Sunset Daze

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  • Season 1
    • Break a Leg, Not a Hip
      "The Actress" Gail and her friends Terry and Jean decide to put on a cabaret. "The Beauty Queen" Eileen helps them as they scout locations, looking for the perfect spot. The ladies audition pianists but run into a problem when Terry and Gail disagree. Terry wants her friend Michael to be their accompanist, while Gail loves Jim, a professor. After much deliberation, Jim is selected and rehearsals commence. Jim has exciting news for the songbirds -- a critic from the local Phoenix newspaper is coming to review the show! Gail realizes this could be her big break, and goes into manic mode perfecting her act. The night of the show Gail discovers she has a rash, but is nervous to take antihistamines because it might affect her singing voice. Despite a rocky opening number, Gail thinks the show was a hit... will the critic agree? "The Newbie" Linda recently moved to Surprise, and has been busy making new friends and jumpstarting her party-planning career. Living with Bruce, her boyfriend of five years, has not been going as smoothly as she had hoped though. While out with Jack and the boys at Archie's Deli, Bruce makes it clear he is not too serious about Linda. Linda and Jack have formed their own bond though, and Linda expresses her concerns to Jack while visiting his home. Jack hosts a party for the local single's club, which Linda and Bruce attend. During the party Bruce is reluctant to confirm he is in a committed relationship with Linda, and eventually leaves her there alone. This is the last straw for Linda. After an argument escalates into a break-up, Linda calls Jack in tears. Her relationship with Bruce is over and now Linda needs a place to stay. Luckily, Jack steps up to the plate and invites Linda to crash at his place until she can make other arrangements. Linda soon realizes that the end of this relationship is also the beginning of a new, independent life in Surprise.moreless
    • Senior Prom
      Senior Prom
      Episode 9
      It's prom week in Surprise, Arizona, and everything old is new again. Ann and Eileen compete in a golf cart race. Gail officiates and Eileen takes the gold. The prom committee convenes, headed by Linda. Everyone volunteers their talents in areas in which they are uniquely suited. Ann will book the photographer, Ron will hire the musicians, Gail will be the emcee, and Jack will perform stand-up comedy. Joanne and Sandy will head the decorating team, while LaWanda will be in charge of dancing. Linda sets off to look for a location and immediately finds the perfect locale at a Country Club. She books the largest hall with the manager, Michael. Sandy and Joanne hit up the party supply store, having a blast while buying paper plates. Joanne asks her husband Jim to accompany her to prom, and he accepts. Sandy makes a call to Mark, hoping he will be her date. Unfortunately, he is busy that evening and she will have to go stag. LaWanda and Ann help Linda paint a banner. Linda receives unwelcome news: the country club has been double booked! She will have to find a new location for the prom, ASAP. Linda tours a high school gymnasium, thinking that retro might be the way to go. When she discovers the no alcohol policy, she knows it isn't the right fit. Always resourceful, Linda has another place in mind. Gail and Ron visit their salons as Sandy, Joanne, and LaWanda get pedicures. Prom commences and everyone has a blast, chit chatting, drinking, and dancing. Gail emcees, Jack performs stand-up, and Eileen and Gary dance up a storm, winning the dance contest. Joanne plays matchmaker for Sandy and Linda, sending them to talk to men. Linda makes the mistake of speaking to Dick, Sandy's one-time blind date. Jack and Sandy are crowned Prom King and Queen, and Jack and Kimberlee share a sweet moment. Sandy, Joanne, and their gal pals strip a rowdy Dick and throw him in the pool. Dick takes Sandy with him, and they both end up soaked.moreless
    • I Do... Again
      I Do... Again
      Episode 8
