Sunset Tan - Season 1

E! (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • 9/30/07
    When Jeff gets back home and sees his house trashed from the Olly Girls' party, he throws them out, and eventually they fire them. Meanwhile, Erin will finally begin her training as an assistant manager.
  • 9/23/07
    With the opening of the Las Vegas salon slowly approaching, Devin and Jeff take Janelle out to Vegas to meet George Maloof and prepare for the opening of the salon. Back in LA, Heidi begins works as an Assistant Manager under Nick. However, she begins to make little screw-ups that brews a conflict between her and Nick. While Jeff is in Vegas, Holly and Molly throw a huge party at his house, which leaves it trashed.moreless
  • Relationship Woes
    Episode 10
    Erin tries to leave her drama with Janelle behind by agreeing to her idea of a "Hot Girls of Sunset Tan" Calendar. Holly and Molly arrive at Jeff's doorstep to stay for a couple days since they forgot to pay the electric bill at their apartment. Jeff and Devin decide to hire Heidi as an Assistant Manager to the West Hollywood salon, much to other employees annoyance. Meanwhile, following Ania's fight with Holly and Molly, Nick and Ania try to rekindle their relationship.moreless
  • 9/2/07
    Janelle becomes annoyed when Devin and Jeff begin to train in a girl named Heidi as a replacement for her. Erin's family is in town, so she tries to spend much of her time with them. Meanwhile, Ania becomes annoyed with Holly and Molly when they act clueless during a training session, leading to them posting rude comments on each others MySpace profiles, and ultimately leading into a fight at an employee party, which also ends with Nick and Ania fighting.moreless
  • All Work, No Play
    Episode 8
    Nick and Ania work together for the first time, and Ania just sees it as bonding time for the two of them, much to Nick's dislike. Meanwhile, Erin seems to finally be coming out of her shell and manages to get a good sale. However, Janelle is not impressed. As Jeff gives Nick a seemingly impossible task, tension rises between the two, and Erin finally decides to stand up to Janelle.moreless
  • 8/19/07
    Nick's girlfriend Ania joins the staff of Sunset Tan and Janelle tires to do the same things to her that she did to Erin, which Nick won't stand for. When Janelle tries to get Ania to cover her shift, her new Vegas promotion could be in danger. Meanwhile Erin tries to look more like a Hollywood person.moreless
  • The Reveal
    Episode 6
    As Devin and Jeff prepare for the Miss Sunset Tan pageant, Molly and Holly and their childish ways cause Devin and Jeff to take some action. After crowning a winner, the time has come to reveal the manager of the Las Vegas Salon.
  • Olly's Follies
    Episode 5
    The competition between employees for the manager position of the Las Vegas salon is heating up, so Jeff and Devin bring all potential employees to Las Vegas. Back in LA, Molly and Holly are sad that they did not get to go. After a day of good sales, the two girls close the shop 8 hours early and head to Vegas. When they arrive the managers blow up at them. Meanwhile, tensions erupt when the managers discuss who should be the manager of the Vegas salon.moreless
  • Miss Sunset Tan
    Episode 4
    Employee tension is at an all time high with Nick and Janelle fighting over her many vacations and Keely fighting with Roxanne since nobody can ever get a hold of her. Jeff and Devin begin to talk to various employees to see how they are doing. More tension comes when Erin makes more money in sales then Janelle and she expresses she might want to run for the Vegas salon.moreless
  • Oklahoma!
    Episode 3
    A tanning machine breaks while Devin and Jeff are out of town forcing Nick to solve the problem himself. Erin takes a vacation to her hometown in Oklahoma to visit her Dad and gets some closure on her and her ex-boyfriend's relationship. She discovers that he is engaged to another girl already. When Erin heads back to LA she spends time shopping with Keely to get her mind off of her ex.moreless
  • Vegas, Baby
    Episode 2
    All the managers are gunning for the position of running the new salon in Las Vegas. Since Nick currently has the best sales, Devin and Jeff decide to take him to Las Vegas to see what it is like, much to his girlfriend's dismay. While in Vegas, some things happen that make the managers think against making Nick the Vegas manager. Back in LA, Janelle leaves for Miami sticking Erin with all of her work, and it does not sit well with the managers.moreless
  • 5/28/07
    Erin has just moved from rural Oklahoma and is trying to adjust to her new life in Hollywood. However, when she has to spray tan a celebrity she gets nervous and asks a bunch of embarrassing questions. Meanwhile, Nick is getting fed up with the region manager, Lisa, because he can never get a hold of her when he needs. After a company meeting, Lisa decides to leave the company and Roxanne becomes the new region manager. Afterwards Jeff throws a company party at his house, and it gets out of control.moreless