Sunset Beach

NBC (ended 1999)


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  • Drama, murder and sex all happened on Sunset Beach and a bit of wierd stuff too but that happens on soaps right?

    Sunset Beach was a great soap by the late Aaron Spelling. It had its wierd moments like Virginia using a turkey baster to impregnate Vanessa, and the whole baby switch gone wrong with Caitlin and Olivia, and the Rosario Jewels mystery where everyone was turning into mummies. It had good fight scenes especially with Meg and Annie and also the Annie and Olivia fights. And there were the flashbacks many of those and the imagination scenes of Annie dying many ways or being in hell with Del. My favorite episodes were the Meg and Ben scenes, the whole Terror Island story was awesome too and some of the Posiedon/Earthquake storyline was all right. Too bad the show never made it to the new millenium it had a lot of potential to be the best soap on TV better than Passions of course.