
      The wedding keeps on getting longer and longer. Gabi runs away from the wedding after not being able to take Carmen's blackmail anymore. Antonio finds Gabi at Surf Central, Ricardo then joins them shortly after. Gregory, Olivia and A.J. argue with Tyus over Francesca's autopsy report. Maria begins to remember the time when she was in Seattle when she returns home from the ceremony.moreless
    • Episode 601
      Episode 601
      Episode 99
      Cole got a visitor. While Cole was looking through some papers brought by his visitor, Annie stopped by. Cole said that they should be able to nail Olivia soon. Cole admitted that if they are able to prove that Olivia did it, he didn't know where that would leave Trey. When Annie mentioned that Caitlin was out of jail, Cole left to see her.moreless
    • Episode 600
      Episode 600
      Episode 98
      Brad was certain that the woman he saw looked like Francesca. AJ threw him out, telling him not to say anything. AJ tried unsuccessfully to convince Olivia that the intruder was Annie. When Gregory told Caitlin that the only way he could get the charges dropped was for her to take back her confession, she refused. Olivia was overjoyed when she saw that Caitlin was out of jail, but Caitlin wasn't moved.moreless
    • Episode 599
      Episode 599
      Episode 97
      Tyus said that he would never show the autopsy report to anyone except the police or Francesca's family. Olivia begged him to show it to her for Caitlin's sake. When he continued to refuse, Olivia said that was proof that Francesca was alive. A woman dressed in black ransacked Olivia's house. Upon their return from the hospital, Olivia found a note saying that she was back and that Olivia would pay for what she did. She showed AJ the handkerchief. Brad came with an entry blank for Emily, asking if the "incredible woman" he saw fiddling with the lock on the door was still there. When they asked him to describe her, Brad said that if he didn't know better, he'd say that it was Francesca Vargas.

      Maria asked Meg if she was really planning to move out. Meg said that she needed to go away for a few days. Hank made the mistake of telling Sara that Meg moved out of Ben's house. Carmen showed Gabi the videotape, saying that she switched the tapes, and that Gabi had destroyed the decoy. Carmen berated Gabi for her misbehavior and told her to leave Sunset Beach. When the bridesmaids came for her, Gabi said that her tears were tears of joy, and asked for a few minutes alone. She said that she would go. When a nun asked if she could help her, Gabi asked her to get her a taxi.moreless
    • Episode 598
      Episode 598
      Episode 96
      Gregory brought Caitlin home, assuring her that he would get the charges dropped. Annie found out that Gregory was investigating the crate he found in his office the other day. The investigation was inconclusive, and Gregory let Annie know that he thought that she had used the crate to sneak into his office.moreless
    • Episode 597
      Episode 597
      Episode 95
      When the phone rang, an irate Bette answered. When Bette asked who she had expected it to be, Olivia said that it was Annie that she was afraid of, but Bette didn't believe that after everything, Olivia would be that afraid of Annie. Olivia came downstairs to the smell of Francesca's perfume and a handkerchief with the initials "FT" on it.moreless
    • Episode 596
      Episode 596
      Episode 94
      Meg told Ben that she was leaving because she needed a break from the stress of living with Benjy, Tess and Maria. Annie asked Maria to take her present to the wedding, because she had other things to do. Privately, she told Maria that she wasn't particularly fond of Tess. Maria confessed her doubts about Tess, and her fears that she did something terrible that she's blocking out.moreless
    • Episode 595
      Episode 595
      Episode 93
      When Ben asked why Carmen didn't want him to watch the tape, she said that she wanted to see the tape. He invited her to watch it with him, but she made up an elaborate story about how the Tarot said that she had to revisit her past with Ricardo in order to have a future with him, and that it was essential that she watch it alone. Maria and Ben argued with her about it, and woke Benjy up.moreless
    • Episode 594
      Episode 594
      Episode 92
      Before she could start the videotape, Maria was interrupted by an earthquake, during which the VCR shorted out. Ricardo said that they'd have to watch the tape at the reception. The groomsmen took Ricardo away for his bachelor party. When Carmen saw that the glass over her picture of Ricardo broke in the quake, she decided that it meant that her son was heartbroken after seeing the tape of Gabi and her lover.moreless
    • Episode 593
      Episode 593
      Episode 91
      Cole offered whoever it was some time to think his request over. Caitlin had a nightmare about Olivia interrupting Caitlin's visit with Trey to tell her that she was going to take Trey away from her forever. AJ came to see Caitlin, and offered her any help he could give her. As he left, he reminded himself that Francesca deserved to die.moreless
    • Episode 592
      Episode 592
      Episode 90
      When Cole showed up, Sean asked him if he figured out who the murderer was. Unwilling to tell Sean that he suspected Olivia, Cole told Sean that he couldn't say anything until he had some concrete evidence. Brad tried to con Sean into teaming up with him for an extreme sports competition. Amy piqued Sean's interest by pointing out that it was to benefit charity.moreless
    • Episode 591
      Episode 591
      Episode 89
      Carmen begged Maria to agree that Gabi couldn't marry Ricardo when she loved another man. Maria told Carmen to leave before she got a chance to watch the tape. Ricardo asked her why Carmen hated Gabi so much. When he saw her in her gown, Antonio fantasized about kissing Gabi. When Antonio hung around too long, Joan roped him into helping hold the fabric on Gabi's wedding dress - along with Gabi. Joan commented later that Antonio thought that Gabi was a beautiful bride.moreless
    • Episode 590
      Episode 590
      Episode 88
      Mari had a nightmare about Mrs. Moreau telling her that someone knew the truth. Afterward, she accused Tess of lying to her. Maria pretended that she had regained her memory, but it didn't work. Carmen asked Maria if she could borrow a VCR. Maria told her to use the one in Benjy's room. Ben gave Meg a teddy bear. When Benjy turned up, he thought that the bear was for him.moreless
    • Episode 589
      Episode 589
      Episode 87
      Meg told Ben that Benjy will never accept her. She told him about the kitten, and Ben assured her that she did the right thing. She asked Ben not to speak to Benjy about this. Mrs. Moreau hung up when Maria asked how she could remember what she wanted to forget. Maria begged Tess to tell her everything about their five years in Seattle. Tess told her that she was certain that Maria would never have done anything that she'd repress.moreless
    • Episode 588
      Episode 588
      Episode 86
      Ben broke down the door to find that Maria wasn't responding. Over Mrs. Moreau's objections, Ben woke Maria, who told him how desperate she was to regain her missing five years. As Ben took Maria from the room, Mrs. Moreau swore that there was something wrong with Maria and that she could fix it. Tess sent Benjy from the room and laid into Meg for making Benjy cry. Meg explained about the kitten and Tess apologized.moreless
    • Episode 587
      Episode 587
      Episode 85
      After Tess left for her date with Tim, Maria called Mrs. Moreau to tell her that she'd need to see her that night. When it turned out that Ben and Maria both had plans, they argued about what to do about Benjy. Meg offered to watch Benjy for them, but they weren't enthusiastic about the idea. When Meg asked if they didn't want her to watch Benjy, Ben reassured her that he just didn't want her to be forced to spend time alone with him until they'd gotten used to each other. Maria left, accidentally leaving Mrs. Moreau's card on the table, and Ben picked up Mrs. Moreau's card and took it with him.moreless
