Super Bowl

Sunday 3:15 PM on CBS Premiered Jan 15, 1967 Special





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  • Super Boring.

    Another sports championship game that puts me to sleep.
  • Next to College Bowl week my favorite.

    Always eat and watch the game. LOVE IT!!!
  • perfect

    The Super Bowl is a huge event. No, that's kind of an understatement. The Super Bowl is a gigantic event. I know people who dislike football a lot but still watch it, just because it is the Super Bowl. I think the Super Bowl is great; it's easily one of the most watched events of every year and it's the biggest football game each year. It's great fun if you like sports and actually want one team to win, or it could even be fun if you watch just for the ads, like I know some people who do. I'm not a huge football fan but I enjoy the super bowl, even though it's not always two teams I enjoy a lot. Overall it is very exciting to watch the super bowl each year, just to see who will end up winning.
  • an amazing even that over 100 million people watch that drives huge sales spike in food bear and pizza lol and other things to do with the team i watch it every year .

    the superbowl has a lot of history and great amazing moments that have definded a career and has futured such greats as montana perhaps the biggest big game quarter back to ever y live . and others as tombrady and dan marion and john eloway .and bret farve and others. that have come to show how great they are in front of millions of people teams that have dominated in each decade the pats the 40 niners and dallas cowboys and green bay packers those teams have alot of success those are dynastys . but also the pitsburge steelers but they did not win them all in the same decade. but the superbowl is a huge even that i really like and that it is a great sporting even that so many watch each year.
  • The Super Bowl's one of the greatest events that takes place annually in America, but it'd be great if someone else started winning championships besides Pittsburgh.

    The Super Bowl is arguably one of the best events that occurs yearly in the great United States of America - it's certainly the best sporting event.

    It's a great thing to watch - except when somebody like Pittsburgh or New England is in it. Hate Big Ben and Tom Brady. Geez.

    It's especially great if it's aired on NBC, and commentated by John Madden and Al Michaels, but of course that won't be happening anymore with the recent retirement of John Madden, being replaced by Cris Colinsworth.

    All the parts of it are great. The teams - already great - that get to play in the game, excluding Pittsburgh and New England, of course, the halftime, performances, which are usually always good, and actually, the commercials, since the commercials are always pretty good as companies spend millions for just one commercial ad during the game.

    I hope to see a favored team of mine - Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, or Jacksonville Jaguars - win a championship sometime soon, starting with this season, hopefully.
  • YAY SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!......

    This made me like football!!!!!!!!I'm not a pshyco over football but I like it.Most of all.....drumroll and suspense please......Dum De Dum De Dum Dum DUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!The commercials!They are mostly new and mostly funny.It over took me and I haven't watched it untill 2008's!That's how good it is!Thats where they got the drinkability commercial[The first commercial this year.]!I like the one with the Stewie and Underdog ballons fighting over a coca cola.Me and my brother were cheering forStewie but the suprise came when charlie brown came out of the blue and stole it!I laughed so hard and made a charlie brown voice.My other favorites were the grease monkeys,the horse ones,the car commercial with the head shrinker,and alot more!So I think this show rocks.Bye!
  • Greatest game ever played.

    The Super Bowl has been the first thing I look forward to in February every year before Valentine's Day and my birthday. The Super Bowl has been the greatest game ever played in the country since the first played in the late '60s won by the Green Bay Packers.

    It's what I look forward to in February at the end of every NFL season even if my favorite teams-the Texans and Cowboys-aren't in it. Super Bowl XLIII was a disappointment though. The Steelers won, giving them their sixth championship in franchise history, surpassing the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers who both have five.

    The greatest Super Bowl ever played that I have watched was Super Bowl XLII when the New York Giants, who started the season 0-2, won ten consecutive games on the road to get a spot in the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots were the first team to go 16-0 in the regular season, and had gotten to the Super Bowl by defeating the Jaguars and the Chargers. It was combined records of 13-6 verses 18-0, and a last minute touchdown catch for the Giants sealed it, with the final score 17-14 in favor of the Giants, finally defeating the Patriots for the first time of the season, in the most important game of the year.

    There will be other great games, of course, in American history, but none other will be as great as the Super Bowl.
  • best sport ever.

    yea i think football has to be like the best sport ever and the super bowl is the best game ever of the football season even if the teams you wanted to get there didn't get there how can you not enjoy the super bowl that is like wrong
    betting on the score and team is the best and there are usually parties for the super bowl
    forget about soccer who cares you kick a ball around a field back and forth, basketball the same except you dribble a ball back and forth across the court and soccer and basketball don't get as much attention as football games and neither do there final games
    football is Americas sport enough said
    and how could i forget that the Super bowl has the best commercials ever too
  • When the world was born 6000 years ago, when God made everything, Adam & Eve, all the plants andthe whole earth. 6000 years later another thing was born. The Super Bowl! A time to match up the two best teams. From the NFL and the AFL to play foot

    Now the NFC and the AFC both from the NFL play the ultimate game, the one everyone waits for. The Super Bowl! The best two teams in the NFL play each other for the one and only Lombardi Trophy. The glory it brings upon the winning team. You can't resist the game which the Colts won last year and the Cowboys will win this year there is no possible way to resist the game played in the shining colosseum! If your are anybody in this world or if you or nobody inthis world you have to watch the ultimate game of football throwin', tailback tacklin', wide reciever crushing, and football kickin' action!!!!!!
  • America's Game!!!

