Sunset Tan - Season 2

E! (ended 2008)


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Episode Guide

  • Sunset Tan: Olly Games 2008
    "Sunset Tan" hotties Holly and Molly go at it in a titillating competition filled with swimsuits, super soakers and more. Who'll be No. 1?
  • Life's A Beach
    Episode 8
    Nick moves into Ania's parents' house, and the Olly girls continue to fight each other.
  • 30 Is The New 20
    Episode 7
    Erin is about to turn 30, and she becomes overwhelmed with this change.
  • 9/7/08
    It is finally time for the grand opening of the Vegas salon and Janelle is worried about the tensions between the employees.
  • He Said/She Said
    Episode 5
    When Keely makes comments about Nick, Nick and Ania bite back.
  • Horse Play
    Episode 4
    With Heidi gone, everyone believes there will be less stress within the company. Devin and Jeff then take all the employees horseback riding. Everyone is having a great time until they come to a point in the woods. When they have to turn around, Erin's horse gets spooked and accidentally knocks her onto the ground and she can't move. As the ambulance takes her to the hospital, everyone is left wondering her condition and if she will be ok. Meanwhile once everyone arrives back in LA, Jeff and Devin begin interviewing for their new Mobile Division, and the competition comes down to Keely and a new girl named Jenae.moreless
  • 8/17/08
    Ania meets with Cale and tells him about Nick wanting to get back with her, which upsets him and decides he doesn't even want to be friends with her. At a company meeting, Jeff and Devin reveal that they decided to bring the Olly Girls back, which upsets Keely most of all. They also tell them of the upcoming World Tanning Convention where they will introduce themselves to the country. At a bar that night, Molly and Holly get into a fight with Keely. Jeff and Devin see this as an opportunity to bring all the employees to Devin's ranch to try and have them all bond. However, things don't exactly go as planned.moreless
  • Meet The Parent
    Episode 2
    Relationships are in full swing as Nick tries to rekindle his relationship with Ania, which greatly confuses her on what to do. In the end she decides to meet with Nick to discuss things. Meanwhile, Erin's dad is in town and when he stops by the salon Janelle accidentally reveals that Erin has a boyfriend. Erin says that she was going to tell him, and now her dad wants to meet Ty. Ty actually agrees and also wants to meet him. Then, after realizing they are no good at other jobs, The Olly Girls decide to meet with Devin and Jeff to get their jobs back.moreless
  • Summer Lovin'
    Episode 1
    Things have changed greatly at Sunset Tan. With the Olly Girls gone many of the employees are enjoying work more, excluding Nick who is taking the break up with Ania hard. Things are even worse when he finds out she is dating another guy so soon. As Janelle prepares to move to Las Vegas soon, Erin is chosen as her replacement as manager of Santa Monica, and things are even better when she starts dating a volleyball player. When Devin, Jeff and Janelle head to Vegas to check out the salon, Nick is brought along, and chooses to do something drastic to win Ania back. Meanwhile, The Olly Girls are trying to find a new job.moreless