    • Episode 586
      Episode 586
      Episode 84
      Cole asked Sean to listen in on Annie while she talked to herself to find out if she's the killer. Gregory encouraged Annie to look through the file -- which was filled with blank pages. He told her that he'd taken everything important out of his home office, then he said that she was banned from the Media Center. Sean listened in while she was talking to herself about whether Gregory was the killer, and if he'd kill her to keep her quiet. She fantasized about Gregory being brought to her in chains and realized that if Gregory went to jail, she could keep everything.moreless
    • Episode 585
      Episode 585
      Episode 83
      Cole said that he wished he'd killed Francesca while he had the chance. He wondered who did kill her, considering the other suspects -- AJ, Olivia, Gregory and Annie. He wondered if there was a way to find out if Annie was the killer. When Annie wondered who killed Francesca, it occurred to her that it might have been Gregory. When he offered her a drink, she fantasized that it was poisoned, and said that she wasn't in the mood for a drink and put it to one side. They discussed his assertion that Cole was the murderer. AJ arrived for a meeting -- just when Olivia was scheduled to bring Trey back.moreless
    • Episode 584
      Episode 584
      Episode 82
      Casey interrupted Meg and Sara fighting about Meg's living situation with Ben, Benjy, Maria and Tess. After Meg left, Sara told Casey that Meg had been snooping in Tess's room and blamed her for it. When Casey berated Sara for interfering in Meg's life, Sara asked why it was acceptable for him to interfere, but not for her. When he didn't see where she was coming from, she tried to explain, but he didn't see any similarity in their behavior. He asked if helping Meg was worth ruining what they had, and Sara said that she didn't want to mess up what they had together.moreless
    • Episode 583
      Episode 583
      Episode 81
      Carmen refused to give Maria the only help she could, because it was black magic. The name of the practitioner who could help her was Mrs. Moreau. Tess caught Meg in her room, and showed her the contents of the box. When Sara faced off with Tess, Tess said that if Sara was happy in her own personal life, she wouldn't be coming after her. Meg told Ben that she suspected that Tess wanted him to end up with Maria. After Meg and Sara went for a walk on the beach, Ben told Tess that she needed to move out and start looking for another job.moreless
    • Episode 582
      Episode 582
      Episode 80
      Bette told Gabi and Antonio that the code was a location in the Media Center's video library. Before she'd let them leave, Bette tried to make Gabi and Antonio promise to tell her if there was any good gossip on that tape. Carmen apologized to Ricardo for doubting Gabi. Ricardo was in the process of checking himself out -- without Tyus' consent -- when Bette accidentally told him that she had been talking to Gabi and Ricardo about Caitlin's confession.moreless
    • Episode 581
      Episode 581
      Episode 79
      When Sean pressed her to tell him the whole story, she accused him of conspiring with Gregory and Cole to clear her. Sean reminded her how they'd always been able to stand together through difficulties. Caitlin admitted that she found the gun in Cole's coat and confessed because she knew that Gregory would do anything he could to clear her name, but that he wouldn't do anything for Cole. She then said that she knew that Cole did it for her and Trey. The DA caught Gabi trying to copy the inventory of Francesca's hotel room on the fax machine, and said that she was walking by the fax machine and saw a piece of paper in it, so she decided to send it.moreless
    • Episode 580
      Episode 580
      Episode 78
      When Annie wondered how she became so desperate to win Gregory's love, she thought that she was like a character in a soap opera. She fantasized that she was a character in an old black and white soap opera. At the end of the fantasy, Annie stopped begging for Gregory's love and decided she was going to make it on her own. When Gregory returned home in real life, Annie told him that he could go to Hell. Maria came to pick Benjy up and found out that Meg had taken him out for ice cream.moreless
    • Episode 579
      Episode 579
      Episode 77
      Tess came to pick up Benjy, and ran into Sara while she was there. When Sara asked what she was up to, Tess refused to answer. Instead, she said that Tim tried to get her to explain herself to him, too. Sara told Tess that Meg was too trusting and that she needs to be protected once in a while. Casey told Sara that they wouldn't be able to go out for lunch with her, because his meeting with Meg had been postponed. In light of Tess's presence, Casey didn't tell her about Meg's concerns about Benjy. Meg tried to write off her concerns as being about the pollution problem, but Ben didn't believe it.moreless
    • Episode 578
      Episode 578
      Episode 76
      Benjy told Maria that Meg didn't want him there. When she asked him why, he said that he wanted to stay up past his bedtime, but Meg wouldn't let him. Maria suggested to Ben and Meg that they set down some ground rules. As Ben and Meg were about to leave for work, Maria said that she wanted to visit Ricardo in the hospital, so Ben offered to take Benjy to the office with them. Bette met Benjy for the first time. Meg, out of sorts from watching Bette fawning over Benjy, told Casey that he'd just have to deal with his misgivings about the pollution that the Liberty Corporation did.moreless
    • Episode 577
      Episode 577
      Episode 75
      After sending Spence after the DA, Bette and Olivia practiced their story. Olivia worried that Caitlin might have planted the gun in her house to begin with, but Bette talked her out of it. Caitlin told Cole that she was in the process of planting the gun in his room when she was caught, so that once he'd been sent to prison, she'd never have to think about him again. Cole insisted that Caitlin was incapable of hating someone like she claimed to hate him and Francesca. Before Ruiz took her down to book her, Caitlin left her wedding ring on the table.moreless
    • Episode 576
      Episode 576
      Episode 74
      Ben and Tess arrived. Benjy interrupted before Meg could tell him that he'd given her trouble, telling Ben that Meg had been mean to him. Ben easily pieced together the facts of what happened between Benjy and Meg -- that Benjy wanted to stay up, and he got angry with Meg for making him go back to bed. Tess took Benjy up to bed. Tess apologized to Meg for leaving Meg to handle Benjy alone. She explained that it took a long time for Benjy to accept her putting him to bed, instead of Maria, and said that Benjy will accept her in time. Benjy asked Ben if he was going to send him away. Meg watched Ben reassuring him that nothing was going to separate them.moreless
    • Episode 575
      Episode 575
      Episode 73
      Gregory was surprised when Olivia walked in while he was telling Rose that she wasn't going to be able to see Trey that day. Olivia told Bette that she suspected that Gregory put the gun in her house to frame her, but that she didn't have any proof. Bette suggested that Olivia should concentrate on figuring out who removed the gun from the house, rather than who hid it there. Olivia swore to Gregory that she'd raise Trey herself, away from Gregory's influence. Olivia said that since Gregory had won Caitlin to his side, she wouldn't fight him for Caitlin if he'd let her have their son.moreless
    • Episode 574
      Episode 574
      Episode 72
      When Gabi asked Antonio if he still loved her, he said that he's committed to the church. He went on to say how easy it would be to give in to his feelings for her. She said that she can't marry Ricardo knowing how she and Antonio feel about each other. She said that she had to tell Ricardo the truth, because Ricardo needs a woman who loves him with her whole heart and soul. He said that they'd tell him the truth together. Casey gave Sara tickets to an Alanis Morrisette concert. When she suggested that she could take him out to dinner to thank him, he told her that he had to see Meg. Sara told him that his involvement in Meg's life had to stop.moreless
