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Does the Super Bowl release the Star Spangled Banner on a music cd every year?

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    Whenever the Super Bowl has a singer sing the Star Spangled Banner do they ever release it to the stores? Because I saw Kelly Clarkson perform the Star Spangled Banner and I would like to know if that version will be on CD soon? I do know of only three singers that had their Super Bowl version of the Star Spangled Banner released to cd and the ones that I have are Beyonce's version and Whitney Houston's famous version of the Star Spangled Banner from the 1991 Super Bowl and Jennifer Hudson's fantastic version of the Star Spangled Banner which was only released on the Target version of her album I Remember Me. Why don't the Super Bowls release the versions of the Star Spangled Banner for each year as cd singles? Is it because the Super Bowl pays a lot of money for the singers to perform the National Anthem every year or does the Super Bowl have a contract that forbids the record companies to release the National Anthem as a cd single?

    Do they ever release the Star Spangled Banner on cd for each Super Bowl each year?


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