      While practicing their swings, Joanne's husband Jim proposes that they renew their wedding vows, and Joanne happily accepts. When Joanne tells Sandy the big news, she offers to help plan the event, enlisting Linda, the local party planner. Joanne, Sandy and a group of girlfriends are out for cocktails when they get the idea to go to an adult toy store. The ladies try on wild outfits and giggle at most of the products. Sandy uses the opportunity to purchases some racy gifts for Joanne and Jim's honeymoon night. Linda and Sandy get to work decorating a houseboat for a lovely reception. While they tie bows, Sandy tells Linda about her newest scheme: to throw a Senior Prom! Linda loves the idea and gladly agrees to do the planning. The wedding is fast approaching though, and the reverend set to conduct the service is nowhere to be found. Sandy goes out searching, leaving Linda to put on the finishing touches. Sandy finds the reverend just in time, and everyone arrives lakeside for a beautiful renewal of vows. After the "I do's" are said, the newly re-weds travel to the houseboat to find their friends waiting. The night is a tremendous success, and as the party continues on the deck, Sandy sneaks downstairs to leave her naughty gift basket in the honeymoon suite. Jack is still testing the dating waters after his breakup with Kathleen. While out for a drink, Jack runs into Kimberlee, a former acquaintance. The two hit it off and spend the evening dancing and reminiscing. Jack is smitten, but Kimberlee has a secret... she is the mother of seven year old twins! Kimberlee springs this news on Jack when she brings her kids along on their mini-golf date. Though taken aback at first, Jack is a natural family man and quickly warms to the children. Jack decides to take his relationship with Kimberlee to the next level, and after a romantic picnic at sunset, he asks her to accompany him to the upcoming Senior Prom.moreless
    • Hollywood or Bust
      Following her rave cabaret review, "The Actress" Gail's lands an audition in Los Angeles thanks to her pianist, Jim. In her youth, Gail turned down an opportunity to audition for famed agency, William Morris, but she isn't going to let her big break slip away this time. She packs her bags, kisses her dog Pumpkin goodbye, and heads to Hollywood with her son Cary. After landing in La La Land, Gail gets her hands on a star map and tears around the hills and other tourist hot spots. She gets headshots made and then makes her way to audition for a big time casting director. Though she's nervous, she nails it. Will Gail soon star in her own commercial? Back in Surprise, Cary's partner George has been tasked with watching Pumpkin. The sneaky dog gets loose though, and George must hunt to find her before Gail returns. Enlisting the help of Gail's friends Sandy "The Wild Child", Ann "The Ex-nun", LaWanda "Hot Legs", and Mort, the seniors scour Sun City for Gail's precious pooch. LaWanda finds Pumpkin and returns her to the backyard... but forgets to tell George! When Gail and Cary arrive home, George breaks the news to Cary that Pumpkin is still gone. The two men prepare to brave Gail's wrath, but are relieved to find her happily petting Pumpkin in the backyard, safe and sound. After Ann's exciting experience skydiving, she is anxious to check off another bucket list item. This time, she'd like for John to join her. While gardening, she asks her husband what he would like to do. John discusses his physical limitations, such as his weight and failing eyesight. He would however, love to drive a racecar. Ann has also long had a need for speed, and the two plan to go racing together... just as soon as John passes his driving test. Ann waits anxiously as John takes the exam. Despite his degenerative eye condition, he passes! The pair make their way to Bondurant, a racing school, to tear up the track.moreless
    • The Show Must Go On
      Jack takes stand-up comedy lessons, but performing is harder than it looks. LaWanda organizes a flash mob with her dance troupe. Gail impersonates Marilyn Monroe at a surprise party for Eileen's husband Gary.