    • Episode 573
      Episode 573
      Episode 71
      After Cole arrived, he told Caitlin that he was glad that Francesca was dead, because her death will give them a chance to get back together. She blurted out that she was divorcing him. Caitlin and Cole were arguing when the police arrived to search for the gun. After the robber shot Ricardo, he took off. Maria ran to her brother to try to stop the bleeding while they waited for the ambulance. Gabi and Antonio wondered how they were going to explain to Ricardo where they were all night. When Gabi suggested that they could tell Ricardo that they got snowed in helping a former parishioner, Antonio said that they were becoming good liars. Gabi told Antonio how much Ricardo meant to her.moreless
    • Episode 572
      Episode 572
      Episode 70
      When Casey told Meg that he found out that The Liberty Corporation has been dumping more waste into the bay than the EPA allowed, she was stunned to she realize that she hadn't checked the reports in three weeks. She promised that she'd straighten it out. She called Ben to tell him that they needed to have a meeting right away. When Ben reminded Maria that he had said that their situation wouldn't be perfect, she said that she and Meg were willing to put aside their differences, but he wasn't sure if they'd be able to.moreless
    • Episode 571
      Episode 571
      Episode 69
      Michael suggested that Vanessa might have taken the assignment in order to talk to him, because he knew that she was too good to really have been assigned to their story. He told her how flattered he was that she went to the effort to arrange the interview. She asked him where he got such a big ego, telling him the truth about why she was interviewing him - her demotion for her article on Francesca's murder. He apologized for the misunderstanding. They both realized how little they know about each other's lives these days.moreless
    • Episode 570
      Episode 570
      Episode 68
      Casey told Michael that he fell in love with Sara the day he saved her from drowning. Michael admitted that he still loved Vanessa, but said that he didn't know if he could trust her again. Michael and Vanessa arrived to meet someone for an interview, who turned out to be each other. Gabi brought the credit card records to Antonio. The first place that Gabi tried to reach was a realtor. Gabi realized that the realtor might be the person who rented the cabin to Francesca.moreless
    • Episode 569
      Episode 569
      Episode 67
      Maria told Meg that she was willing to take Benjy and move out. Caitlin walked in while the pair were arguing. She said that she couldn't stop thinking of Trey as her son, which helped Meg and Maria focus on what's really important -- Benjy. When Gregory got a phone call that Olivia was taken in for questioning, he told Ben that he wasn't surprised. Even though Gregory explained the problems he's been having with Olivia, Ben didn't believe that she was capable of murder.moreless
    • Episode 568
      Episode 568
      Episode 66
      When Tess caught her snooping, Sara apologized, saying that she didn't know that it was Tess's room. Tess asked what she was doing with the box. Sara asked Tess where she was from originally. When Tess got defensive, Sara left the room. Maria and Meg had a confrontation about whether Maria's using Benjy to hang on to Ben. Maria and Tess compared notes about Sara. Maria said that Sara thought that Tess and she cooked up Benjy to separate Ben and Meg. Maria decided to find out why Sara acted like she had a stake in Ben and Meg's relationship.moreless
    • Episode 567
      Episode 567
      Episode 65
      Sara overheard Hank asking Casey to invite Meg to move back into Surf Central. Sara confessed to Joan about her suspicions regarding Tess's honesty. Maria and Meg had a confrontation when Maria was moving in. Maria left, taking Tess and Benjy to meet Carmen, allowing Ben and Meg to have some time alone. Meg told Ben that she didn't think that she had to like the fact that Maria was moving in. When Sara came over, she resisted the temptation to tell Meg her suspicions about Tess.moreless
    • Episode 566
      Episode 566
      Episode 64
      When Brad admitted that he hadn't seen Olivia before they arrived at Grenadine's, Amy admitted that she had lied and told Ricardo that Olivia had pressured her into lying. Amy identified the necklace he found in Francesca's room as belonging to Bette. Ricardo got an anonymous tip telling him that the gun was at Olivia's house. AJ told Olivia that he knew that she threatened Francesca with a gun.moreless
    • Episode 565
      Episode 565
      Episode 63
      AJ rescued Caitlin from reporters asking her questions about Francesca's murder. Sean told Emily that he'd have to get back to her about her dinner invitation. Cole cornered Sean to tell him that Olivia had a restraining order on him, saying that Olivia will pay -- permanently. Sean lost his temper at Cole for sleeping with Olivia. Cole reminded Sean that if Olivia wins full custody, she'll keep Caitlin from ever seeing Trey again.moreless
    • Episode 564
      Episode 564
      Episode 62
      Meg told Sara that Maria would still be part of Benjy's life. Sara asked Meg if she's sure that Tess and Maria didn't fix the paternity test. Meg asked Sara why she was so concerned -- like she had a stake in this herself -- and asked her to leave her alone. Sara had a "That Girl" fantasy, which ended in Casey and Meg running off together. Meg tried to make Hank understand that helping Ben make a home for Benjy is the right thing for her to do. Ben tried to convince Maria that it would be a mistake for her to move in with them, but she claimed that everything changed when she found out about Benjy. Emily said that she thought that she was losing Sean, Bette said that she'd throw a romantic dinner for her daughter and her boyfriend. Bette and Emily left for the grocery store. Someone put a gun behind one of the cushions on the sofa.moreless
    • Episode 563
      Episode 563
      Episode 61
      Caitlin fantasized about being the chief witness against her mother. She bumped into Cole, who admitted that he was following her. When he tried to explain why Olivia was behaving the way she was, Caitlin realized that he'd been eavesdropping on her confrontation with Olivia at Gregory's house. Caitlin said that she didn't want him arrested for breaking and entering if Gregory ever found out that Cole had been in his house. Caitlin said that she was helping Gregory because he could help her keep Trey.moreless
    • Episode 562
      Episode 562
      Episode 60
      When Ricardo asked Gabi why she didn't tell him that she spoke to Francesca, Gabi swore that she didn't speak to Francesca. Ricardo said that Francesca was on for several minutes, wondering who she spoke to. Finally, Antonio claimed that he, not Gabi, was the one who talked to Francesca. Sean told Caitlin that they both knew that Olivia wasn't the person who killed Francesca. Caitlin told him that Olivia wanted to keep her from ever seeing Trey again. Bette asked Olivia how she could take Trey from Caitlin after letting Caitlin have Trey for so long.moreless
    • Episode 561
      Episode 561
      Episode 59
      Casey said that Sara was the best thing that ever happened to him. Hank and Joan returned home and told Sara and Casey about the test results. When Tim called, Sara admitted that she'll get the goods on Tess because she's as curious about her as Tim is. Ricardo got Francesca's cell phone records and all of the suspects were on Francesca's cell phone bill. So was Ricardo's apartment. He asked Gabi if she ever talked to Francesca on the phone while at his apartment. Cole saw Caitlin with Trey and vowed to make sure that she will get to keep Trey.moreless
