Sunset Tan

E! (ended 2008)


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  • This is Sunset Tan high school. Especially the "Olly girls" whose demeanor exhibits that of a person who hasn't hit puberty. Except for Erin she is above and beyond all others on this show. Way to go Erin!

    Who in the world thought of this mindless reality show? The only coherent person who really seems to know what is going on is Erin. Erin exhibits class. As for the "Olly girls" they are the classic "dumb bleach blondes" that can not add 1 + 1. After watching the show several times makes me wonder where the owners of Sunset Tan received their degrees or maybe they did not. This is a reality show and maybe the owners must compromise their intelligence? I have witnessed the poorest management that have no control over their employees. Wasted energy here altogether and a waste of time.