    • Every Dog Has His Day
      Active Eileen receives bad news about her injured back from her doctor -- she needs an epidural! After the shot, Eileen calls the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant director to discuss her participation. Eileen wants to stay in the fight and try and make it to rehearsal the following day. Unfortunately, Eileen is in no condition to dance, or even walk, so her friend Terry must attend rehearsal alone. Terry visits an ailing Eileen who confirms Terry's concerns -- she will not be able to compete in the pageant. Terry is awarded the superlative of Most Motivational as a proud Eileen cheers her on from the audience. Former event planner, Linda is ready to re-establish her career in Surprise. She interviews for a job with a concierge service, which would supplement her income, and is encouraged by her new friends to pursue other opportunities. While out for drinks, Jack hires Linda to plan a birthday party for his dog, Mosin. Linda bakes a dog-edible cake, and while it's in the oven, she heads into Jack's backyard to decorate. When the place is decked out in dog-themed regalia, she heads inside to check on the cake -- but it's burnt! With the guests arriving in half an hour, Linda has no choice but to order a cake from a local bakery. Will Linda's party please both the dogs and their owners? Big man on campus, Ron lives in Surprise with his wife Kay. He loves politics, music, and giving back to his community. To further his involvement, Ron decides to run for the Board of Directors of Sun City Grand. Ron hopes to use his expertise to make the community's golf courses more profitable. Ron seeks advise from his neighbor Janis and shares his knowledge by speaking to a group of at-risk kids. Ron hosts a backyard barbeque to announce his candidacy to his friends and ask for their support, then moves into full campaign mode, shaking hands with any senior in sight. When Ron's wife Kay returns home from a doctor's appointment though, she has some news that will affect Ron's race.moreless
    • Top Gun and Tiaras
      Go-getter Eileen is competing in the Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant. Newfound self-consciousness leads Eileen to look into getting lip enhancement surgery. Eileen's friends, including Gail, are against it, arguing the Eileen is beautiful just the way she is. When her doctor explains the details to Eileen and her husband Gary, Eileen decides against having the procedure at present. The recovery time would prevent her from competing in the pageant to the best of her ability, though Eileen feels the implants themselves would have added to her appearance, and therefore her chances of taking the crown. While rehearsing choreography for her talent, Eileen hurts her back. Eileen and Gary visit a pain specialist who has some unsettling news for Eileen. Will she be able to compete? Newly single Jack rebounds from his recent break-up by hitting the town and dancing the night away. While out at his favorite nightspot, Eli's, Jack meets a new woman. Always the smooth talker, Jack gets her number. Jack invites his new lady friend to a pool hall, where their night of drinking and billiards ends with a kiss. Jack invites his date to accompany him to his first jet flying lesson, and she agrees. The twists and turns up in the air end leave Jack's stomach in knots. A vomit-stained shirt does not prove the best way to impress Jack's new love interest. Will Jack's new relationship soar or take a nosedive? Wild child, Sandy is celebrating her daughter Dawn's three-month sobriety with a pinot grigio in hand. Sandy's friends have embraced Dawn during her time in Sun City, which means the world to both mother and daughter. Sandy decides to speak with a substance abuse counselor to learn more about Dawn's struggles, as well as how her own party lifestyle might affect her daughters recovery. Sandy shares her feelings with LaWanda who is also continuing her role as parent well into retirement. Sandy and LaWanda both conclude, "Once a mom, always a mom."moreless
    • Grannies Gone Wild
      As his dog Mosin romps in the local dog park, Jack confides in his friend Mort. Having suffered for months, Jack is finally undergoing a hernia operation. Mort is more concerned with Jack's emotional health though -- Kathleen seems to be stringing him along. Jack goes under the knife, and things go smoothly. After awaking groggy and nauseated, Jack's nurse informs him that Kathleen will not pick him up from the hospital. Pained Jack is forced to find another ride home. As the days pass, Jack recuperates from the procedure but not from the broken heart. A sexy acquaintance nurses Jack back to health, prompting him to confront Kathleen about their relationship. He gives her an ultimatum -- will she take it? Former model and event planner, Linda, moves from windy Chicago and into the sunny, Sun City Grand home of her boyfriend of five years, Bruce. Linda wants to start a new life in Arizona and begins by making a new friend, LaWanda. The ladies