    • Episode 560
      Episode 560
      Episode 58
      Meg confessed her concerns about the family that Ben might have with Maria and that they'd never be just them again. Gabi came to see Meg. Maria asked Antonio why he was still spending so much time with Gabi, since she's marrying Ricardo. Gabi and Antonio agreed that the other one wanted to put this whole thing behind them. Antonio asked Gabi to make a pact with him to never mention their being lovers again. She said that they couldn't put this behind them until they found the tape. Maria called and told Antonio that she was waiting for Benjy's paternity test results, and asked him to come to the hospital. Olivia was making plans for the nursery for Trey when Cole arrived, asking her not to do this.moreless
    • Episode 559
      Episode 559
      Episode 57
      Caitlin confronted Annie about the disintegration of the Richards family. Gregory walked in on them. Gregory told Caitlin that he was staying married to Annie because it would look bad to divorce her in the middle of the custody battle. Cole overheard Caitlin admit that she both hates and loves him. Olivia got a call from a friend, Barbara Birch, who advised her not to get mad or to get even -- to get everything. Olivia made a phone call, telling whoever it was that Barbara Birch asked her to call. She told Gregory that this time she was ready for him.moreless
    • Episode 558
      Episode 558
      Episode 56
      Just as Ricardo started to play the tape, Gabi stopped him. When Ricardo asked Gabi why she stopped him, she replied that a clever defense attorney might use the fact that she and Antonio were in the room when he saw the tape to get the evidence dismissed. Ricardo took the tapes home with him. When Gabi found out, she and Antonio took off after him. AJ questioned Olivia about her reasons for being at the Inn the night that Francesca was shot. When AJ tried to convince Olivia that the importance was because Cole might go to jail for Francesca's murder, Olivia recounted some f the suspicious things that AJ did that night, like saying that he never felt better than he did at that instant. Gabi and Antonio arrived just as Ricardo began playing the tape.moreless
    • Episode 557
      Episode 557
      Episode 55
      Bette pointed out how guilty Olivia looked because of all of the times she threatened to kill her if she ever interfered with Caitlin and Cole's relationship. AJ came to see Olivia, telling her that he knew that she kept the truth about Trey a secret because she'd do anything for her son --just like he would for his. AJ asked Olivia where she'd been coming from when they ran into each other at the Inn. Caitlin promised Trey that she only did what she had to do and that she'd never let anyone take him way from her. She saw Cole, who asked her to stop if what they had had ever been important to her.moreless
    • Episode 556
      Episode 556
      Episode 54
      Gabi and Antonio watched Ruiz put one of the unlabeled tapes in a VCR. Ricardo told Cole that they found a gun in his car. When Benjy was reluctant to let Tyus take his blood, Ben calmed his fears. Tyus told them that he should have the test results later that day. Ben offered to let Benjy stay with them. Ben treated Meg to a romantic picnic by the ocean. Maria told Annie about Benjy. Annie asked Maria to find out if Ricardo suspected Cole of murdering Francesca. Maria refused because she wouldn't be able to ask her brother straight out - she'd have to manipulate him to give her that information.moreless
    • Episode 555
      Episode 555
      Episode 53
      Tim convinced Sara that he meant to tell Casey everything that she's ever kept from him, and told her that he needed all of the information that she could provide about Benjy. Maria told Carmen that she didn't want to tell her what was going on, she wanted her to tell her what she saw. The first card she pulled was "the Sun," which Maria assumed stood for Benjy. When Carmen told her that "The Sun" stands for marital happiness, Maria told her about Benjy. Carmen admitted that she hadn't seen a child in the cards, but chose to believe that Benjy is Maria and Ben's child. Maria vowed that she would find out one way or another.remoreless
    • Episode 554
      Episode 554
      Episode 52
      Antonio had a nightmare about whether Gabi killed Francesca. Gabi was just about to leave to retrieve the tape from Francesca's room when Ricardo caught up to her. He wanted to make love, but she managed to duck him. Ricardo found Gabi's note telling him that she had to go to work. After Antonio arrived, Ricardo called the station but Gabi wasn't there. Ricardo asked Antonio to come by the station later to talk about Francesca. However, when Ricardo said that he was going to Francesca's room, Antonio came up with an excuse to go with Ricardo and talk to him about Francesca on their way. Gabi sent Ruiz, who was standing guard over Francesca's room, to get some coffee, offering to watch the room for him. Ruiz argued that he shouldn't leave his post, but Gabi convinced him to go.ermoreless
    • Episode 553
      Episode 553
      Episode 51
      Ricardo walked in just as Francesca coded. This time, Tyus was unable to save her and Francesca died. Ricardo ordered an autopsy so that he would know if the gunshot or Cole tampering with her life support killed her. Antonio told Gabi that Francesca accused her of shooting her. He said that if she shot Francesca, he was to blame, because it was his failure that gave Francesca the material to blackmail her. Gabi told a very relieved Antonio that she didn't shoot Francesca. Antonio got the call that Francesca died.moreless
    • Episode 552
      Episode 552
      Episode 50
      When Caitlin complained about Gregory letting Olivia see Trey, he told her that she should hide her hatred of Francesca from Annie and Olivia. Annie overheard Caitlin telling Gregory that she was looking for Trey when Francesca was shot, and Gregory assuring her that they'd find witness to validate her alibi. Caitlin told Olivia that if she shot Francesca, she doesn't deserve Trey. Sean returned with flowers and ice cream. When Bette told him that Olivia was visiting Trey, he decided to visit her to make up.moreless
    • Episode 551
      Episode 551
      Episode 49
      As she reached out to the life support machine, Ricardo stopped Annie from interfering with her life support. Francesca regained consciousness. Her first word was to call Annie a bitch. Francesca choked out Annie's name and went into cardiac arrest. Bette established that Cole and Caitlin were looking for Trey, alone and separately, and that Gregory was dictating tapes alone in his office when Francesca was shot. Ruiz showed up and Ricardo chewed him out for not getting to the hospital faster. Bette told the others that Francesca had coded. Just before bursting into tears, Gabi told Antonio that everything she's done, she did for them.moreless
    • Episode 550
      Episode 550
      Episode 48
      Alone in the studio together, Tess expressed surprise that Maria really didn't remember either her or Benjy. Maria asked her to talk about their time in Seattle in hopes that it would help her remember her missing five years. Tess tried to convince Maria that Benjy could be what would bring her and Ben back together again. Although Ben admitted that he didn't believe that Benjy was his son, he also denied that Maria had anything to do with the charade. Ben comforted Meg when she had doubts about whether they belong together. Ben assured Meg that everything would work out. Benjy walked in on them kissing.moreless
    • Episode 549
      Episode 549
      Episode 47
      When Ben and Maria asked Benjy when the last time he saw Maria was, he said that it was before she left to come back to Sunset Beach. Sara's accusations that the timing of the sudden appearance of Maria's "son" seemed a little too convenient started to make sense to Meg. Meg arranged to speak to Ben privately. She told him that she wasn't convinced that Benjy is his son. Maria told Tess that needed to speak Tess freely. Sara told Casey about her theory that this whole thing was set up by Maria and Tess, but he denied that it was possible.moreless
