Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • sun, surf, sand and sad soapy sattires. this show was a must for me! bring it back!

    this show was terrible, but it knew it was. the storylines were so random and to me it held all the elements that all the other soaps did and more. it was ridiculous.... a priest, sleepng with his brothers wife!? storylines literally running for months and the most obviously surgically altered cast that i had ever seen. it was beautiful;. when i heard it was to be cancelled i phoned peopl, i wrote letters and i cried; yes, im admitting it. this show turned me into a horrible person. i said no to parties and school work. i almost became a complete home-body with no social life, no friends and occasionally an adversion to natural light when id sit and watch the omnibus version in the dark, and you know what... i loved every friggin' minute of it!