Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • Sunset Beach was a very good soap but for me Ben and Meg were not the reasons I watched, I preferred Ben and Maria this was the couple who kept me clued to the screen, plus I loved all the many characters, plots and sub plots on this soap.

    The beach town of Sunset Beach was filled with mystery and romance. We got to know the true beachers such as The Torres family, the Richards family, Derek Douglas, Annie Douglas, Aunt Bette, Amy, Brad, Eddie, etc.

    We got to know and love Ben Evan's although not a true beacher (i.e. not born in SB) he was a long time resident and accepted as one.

    We also got to know the Cummings family who came to SB from Kansas.

    Put all these characters in the mix along with outrageous storylines;fantasies and flashbacks; and we got the show that we came to know and love as Sunset Beach.