    • Episode 548
      Episode 548
      Episode 46
      Gabi asked Antonio if he knew what happened to the gun after he took it from her. Francesca went into cardiac arrest before she could answer Ricardo's question about whether Antonio shot her. Amy told Sean that she rescued Trey. He also was floored when Amy told him that Trey was Olivia's. When Ricardo told Antonio that Francesca accused him of shooting her, and asked him for an alibi, Gabi interrupted to suggest that perhaps Francesca was asking for he last rites.moreless
    • Episode 547
      Episode 547
      Episode 45
      While Ricardo tried to save Francesca's life, Caitlin said that she wished that Francesca would die. They revived Francesca and sent her to the hospital. Ricardo began his investigation by asking AJ where his gun was. AJ said that he lost his gun. Everyone said that they wanted to take Trey to get checked out, so Ricardo agreed to move the investigation to the hospital. Russell confronted Annie, who realized that if Francesca regains consciousness, everything will be over. She fantasizes about Francesca's funeral -- until she walked closer to the coffin and saw herself in it. They bring Francesca in, dying.moreless
    • Episode 546
      Episode 546
      Episode 44
      Overcome by emotions, Maria ripped the pages from the journal. When Ben came down the stairs, Benjy yelled, "There's my Daddy!" and ran to him. Tess reminded Benjy that he'd promised to wait. She explained that Ben is Benjy's father, and that Maria is his mother. When Maria came downstairs, Benjy recognized her and called her "Mommy." The bullet hit Francesca. She fell to the floor. An obviously ill-at-ease AJ and Olivia bump into each other. He said that he didn't think that he'd ever felt better than he did at that moment. Amy and Brad found Trey in the rental car.moreless
    • Episode 545
      Episode 545
      Episode 43
      Carmen made another unsuccessful attempt to convince Maria that she shouldn't get the divorce. Ben presented Meg with her pearls again. They made love. When she arrived, Maria told Meg and Ben that she wanted her journal, to see if it would help her remember her missing five years. While looking for her journal, Maria was overcome by sadness. Ben told her that she would always be welcome there, but she responded that she would never be back. Tess came to see Ben and brought Benjy, with her, who asked if the house was where his daddy lives.moreless
    • Episode 544
      Episode 544
      Episode 42
      Olivia walked in on Caitlin while she was visiting Trey. Caitlin told her mother that she should have been there for her, like she had always been there for her mother. She said that she hated Olivia and that she would never forgive her. Caitlin told Trey that Olivia may have given birth to her, but that she didn't deserve him, and that she'd kill anyone who tried to take him from her. Olivia decided that she should have killed Francesca while she had the chance.moreless
    • Episode 543
      Episode 543
      Episode 41
      Ben promised Meg that there would never be any obstacles between them again. When Olivia asked why he wanted to tell Caitlin the truth, Cole said that he wanted to prove to her that he isn't completely blameless. Rose told Cole and Olivia that Caitlin had disappeared from her bedroom. Michael admitted that he still cared about Vanessa. She begged him for a chance to win back his trust. Caitlin returned home and asked Cole if he slept with Olivia.moreless
    • Episode 542
      Episode 542
      Episode 40
      Francesca told Cole that she saw his car in the parking lot and wanted to see what he was doing there. When she offered to do anything she could to help, he said that it was too late to help. He admitted that Trey wasn't his son, but told her that he couldn't leave Caitlin. When Francesca realized that if Cole forgave Caitlin, she would never get Cole back, she decided to turn Caitlin against Cole. A nurse told Sean and Emily that Caitlin had escaped. Olivia asked Caitlin if she really believed that she, Cole and Trey were going to live happily ever after, and she finally convinced her daughter to face the truth -- that Trey isn't her son.moreless
    • Episode 541
      Episode 541
      Episode 39
      When Maria told them that she wouldn't sign the papers, Meg accused her of having planned not to give Ben the divorce all along, but then Maria insisted that she didn't sign the papers because their divorce wouldn't happen fast enough that way. She told them that she had booked flights for them to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce and then for Ben and Meg to Venice the next day for their wedding. When Meg asked why she was in such a hurry, she said that the woman that Ben had moved on, and that she had better do the same. When Meg went upstairs, Maria told Ben that Meg had better treat him right, or she'd be back. Maria told Carmen that she and Ben were going to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce. Carmen insisted that their marriage was not over. A woman looked up Ben's address in the phone book.moreless
    • Episode 540
      Episode 540
      Episode 38
      Antonio had a fantasy about Francesca showing everyone the tape at Ricardo and Gabi's wedding. A woman brought a shoebox containing $200,000 to Antonio for safekeeping because she didn't trust banks, and wanted to put it in the church safe. Antonio felt too tempted to use it to pay Francesca, so he refused to take it. Gabi hid the gun just as Ricardo arrived home with flowers for her. At first, when Francesca showed up, Gabi thought she was there to tell Ricardo about the tape, but she was actually there to report AJ for assaulting her. Ricardo left, so Gabi broke the news to Francesca that she couldn't get the money. When Francesca berated her, she took the gun out of the box where she'd hidden it.moreless
    • Episode 539
      Episode 539
      Episode 37
      Ben arrived with the divorce papers and Carmen told them that the divorce will never happen. After Ben left, Maria read over the divorce papers, remembering the good times with Ben. Meg told her parents that Maria finally agreed to the divorce. Sara and Casey arrived while Hank, Joan and Meg were arguing about Meg's future with Ben. Caitlin had another nightmare -- this time, it was of her family ignoring her while she asked for Trey. Gregory played stupid until Cole admitted to being Trey's father, then he pretended to figure out that Olivia is Trey's mother and that he also could be Trey's father. Gregory put Olivia on the spot by asking her which of them is Trey's father. Olivia reminded Gregory that she is Trey's mother. Gregory told her that she's not good enough to be his mother. Olivia returned to taunt Annie. While she's there, Caitlin returns home and overhears her admitting that she's Trey's mother. Cole told Gregory that since he was adamant on having Dr. Manning perform the test, he wanted Tyus to perform the test, instead. Gregory consented. Tyus told them that the answer to Trey's paternity was already in their files. Bette came in while AJ was trying to strangle Francesca.moreless
    • Episode 538
      Episode 538
      Episode 36
      When a sedated Caitlin begged Sean to get Cole, Sean berated Gregory for breaking them up. Caitlin had a nightmare about Cole taking Trey from her Emily walked in while Sean was comforting his sister. Cole told Olivia that he tied Annie up so that she wouldn't go anywhere while he looked for her. Cole acted distant when telling Olivia that he wanted some straight answers, and that he couldn't trust Annie. When Trey cried, Cole sent Olivia to deal with him. Cole tells Annie that he's going to tell Olivia that he knows that Trey isn't Caitlin's son. When he saw Olivia holding Trey, he tells her to put their son down.moreless
    • Episode 537
      Episode 537
      Episode 35
