Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • This was my first soap opera. It wasn’t like the other soap operas, that’s why I miss it!

    My favorite characters were of course Meg and Ben. They were written for each other so nicely. Meg, a girl from Kansas, goes to Sunset Beach to meet her online lover SB, who is actually Ben, after she finds out her fiancé, Tim, was sleeping around with her maid of honor. I know that online relationships sound strange in real life but Aaron Spelling made it work in this soap opera. This soap opera had it all, the evil twin, the supposedly dead wife, terror island, cave in, the hunk who slept with a alcoholic wife and her daughter and etc. Ben having an evil twin and having Maria coming back from the dead was too much but I will admit that I enjoyed it. Sunset Beach is better than Passions, but I guess it was too weird for it’s time.