Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • A show as trashy as it was classy! From the late great Aaron Spelling this show lives in infany with a still strong cult fan base.

    This show didn\\\'t just break the mould it demolished it. With the most outrageous storylines was an unlikely hit but through the strong will of its viewing audience kept us entertained for 3 years, 751 episodes. From the Richards to the Deschannels this show completely re-wrote daytime television. Sunset Beach first opened in kansas in the bedroom of a young Meg Cummings,we followed Meg in her search for her true love \\\"SB\\\". From there we went on into the lies and the lives of the residents of sunset beach. We witnessed a romance in Ben and Meg, a pregnancy triangle with Cole and Mother and Daughter Olivia and Caitlin.

    From that we seen a community divided with not only an Earthquake but a Tsunami aswell. Half of the illusive cast found themselves stuck in a capside yatch (the poisedon adventure)while the others found themselves on land dealing with an Earthquake and its aftermath.

    Just when things couldn\\\'t get any worse for the small costal community many of the cast found themselves trapped on a small desolate island being stalked by a serial killer. Who we then witness as being Ben Evans only to discover it was his EVIL twin.

    In its run from Janurary 6 1997 until December 31 1999, we watched the residents go from riches to rags. We witnessed cursed jewels to jewel theifs. But amongst the outrageous storylines we found a strong willed show that will live in our hearts for alot longer than on our screens.