      Maria overheard Gabi and Antonio, but she thought that Gabi just found out how Antonio felt about her. She brought a picture of Antonio the day of his first confession, reminding him that Carmen always used to say that confession makes the soul pure and white. When he lost his temper at her, Maria told him that she just brought the picture to tell him that maybe he was meant to be a priest. Then she realized that something more had happened than just Gabi finding out how he feels about her, but he wouldn't tell her what. Maria told Antonio that she had decided to give Ben the divorce.moreless
    • Episode 536
      Episode 536
      Episode 34
      Sara had a romantic Mary Tyler Moore-style fantasy of her and Casey which ended with Tim catching the hat and threatening to expose her part in his plot to get Meg back. In real life, Tim told Sara that she needed to talk to her parents about the job at the Shock Wave that he wanted. He said that he's lost Meg, and that he couldn't afford to lose the Cummingses, too, because they were the only family he had ever had. Sara convinced her parents to consider giving Tim another chance. Joan gave Sara an order to deliver down the beach. Casey told Sara that he placed the order to give them some time alone. He took her to a picnic blanket, where they got romantic.moreless
    • Episode 535
      Episode 535
      Episode 33
      Maria told Ben and Meg that she wanted to talk about giving Ben a divorce. Maria said that she knew that Ben never wanted to hurt her, but that she just wanted to get this over with. Ben told Maria that he would make sure that she will get a fair settlement. When Meg said that she knew how painful it was for her to ask for a divorce, Maria said that what was really painful was that the only way she could show Ben how much she loved him was to let him go. Ben called his attorney to draw up the papers. The flight attendant brought orange juice to a woman and a child. The woman looked at a charcoal sketch of Ben – or was it Derek?moreless
    • Episode 534
      Episode 534
      Episode 32
      Tyus told Michael that they were sending Virginia to Cedar Oaks. Vanessa said she didn't want them to press charges against Virginia because she didn't want Jimmy to lose his mother. She said that sending Virginia to jail wouldn't bring her baby back. Tyus told her that he would never forgive Virginia for killing the baby. While Dr. Estrada ran an electroencephalogram ("EEG") on Virginia, Virginia reminisced about the things she did to Vanessa. Dr. Estrada looked at the EEG results and said that Virginia has had a breakdown. After Dr. Estrada left the room, Virginia escaped from her straitjacket.moreless
    • Episode 533
      Episode 533
      Episode 31
      Carmen came over and told Gabi not to celebrate her engagement to Ricardo, because "the other man" had already sown the seeds of her destruction. While watching the tape (and eating popcorn), Francesca wondered what Gabi did to get Antonio into bed, when she was unsuccessful in Rosario. Francesca told Gabi that she wanted the money the police found when they caught Gerard. When Gabi threatened to call Ricardo, Francesca showed her the videotape. Francesca was trying to talk Gabi into cooperating when Antonio and Ricardo arrived.moreless
    • Episode 532
      Episode 532
      Episode 30
      Francesca decided to use the videotape of Gabi and Antonio to get the money to take Trey with them when Cole left town with her. In order to find out what Gregory was up to, Annie hit the last number redial on his phone. Francesca answered. Annie decided to find out what was going on with Gregory and Francesca. Caitlin and Cole told Gregory that Trey took the first step. Gregory told them that Trey would be having one-year checkup with another doctor. Annie saw AJ pounding on Francesca's door, and that she didn't answer the door. Francesca decided that the tape of Gabi and Antonio would help her get rich.moreless
    • Episode 531
      Episode 531
      Episode 29
      God told Antonio to follow his heart, and that when he next saw Ricardo, he would know what to do. Antonio walked in while Ricardo was proposing to Gabi. Ricardo persuaded Antonio to stay, and Gabi accepted his proposal. Carmen and Maria came by to tell them about Maria's idea to have a party. When Ricardo told them that Gabi and he had gotten engaged, Maria burst into tears. Carmen told her sons that Ben chose Meg. Antonio and Maria compared notes on losing the people they love. Antonio reassured Gabi that he had decided not to tell Ricardo about them making love. While looking for the tape of her kissing AJ, Francesca found the tape of Antonio and Gabi. She was stunned by what she saw.moreless
    • Episode 530
      Episode 530
      Episode 28
      Meg told Ben that she felt sorry for Maria, because she knew what it was like to lose him. Ben told Meg that he had a big surprise for her. Annie tried to convince Maria not to give up. Annie considered her options -- making a pass at Cole or playing on his sympathy. Maria moved out. Someone called and hung up when she got the answering machine. Antonio asks if God came to him because he broke his vows, and He said that He's there because Antonio needed Him. God told Antonio to atone for his sins. Antonio asked God if He could see a way for him to atone without hurting anyone else.moreless
    • Episode 529
      Episode 529
      Episode 27
      Ricardo leapt to the assumption that Gabi was there to say a prayer of thanks for their survival, but Antonio tried, once again, to tell Ricardo the truth. Ricardo got called in to work and told his brother that God will forgive him for whatever he wanted to confess to. When Antonio told Gabi that he had to tell Ricardo how he feels, she asked if he wanted to leave the priesthood for her. Antonio said that it had never occurred to him to leave the priesthood. They talked about their options, and Gabi asked him to give her warning before telling Ricardo. Gabi left and Antonio prayed for guidance. While praying, Antonio had a vision. Ricardo promised never to let go of Gabi.moreless
    • Episode 528
      Episode 528
      Episode 26
      Meg interrupted Sara and Casey kissing when she came by to tell them that she and Ben got back together, saying that that it was fate that led them back to each other. Sara realized that if anyone knew that it was her conspiracy with Tim, not fate, that led Meg back into Ben's arms, she'd lose Casey for certain. Gabi told Antonio that he can't punish himself forever, to which he replied that he had to make amends. They disagreed over whether to tell Ricardo the truth – Antonio for, and Gabi against. Antonio was making one last stab at trying to convince Gabi to tell the truth when Ricardo walked in saying that he knew what they were talking about.moreless
    • Episode 527
      Episode 527
      Episode 25
      Annie fantasized about Olivia and Cole taunting her and threatening to call the police when Cole survived the fall. When Annie tried to stop Cole, they both went over the edge. Cole pulled himself up. Annie begged Cole to help her, but he gleefully used Annie's position to demand that she tell him that she and Dr Brock stole Olivia's baby. Annie let it slip that Olivia already knew everything, but before he could make her explain, the security guard rescued her.moreless
    • Episode 526
      Episode 526
      Episode 24
      After they heard Ricardo calling for them, Gabi and Antonio hurriedly dressed. Ricardo punched a hole in the wall of the cave and got Gabi out. He told her that he didn't know what he would have done if something had happened to her. When she emerged from the cave, Sara and Joan came to Gabi's aid, but Carmen just asked what she did to Antonio. Emily overheard Gregory telling the foreman to keep Sean and Leo out of the rescue effort. When Emily told Sean what she heard Gregory saying, Sean stormed out.moreless
    • Episode 525
      Episode 525
      Episode 23
      Francesca tells Gregory that she won't have anything to do with AJ unless he gives her an advance on the five million he promised her. Caitlin walks in on Gregory and Francesca conspiring. Ricardo suggests that since the building backed up against the caves, they could get in through the beach caves. Gabi and Antonio make love. Ricardo, Casey and Hank reach the other side of the beach cave wall from Ricardo and Gabi. Just as Antonio promises to love Gabi forever, they hear Ricardo calling out for them.moreless
