Sunshine Sketches

Bsi (ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Goodbye Ume-Sensei
      Goodbye Ume-Sensei
      Episode 12
      On Christmas Eve, Sae's younger sister Chika comes to visit and meets Yuno, Miyako, and Hiro. Yuno and her friends stay up late, and then spend Christmas together.
    • Mar Cabbage
      Mar Cabbage
      Episode 11
      Yuno and her friends go to the zoo to sketch some animals for school. Yoshinoya-Sensei dresses up and acts like a tour guide the entire time, but gets carsick and stops to rest at the Hidamari Apartments. Hiro lets her rest at her house.
    • Yuno-sama
      Episode 10
      The cultural festival is starting at Yuno's school, and before she got to finish her piece for the gallery she fell asleep. Miyako, not realizing that it wasn't finished, took it to school before Yuno woke up. Even though the painting was unfinished, Yuno received lots of praise.
    • Urashin Inn's Wolf
      Yuno and Miyako wake up early, and as they leave the apartment Yuno notices that a man dropped an envelope. After giving it back to him, the man offers four lottery tickets as thanks. No one ended up winning the lottery, but the day made Yuno think about her future dreams as being an artist.moreless
    • 3% Hope
      3% Hope
      Episode 8
      Yuno and her friends have a day off from school, and after waking up Yuno starts to sketch. Miyako comes over to draw, and then the two f them head over to Sae's apartment after receiving an emergency text from her.
    • The Storm of Drying Packets
      A typhoon hits Yuno's town and the Sports Festival has to be canceled until the typhoon blows over, which happens to be the next day.
    • Cool and Laid Back
      Summer has arrived, and final exams are over. Yuno and her friends start their summer vacation, and they eventually go to the beach.
    • Body and Soul
      Body and Soul
      Episode 5
      Yuno catches a cold, so she stays home sick from school. While asleep, she has many odd dreams about school and her friends.
    • Singing Shortcake
      During school, Yuno and Miyaki are allowed to go sketch something outside due to the great weather. Later on the girls go to a karaoke bar.
    • ...Or an Indian
      ...Or an Indian
      Episode 3
      The students were assigned to sketch Yoshinoya-Sensei in various outfits from different cultures, but instead settled on sketching Brutus.
    • Japan's Summer
      Japan's Summer
      Episode 2
      Yuno and her friends are given the task of making a new sign for the Hidamari Apartments. Later on, the summer festival starts and they all go enjoy it.
    • Winter Collage
      Winter Collage
      Episode 1
      Yuno forgot to do her project for Yshinoya's class, so she had to finish it before her lunch break was over. Then after school Yuno and Miyako played in the snow, and then visited Hiro at her apartment.
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