Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • its the best soap i have ever seen, i think if it was still on now it would be a big hit with teenagers cause it is pure brilliant and everyone would enjoy will never get another soap like it there is so much action and drama.

    its the best soap I have ever watched and if it was still on now I think it would be a big hit especially with teenagers cause its something I thing teenagers would like cause it has action,drama,crazyness,Meg and Ben,murders,people coming back from the dead and a lot more. If you can find a crazier soap tell me cause its imposable I think there should be a Sunset Beach movie made but we could get rid of Annie, no wouldn’t be the same it just wouldn’t be right. Meg and Ben could have a child and Annie would still be watching Meg making sure she is not hurting Ben, she would probably have Benjy hitting Meg or something . You could have a mystery thing on terror island, no I don’t think that’s a good idea. Anyway a Sunset Beach movie would be cool.
    no woman can risist ben evans and no man could risist meg cummings evans evans evans or mayby annie douglas
    i have just found that channel five has stopped showing sunny beach again im totaly p'd off with them....
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