    • Episode 524
      Episode 524
      Episode 22
      Vanessa goes into early labor. After calling for an ambulance, Michael calms her down and tells her that he knows that it's his baby. Vanessa tells Michael about Virginia raping her. Just as Virginia sneaks away, Vanessa's condition worsens again, so Michael can't go after her. The paramedics come to take Vanessa to the hospital. When they bring Vanessa in, another doctor took over from Tyus because the hospital has a policy against doctors working with family members and there is a chance that Tyus is the father of the baby. Tyus blames Vanessa's condition on Michael.moreless
    • Episode 523
      Episode 523
      Episode 21
      Virginia tells Vanessa that she, not Vanessa, should be with Michael. Dr. Green tells Vanessa that Virginia blackmailed him into saying that she was four and a half months pregnant when she was really three months pregnant. Vanessa says that proves that the baby's Michael's, but Virginia insists that Tyus is the father. Michael arrives after Vanessa and Virginia have left. When Virginia reiterates that Tyus is the father of the baby, Vanessa explains that Tyus couldn't be the father. Virginia tells her that she got her pregnant, and spells the whole thing out for her -- getting the sperm from the sperm bank, knocking Vanessa out, and raping her with the turkey baster.moreless
    • Episode 522
      Episode 522
      Episode 20
      Antonio and Gabi are knocked unconscious by falling rubble. Antonio fishes Gabi out from under the debris. Ricardo tries to dig them out, but a fireman stops him because he would bring the building down on top of them. When Karen shows up, Ricardo confronts her about why she didn't warn him. He threatens her if Gabi is hurt. Karen tries to justify her silence by telling Ricardo about confessing to Antonio, which tells Ricardo that he has two people to rescue – his girlfriend and his brother. When Gabi panics at the thought that they might die, Antonio reassures her that they aren't going to die. When Gabi gets cold, Antonio holds her to warm her up.moreless
    • Episode 521
      Episode 521
      Episode 19
      Carmen tells Antonio that if he stays in Sunset Beach for another hour, disaster will befall him and everyone he loves. Antonio agrees to leave immediately. They say a tearful farewell. He asks her to go easy on Gabi, telling her that Gabi and Ricardo are meant to be together. Sister Bertrille convinces Antonio to hear the sisters' confessions one last time. When Gabi calls to tell Ricardo that she has caught the embezzler, Gerard is eavesdropping. Karen disappears while Ricardo's talking to Gabi. It turns out that Gerard's plan is to blow Gabi and the evidence up. Someone phones in a tip, and Ricardo and Spence go to check it out. Karen slips in between the sisters and confesses that Gerard plans to kill Gabi. Antonio takes off in the middle of Karen's confession. Ricardo and Spence catch Gerard, who taunts Ricardo that Gabi is about to die. Antonio arrives just as the bomb goes off.moreless
    • Episode 520
      Episode 520
      Episode 18
      Cole comes to see Francesca telling her that she hasn't been acting like herself, and that he knows that she is planning to use AJ to get to him. He tells her that his life would be meaningless without Caitlin and Trey, and she says that she could make his life worthwhile. When Cole says that he hopes that they could be friends, Francesca says that she could never go back to being just friends with him. He says that no one can ever change the way he feels about Caitlin. After he left, she says that Gregory will change the way he feels, and then she'd have him back -- even if it kills her.moreless
    • Episode 519
      Episode 519
      Episode 17
      Gregory decides to take Trey from Cole. When Olivia threatens to make Francesca leave town, Francesca says that her desperation is proof that she did sleep with Cole, and says that if she forced her to leave town without Cole, she'll make sure that Caitlin finds out that she slept with Cole. Bette overhears Olivia threatening to kill Francesca. Olivia tells Francesca that Caitlin and Cole will be together forever. Francesca calls Gregory and takes him up on his offer to sleep with AJ.moreless
    • Episode 518
      Episode 518
      Episode 16
      After Carmen leaves, Gabi reassures Ricardo that she isn't upset by her confrontation with Carmen. They arrange to meet for lunch. When Antonio confesses to lusting after Gabi, the priest taking his confession tells him to pray, and that God will show him the way. He says that if Antonio stays in Sunset Beach much longer, something terrible will happen. Antonio prays to be the priest he always wanted to be. Gabi finally admits to herself that she has romantic feelings for Antonio.moreless
    • Episode 517
      Episode 517
      Episode 15
      Gabi tells Antonio that they have a lot of things to say to one another because they will never see each other again after that night, because she won't be going to his going-away party. Antonio asks her for an answer about her feelings for him, and she tells him that he is the best friend that she'll ever have, that she'll never let him out of her heart, and that she'll miss him forever. She kisses him next to his mouth.moreless
    • Episode 516
      Episode 516
      Episode 14
      Cole finds Dr. Brock's dead body clutching a gun in his hand. Cole finds a phone number in a locked desk drawer just as the police arrive. The officer opens the door and they find Dr. Brock's body. While the officer is distracted, Cole sneaks out. Gregory nearly loses it, but finally gets it back together and tells Olivia that he knows that Trey isn't Caitlin's son. He tells Olivia that she would get her money back -- in fact, she'll get everything that's coming to her. He also tells her that he hates Cole more than ever now.moreless
    • Episode 515
      Episode 515
      Episode 13
      Casey trains the young lifeguards while Olivia learns Gregory is having some sort of test done on Trey. The test shows that Cole is the father and Gregory daydreams about Olivia and Cole in bed together. Meanwhile, Tyus talks to Vanessa while Michael becomes suspicious when he overhears Virginia talking to Dr. Green.moreless
    • Episode 514
      Episode 514
      Episode 12
      Caitlin fantasizes that when Cole goes to see AJ, a negligee-clad Francesca smooches him up. Cole and AJ try to find Dr. Brock, but he isn't listed in the San Francisco phone book. Bette gives Cole the name of Dr. Brock's nurse -- Florence Kennedy. Cole tells Caitlin that he took the job with AJ and is being sent out of town on a business trip. Tyus tells Michael that he won't be leaving Sunset Beach. He tried to convince Michael that both he and Vanessa would take that night back if they could, but Michael doesn't believe that Tyus means it. Vanessa and Meg tell Casey about the night Vanessa and Tyus took the hallucinogen.moreless
    • Episode 513
      Episode 513
      Episode 11
      Annie dreams that the paternity test says that Gregory is the father of Trey, and he wants to kill her -- literally. Watching Caitlin and Cole with Trey, Gregory vows that he'll destroy Cole if it turns out that he's Trey's father. Knowing that the test is that day, Annie steals some clothes from Rose's closet and heads for the hospital. Casey and Maria see each other for the first time since she regained her memory. She tells Casey that she's not giving Ben a divorce. Casey tells Maria that he thinks that Ben belongs with Meg. Meg asks Ben if he wants her to stay because he misses her or because he doesn't want to be alone with Maria. Tim promises Sara that he'll win Meg's heart and that he won't lose her a second time.moreless
    • Episode 512
      Episode 512
      Episode 10
