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Have the Super Bowl Commercials gone downhill in recent years?

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    Every year I have been noticing that the next best tradition of the Super Bowl {Next tothe halftime shows} But the commercials that are shown during each Super Bowl have now gone downhill and I can't figure out when Super Bowl Commercials have started becoming less well known to watch on TV? Is it to bring new products to TV or is it becoming a fad for people to buy items whom the commercial is for? Take for instance why does Victoria's Secret sponsor a Super Bowl commercial every year advertising their store that has NOTHING to do with Super Bowl and to me Victoria's Secret should stop with these ads and create something really instresting that attracts shoppers to their stores. A second store that overdoes it on Super Bowl commercials is Best Buy and each year Best Buy has Super Bowl commercials advertising televisions and to me Best Buy makes a whole ton of money having commercials selling televisions during Super Bowl because during mega sporting events that's when people buy televisions. And also it seems that Burger King and Taco Bell are now the only fast-food places with Super Bowl commercialsbecause that is when they introduce new menu items and they claim to have the best Super Bowl commercials but why don't Wendy's McDonalds Pizza Hut and Subway have their very own Super Bowl commercials? And the final thing that bugs me about Super Bowl commercials is why do they have so much movie trailers advertised during each Super Bowl? Is it to give movies a first hand preview for the summer or is it a way for movie theaters to make extra money for getting the movie in theaters? This is the only thing I dislike about Super Bowl commercials,

    What has happened to good Super Bowl Commercials?,


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    They probably have gotten worse. I don't care for 'em much because I mostly just watch for the game itself. But the Giants/Patriots, I have not been more angry about a Super Bowl matchup in my life. So I might pay attention to the breaks. *fingers crossed they're good in 2012*
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