bond over their common interest in dance and fashion. Linda wants to find other ways to assert her independence though -- like finding a job. While shopping at a local boutique, Linda and LaWanda get the idea to throw a lingerie party for their gal pals. Linda has a great time at the party, feeling as though she has found a community in this group of women. Loving wife and dancer, LaWanda, lives in Sun City with her husband and granddaughter. She hosts the lingerie event, attended by her dance troupe as well as Sandy, Joanne, and Linda. The ladies look at lingerie, reveal salacious secrets during a game of truth or dare, and even take pole-dancing lessons. After one too many drinks, the women decide to toilet paper their friend Jack's home. The grannies-gone-wild set loose roll after roll of toilet paper on Jack's bushes before finally heading back to LaWanda's house for a nightcap. Everyone is surprised when a cop rings the doorbell. What's more surprising, is that the officer turns out to be a stripper!moreless
    • Love, Lassos and Liver Spots
      After experiencing a wind-tunnel flight, ex-nun Ann finally takes the plunge and skydives for the first time as her husband John watches from the ground. Widowed Sandy and her matchmaker friend Joanne discuss Sandy's recent date with Dick, which took place in a hot air balloon. Sandy reveals to Joanne that she already has her sights set on her next date -- which she hopes will be with Mark, a shooting instructor. Joanne and Sandy head to the gun range where Sandy gets up the nerve to ask Mark out -- and he says yes! A few days pass and Sandy still hasn't heard from Mark. Just as Sandy is ready to throw in the towel, Mark calls. The two arrange a dinner date. Mark comes over to Sandy's place where they share a simple but romantic, dining experience, getting to know each other away from all the firearms. While shopping for sheet music, boisterous Gail tells her friend Eileen that her son Cary has invited her to the gay rodeo he is coordinating with his partner, George. Gail is unsure about attending because she has never been to a gay function before. Gail is also a staunch animal-rights activist, and questions the ethics of the rodeo. Finally, Gail decides to attend the rodeo. Dressed in her best Western wear, Gail braves the event. Though she is initially uncomfortable, Gail stays to support her son. Eventually Gail allows herself to have a good time, line dancing and chatting with drag queens. Thrice divorced jokester Jack Zells is introduced. He's the guy that lays on the charm to woo the women of Surprise. Jack takes his lady-friend Kathleen to a party hosted by the local Single's Club, of which he is a member. Over lunch with his buddies, Jack discusses his relationship with the elusive Kathleen, explaining that he is in love, but isn't sure the feeling is mutual. Jack and Kathleen go on a double date with Jack's friends Bill and Sharon, but the night doesn't end well. Later, Jack confesses to his friends that he thinks Kathleen isn't as into him as he is into hmoreless
    • We're Retired, Not Dead
      Life-of-the-party Sandy has been widowed for 4 years after her husband succumbed to a brain tumor. Sandy has yet to find another man or even show interest in dating. She spends her time hanging with the girls, playing golf and living the single life. But things are about to change for Sandy. While taking shooting lessons at a gun range, Sandy's married friend Joanne decides to play matchmaker to get Sandy back out in the world of dating. Sandy shows an interest in shooting instructor Mark, but Joanne has other plans. Joanne searches Sun City Grand for the perfect candidate to date her bubbly, outgoing friend. After making her selection, Joanne surprises Sandy with a high-flying, hot air balloon date with mutual acquaintance, Dick. Are champagne and scenic views enough to win Sandy's heart? Ex-nun Ann has a lot of catching up to do in life since she spent most of her younger years in a convent in her native Ireland. Ann now lives the retired life with her loving husband John, cherishing every moment of their time together. Skydiving is at the top of Ann's personal bucket list, so she decides to test the waters by taking a flight in a wind tunnel. After her experience in the simulator, Ann is determined to make her dream of an actual skydive a reality. The day of the jump, Ann is overwhelmed by the potentially fatal risks involved in skydiving after she sees a monument in memoriam to people who have died skydiving. Former actress Gail spent her life in show business and longs for the days of yore. She now satisfies her need for the stage by directing a small, amateur, seniors only theater group in Surprise. Though she still yearns for the bright lights of Broadway or Hollywood, Gail makes do. A native New Yorker, Gail moved to Arizona to be closer to her son Cary, a hairdresser. Over a home-cooked brisket dinner, Cary catches Gail off-guard by inviting her to attend the gay rodeo he is organizing with his partner George.moreless