      Casey tells Sara he thinks it may be over for Ben and Meg. Meg tells Maria she is there to get the rest of her things, but lets Maria know she isn't giving up on Ben. Maria admits that she still loves Ben and isn't ready to walk away. Ricardo insists that Gabi can't take the new assignment, and Gabi bristles that she doesn't need Ricardo's permission to do anything. The chief brings AJ in, and he explains that he has an embezzlement problem. Later, Ricardo admits he doesn't want to lose Gabi.moreless
    • Episode 511
      Episode 511
      Episode 9
      Antonio fantasizes about kissing Gabi, and is interrupted by Gabi's arrival. She says that he's not the only one leaving St. Joseph's, because she is being reassigned. She asks him for the answer to her question, and he tells her that the feelings he has for her are those of friendship and that he is trying very hard to keep his vows. After Gabi leaves, Antonio realizes that she loves him, too.moreless
    • Episode 510
      Episode 510
      Episode 8
      AJ comforts Olivia when she comes across a silver spoon that Gregory gave her when they were expecting their baby. He's convinced that there is still a piece to the puzzle missing and wants to pursue it. AJ contacts Cole and asks for his help. Cole confronts Annie about trying to break him and Caitlin up, Cole knows Gregory wouldn't hesitate to destroy Annie if it suited his purposes. Meanwhile, Francesca tells Gregory she knows all about Cole/Olivia/Trey. Francesca proposes that Gregory make sure there's no question about Trey's paternity by guaranteeing any test results that show Gregory is the father. Gregory privately decides to have Trey's paternity tested. Tyus is rocked when discovers that the baby Vanessa is carrying is really his. Michael accuses him of drugging Vanessa to take advantage of her. Vanessa defends Tyus. Tyus tells Vanessa he intends to be a father to the baby she is carrying. Ricardo discovers Antonio's transfer papers, but doesn't understand how his brother could possibly agree to a transfer when Maria needs him here in Sunset Beach. Gabi asks Antonio if the real reason he's leaving is because he has feelings for her.moreless
    • Episode 509
      Episode 509
      Episode 7
      Gregory explains Caitlin came to him for help in getting rid of Francesca. Caitlin was giving the money to an employee of Gregory's to pay off Francesca and get her out of town. Annie claims she left Cole to not hoping to break up him and Caitlin to win Gregory's love. Back at the Richards house, Gregory tells Caitlin that Annie told him about the blackmailer and Gregory paid him off because he felt guilty for his part in her accident that caused her to lose her baby. Francesca tells Gregory she knows just how to break up Cole and Caitlin. Alone, Cole confronts Annie; he doesn't buy her story. Emily is horrified when everyone realizes she and Sean were about to sleep together. Leo returns, and tells Sean he saw Brad with matches in his hand. Amy realizes she can use Brad to get to Sean. Vanessa tells Michael about sleeping with Tyus when both were suffering side effects from Tyus's experimental Martin's Syndrome cure. Virgina arranges for Tyus to show up just as Vanessa admits her baby is Tyus'. Olivia arrives at AJ's and learns Francesca is staying in town. Later, Olivia is overwhelmed when she finds a baby spoon in her purse. Gabi kisses Antonio thinking he's Ricardo.moreless
    • Episode 508
      Episode 508
      Episode 6
      Annie convinces Gregory to let her help him keep the secret of Trey's paternity from Cole. Caitlin realizes she's been set up when Cole finds her in the alley. Caitlin hands over the briefcase full of money to Cole when Gregory and Annie arrive. Annie tries to sneak off with the briefcase, but Cole stops her. Vanessa finds Michael and Casey putting a crib together. She's overcome with guilt and leaves to see Tyus. Vanessa realizes she has to tell Michael the truth. Virginia blackmails Dr. Green into writing a letter confirming that Vanessa is four and a half months pregnant. Michael finds the letter only moment before Vanessa returns. Amy and Brad set off the smoke alarm in the Shock Wave to keep Emily and Sean from making love.moreless
    • Episode 507
      Episode 507
      Episode 5
      Prompted by Annie, Gregory recalls all the odd behavior by Olivia during the time he was convinced Cole had an affair with a woman in Sunset Beach...and it dawns on him that Cole could be Trey's father. Gregory realizes he has to stop Caitlin from confessing to Cole. Meanwhile, Cole runs into Olivia who finally admits the baby she lost could've been his. Caitlin fights off a would-be thief. Suddenly Cole arrives. Maria sees Ben kissing Meg and begins to hyperventilate. Meg tells Ben the kiss was a mistake and that he has to resolve his feelings for Maria before they can be together. Alone, Meg takes off her wedding ring just as Maria tells Ben she can't grant him the divorce--she's in love with him.moreless
    • Episode 506
      Episode 506
      Episode 4
      Gregory says he's going to send Annie to jail. Annie tells Gregory she'll drag Caitlin with her. Gregory will assure Caitlin's safety. Annie tells Gregory she did everything for him, because Trey isn't his son, but Olivia's and Cole's son. Meanwhile Ricardo tells Ben he's sorry for being such a jerk all these years. Meg wants to know where she/Maria/Ben stand now that Maria has her memory back. Ben accepts Ricardo's apology and later walk in on Meg and Maria as Meg asks Maria if she plans on giving Ben a divorce. Ben and Meg share a moment where he asks Meg for another chance. Maria witnesses a kiss between Ben/Meg. Sean and Emily find Caitlin in the alley; she quickly dismisses them. Later, someone puts a knife to her back. Cole is about to leave to meet Caitlin, when he has to rush Trey to the hospital over an ear infection. Virginia goads Vanessa, trying to make her feel guilty about her baby's paternity. Later, Virginia calls Dr. Green telling him she needs documentation in order to spell I out for Michael that there is no way he could be the father of Vanessa's baby.moreless
    • Episode 505
      Episode 505
      Episode 3
      Cole drives to the edge of a cliff and threatens to kill Francesca if she doesn't leave Caitlin alone. Gregory continues taunting Caitlin and Annie. He makes Caitlin leave to an alley behind the Deep with a large sum of money. In Trey's room, Gregory confronts Annie and reveals that he knows the secret that his daughter has been hiding. Francesca returns home and using the tape recorder, she finds out Caitlin's secret. Vanessa wants to confess the truth to Michael but she changes her mind after learning about Ben and Meg's breakup. Dr. Estrada releases Maria from the hospital. Maria wants Ben to take care of Meg, not her. Sara learns about Meg's moving back to Surf Central and her breakup. She questions Casey about their relationship, but he can't answer until he knows that Meg's situation is resolved.moreless
    • Episode 504
      Episode 504
      Episode 2
      Annie tricks Francesca and realizes that she isn't the blackmailer. Francesca becomes even more interested in the secret that Annie and Caitlin are hiding. Maria is surprised to learn that Antonio has become a priest. She questions Ricardo about his hatred against Ben and she tries to convince him that Ben had nothing to do with her "death," but Ricardo isn't so sure. Hank and Joan arrive at Ben's place, where Casey tries to explain what happened. Meg and Ben have a long conversation after which she decides to leave. Casey picks up Meg in the rain and promises to take care of her.moreless
    • Episode 503
      Episode 503
      Episode 1
      Gregory promises to give Annie her stock back once she gives him the Christmas present she promised him. Caitlin is about to reveal the secret about Trey to Cole when Cole notices Francesca watching them. Caitlin tells Annie that she thinks Francesca is the blackmailer, so Annie leaves to confront her. Maria fully regains her memory and reunites with her mother and her brothers. Maria tells Carmen that Ben belongs to Meg now, but Carmen tries to convince her otherwise. Meg is keen on leaving Ben.moreless
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