Super Adventure Team

MTV - Music Television (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Super Atomic Lincoln
      Buck Murdock has been kidnapped by Crazy Barry. When the Super Adventure Team rescues him, they hold Crazy Barry in captivity back at the base. But Head is tricked into opening a can of peanut brittle which really contains an alien that lays it's eggs inside Head's stomache. Crazy Barry escapes and moves forward with his plan to control an army of the living dead, which starts with a zombie Abe Lincoln.moreless
    • Attack of the Scantily Clad Mole Women
      After botching a mission in Tibet, the Team has to prove themselves in the simulator or be replaced. While the men get real simulations, Talia is given a simulation as a housewife. She refuses to be apart of the Team until she is respected the same as the other men. They are then called to investigate some earthquakes, but Talia refuses to go. It turns out the quakes are caused by Mole Women who are trying to enslave all man-kind, meaning all men. With the men in their captivity, they put all their hopes into Talia to snap out of her depression and save them.moreless
    • Too Cute to Kill
      Too Cute to Kill
      Episode 4
      While celebrating 100 years without a catastrope, New York is struck by a giant meteorite. Upon arrival, the Super Adventure Team is greeted by giant space kittens and space puppies. Everyone is so entranced by their cuteness, that they don't really care that they are killing everyone. Only West is unaffected, so he starts firing at the animals. Buck tries to stop him, but the end result levels the entire city of New York. Because of this, the Super Adventure Team is fired and replaced by monkeys, who do a better job then they ever did. Desperate to get their jobs back, Criswell builds a robot to destroy New York again and they will save the day. Only he forgot to install the device that stops it.moreless
    • Going Native
      Going Native
      Episode 3
      An alien named Yorgo threatens to destory the world unless we hand over Velvet_Tonsils_57. The Team is dedicated to solving this mystery, except Head, who is acting very suspicious. As soon as it dawns on Buck that the world the alien tends to destory is Earth, he freaks out and tries to escape on the SAT ship. The escape is interpreted as an attack and Buck is shot out of the sky. While the Team continues their search for Velvet Tonsils, Buck befriends a talking ape he meets in the jungle where he crashes. Oh, and Criswell also grows breasts in this episode.moreless
    • Terrorists Meet KISS
      Buck Murdock is attending a banquet at the Freedonian Embassy in Washington D.C. after saving the life of it's queen. Thankful, the queen becomes very friendly with Buck. Wanting nothing more then this whole evening to end, he's thankful when terrorists take over with a bomb threat. Buck runs in fear, the President is in the bathroom and the queen is held hostage. To make matters worst, Dr. Criswell is having marital problems with Talia. When Major West asks the terrorists what their demands are, they are confused. When they describe what demands are, they demand KISS! Caught in a rough spot, the Team dresses up as KISS. While using a tracking system to find the bomb in the building, the Team is forced to sing 'Rock N Roll All Nite' over and over again.moreless
    • President and the Volcano
      When Air Force One crashes beside an active volcano, it's up to the Super Adventure Team to save the President. Unfortunately, everyone is tending to their own personal problems. Buck and Talia are fooling around with each other, Dr. Criswell is trying to find out if his wife is cheating on him, Major West hates Buck so much he refuses to do any more work, and Head is the only who still cares about saving the day. Meanwhile, the surviving pilot keeps offering himself to the President for food.moreless
  • Specials