Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • Now we are at Sunset Beach. This show was different from Santa Barbara. But then agian, this show was stupid. Clive Robertson played both Ben and Derek Evans. Derek killed the people on the beach and kidnapped Ben. Derek impersonated Ben in front of

    eveyrbody for weeks. The real Ben came up with a way to escape. He attacked Derek. Ben and Meg were re-united agian. In 1999, Derek returned and impersonated Ben agian. Derek survived a fall after he was defeated by Ben. Derek's reign of terror continued. An amnesiac woman, who once loved Ben, turned up on Sunset Beach. Her name was Maria. Maria and Tess had their first round, but Tess won. Derek kidnapped Maria, who came up with her own way of dealing with things. Her memory returned. As the show drew to a close, Tess and Maria had a re-match, and this time, Maria won and Tess lost. Maria beat the hell out of Tess. Ben killed Derek. Ben and Meg got married in the final episode of Sunset Beach, and they were in bed together at the end of the show.
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