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Why end on a cliffhanger?

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    [1]May 3, 2013
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    Chances are this show is not getting a season 3, and if it does well they have many open possibilities. But to have Kagema appear behind Mike's locker at the very end and kidnap him? While a thrilling twist, it's one that only should of been made if they were confident in a renewal. The Floating Sword plot resolved, Kagema got a bell dropped on him. Hologramps came back, Owen got with Paloma, and it looked like Mike and Amanda's relationship was finally built up to a point where it'd just freaking happen. But besides that ending, we had a few uncapturedvillains, Checkmate for example, his escape hasn't lead to anything and it was quite a while ago, there were a few other notable possible returnees like Skeleton Crew, Rhymer, but no they bring back Two Ton Harley. Speaking of which, how was Kid Q even able to release him, you're telling me the ninjas can just open and close the cell blocks for everyone they've defeated? I just think they could of used their 13 episodes wiser, introducing Kid Q and Paloma, fine, great, I even ship Palowen, but the freaking Flint Forster plot dragged on for 3 episodes of the season and his shtick wasn't the least bit interesting, obvious Mikanda roadblock is obvious. If this isthe endfor this underrated show then at least it went out with a bang, not ratings wise but drama wise. This show really was kind of supah in its own way, and I'll miss it.

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    [2]May 5, 2013
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    I had a feeling that Nick was gonna cancel this show. Season 2 had low ratings.
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    [3]May 9, 2013
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    I was very surprised that it got a second season to be honest. Especially after Nick cancelled Victorious. I wasn't aware that there were only 13 episodes this season so the fact that the last aired episode ended on a cliffhanger didn't phase me until I saw that they had cancelled the show. I guess the writer's were hoping for another season and their wish was not granted.

    Guess I'm finally done with Nickelodeon. After their last four cancellations of Tru Jackson VP, Icarly, Victorious and now Supah Ninjas I have no interest in any new or current shows and it's hard or get invested in a show that they either won't promote or will cancel in one or two seasons anyway.

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