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    This show wasn't too bad until last night when they let a pregnant woman try to tan in the tanning bed!!1 What wee they thinking? That could seriously hurt that fetus. Then they finally had to spray tan her which still may not be the best thing, but it's better than the tanning bed. I liked this show till I saw that. I won't ever watch it again. That just made me sick!!!! I think they should be reported to the athourities and the pregnant woman too. She should have known better. That's child endangerment. And the Olly girls are rediculus too.
  • This is Sunset Tan high school. Especially the "Olly girls" whose demeanor exhibits that of a person who hasn't hit puberty. Except for Erin she is above and beyond all others on this show. Way to go Erin!

    Who in the world thought of this mindless reality show? The only coherent person who really seems to know what is going on is Erin. Erin exhibits class. As for the "Olly girls" they are the classic "dumb bleach blondes" that can not add 1 + 1. After watching the show several times makes me wonder where the owners of Sunset Tan received their degrees or maybe they did not. This is a reality show and maybe the owners must compromise their intelligence? I have witnessed the poorest management that have no control over their employees. Wasted energy here altogether and a waste of time.
  • Wow this is a great show !!!

    Wow i love this show !!!! Most people say wow they really ran out of ideas making a show about a tanning solon but just watch it omg its so good !!!! How could you not like it ??? Theirs drama , hilarious seen's , and some times hot guys come into the shop !!! When you think about anyone that doesn't like it is either a person that hates life or their jealous of the Olly girls . Really I couldn't live without this show !! So next time you say "oh that show sucks" think about it again because it is a GREAT show !!!
  • complete waste of time.

    a show about people getting fake tans. BORING!! What is the big deal with fake tans? They make you look orange and there is a reason they are called "fake" tans, they look completely FAKE!! and to think people pay like 100 dollars to look like an orange!! This show has really annoying people on it especially the olly twins!! they just drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!This show needs to be cancelled, even people in the entertainment business are saying it should be.
  • Sunset Tan is a Waste of time

    This show is the worst. Do not waste your time watching. Here is how it goes. Blah Blah Blah and then a fake fight between two girls and then more meaningless dialog. Blah Blah Blah, then another fake fight.

    OMG how hard up do you have to be to watch this show. I have been watching paint dry lately and it is more exciting.
  • 2 blondes running a tanning salon... this show is yet another sign of the impending apocalypse.

    At first when I heard about this show, I thought it was a joke; then Sunday night I stumbled across it. The episode I watched basically had two ditzy blondes running around Las Vegas doing stuff acting goofy. What do you call 2 blondes standing next to each other, ear to ear? A wind tunnel. Ok, now that Ive gotten that out of the way: from what I gather these 2 want to run their own salon. There was some conversatin with some guy talking about throats being slit - then I started channel surfing again. By the time I was done surfing, it was time to turn out the lights and hit the pillow then I realized I missed the end. What happened during the rest of it? Dont know, dont care.

    Seriously, where is this sort of thing going to stop? Is every person on the planet destined to have their own pointless reality TV show? Will one day Weird Al Yankovich's great grandson write a song called "20 Billion Channels and Nothing On? About the only shows like this thats worth watching is DIRTY JOBS; and thats only because it deals with real people not fake plastic blondes looking for their 15 minutes of fame and DEADLIEST CATCH because those guys sometimes actually DIE.
  • what in the world has happen to the tanning world these days?

    I thought this was a great show a first and then I got to watch it more and more. WHAT HAPPENED? Come on be real with me. First show Britty Spears gets a tan. Then tanning a dead, homesick, and screamming kids. It was great at first and still is but not as good. I can't wait to find out who gets vegas. I hope it is Nick or the person who is the manager in L.A. I love the olly girls they are the best I loved when they had to go spray tan a dead guy. That was so funny. I liked it when the one was talking and the other one was thinking she was crazy.
  • .......

    Ok....I dont really know what to say other than this show is kinda boring, but at the same time kinda intersting. It has all that hollywood glam stuff, that we see all over tv, so to me this show was almost a clone to all the other hollywood stuff. But at the same time I can't say that I have ever seen a show about a tanning salon before. So I guess I have to give them points for being somewhat original. So congrats on that. But otherwise, It would be a horrible show. The people in the show arent that original though.
  • Pretty amazing.

    I have to agree with everyone that this show is unbelievable. Only at first did I mean that in a negative way though. See after I started to watch it, it kind of struck me as like woah. It's so original, and in a way, sort of dumb. That's why I like it so much. It gives us a look at what the business life can be like and it tells us that we can get completely ripped off. They even mention on the show how they overprice everything. It's a real look at how the celebrities live. It's mock worthy. It's almost like laughing at us because we're actually watching it. Like saying, hey people are stupid so they'll watch a stupid show. Not to mention it's actually smart because they are definately promoting their business as well. So I watch for the sole reason of how funny it is. If you actually sit down and watch an episode yourself, specifically one with the Olly Twins, then I guarantee you'll crack a smile or two.
  • Are they serious?

    Whats next, lets watch people flip burgers at a Mcdonalds? Seriously people is there honestly point to a show that is about watching people get tanned and a bunch of stuck up people over charge them?

    A 6 year old who is forced to get tanned for her school pictures? Somthing that is not even legal in I'm sure all states. It's sickening.