    This is the game to watch. It sure beats the Lakers and Celtics in the NBA Finals, Cardinals and the Tigers in the World Series, and the Ducks and Sens in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. Its the Super Bowl!!! No matter if it a good team vs. a bad team, or a good team vs. a good team, its still the best. Even if the Super Bowl is only one game, unlike the NBA Finals, World Series, and Stanley Cup Finals, its still the greatest game each year to watch in AMERICA!!! From the Dolphins to the Redskins to the Cowboys to the 49ers to the Jets to the Steelers to the Raiders to the Patriots to the Packers, the Super Bowl is the most important day in NFL history!!! Now let's watch some football!!! FOOTBALL!!!
  • Biggest game of the year! Of all years!

    Who loves the Super Bowl more as it is the game of the year. If not the game of all time. As the game is only played once. Unlike the NBA finals and/or the World Series which has four games to win out of seven. Super Bowl is only one game. I only watch it for the game. Not the commercials but the real game. The real deal IMHO!
  • Who doesnt like the Super Bowl... Its AWESOME nuff said

    Its the Super Bowl nuff said. . . . . . . . .. It 's A W E S O M E ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !
    U cant get better than the Super Bowl. . . . Its the pinnacle of sports and it also the grand daddy game of them all. . . . . . .. . . Plus im a huge football fan and the Colts Made It Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. . . . .
    It is so awesome and no one should not like it.
  • Who doesn't like the Super Bowl!

    Who doesn't like the Super Bowl! Although I get mad when my team doesn't make it there is always the great and powerful Superbowl too, I love the Super Bowl so much! It is so exciting and great for everyone to watch. There is no criticisms that I could possibly say about the Super Bowl because it doesn't need anything changed! Although since "the incident" they really haven't had any good singers on the show well, since "the incident." But hey I can do without the good halftime show they have awesome games with the best players in the season, it is awesome, everyone loves to watch! Not only is it a good show but it is the breeding ground for many great new commercials which I, and I believe everyone, loves to watch! These commercials are new and brilliant! Every minute of the Super Bowl is awesome, keep um coming!
  • My team never gets in so I usually don't care about the Superbowl but it was decent this year

    The only thing was what was with the pre-game and halftime show that was horrible, did they run out of money? They couldn't get anyone better than Prince? The game was pretty good, I was hoping it would be a little closer, but it was fun to watch, even though both teams were realyl struggling because of the rain and the wet ball it seemed. I was rooting for the Colts, because everyone dogs Manning, and I think he is better than everyone thing, I also like Dungy too. They they are also an AFC team, so you usually have to go in your conference. I wanted the Colts to win, but I wanted it to be close to keep it interesting. That didn't quite turn out as close as I was hoping.
  • The Biggest game of the year, on and off the field.

    This is the time that every man in America waits for all year long... the SuperBowl. Every year there are commercials that cost a fortune to put on the air, a "amazing" (they're always bad) halftime show, and oh yeah... the game.

    The Green Bay Packers won the first the first two SuperBowl's back in 1967 and 1968 and won another one in 1996. Over the years many teams have won the SuperBowl and many teams have gotten to the big game but failed to win (See: Buffalo Bills). The winner of the big game receives the Lombardi Trophy, named after the legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

    The SuperBowl is always an exciting spectacle, even if the game itself is not entertaining. With the commercials, halftime show, food, and the game, SuperBowl Sunday is a day that men all over America, and the world, wait for all year long.
  • Football, thats all it is.

    So its 2007 and the playoffs are here. With college football done, people wanna watch more football. This is a great game to watch. The chargers are a great team and will beat the New England Patriots. Should be a good game though with Tomlinson just beating up on NE. N E's defense has to play really really well to stop Tomlinson. But overall i don't think it will be a blow out either way. Deff. a good game to watch, one because of the commercials their getting ready for the super bowl. I love those comercials! Best day for comercials is the super bowl day.
  • This years superbowl was horrable the only reason it was half way desent was case it was in my home state only 20 mins away

    This years superbowl was horrable the only reason it was half way desent was case it was in my home state only 20 mins away thats that only good part of the game and Randel El's TD pass and Pakers rushing TD but besides those 3 thangs it was pointless the half time so sucked
  • Yhis game rocks!

    Ok everyone said the refs blew the game for the seahawks but the seahawks couldnt convert when they were in steeler territory. My favorite team is the steelers so I waqs estatic when they won.AT half time the Rolling Stones played everyone said they were to old to play at the per bowl. The Steelers won 21-10.
  • What a clunker of a game

    I guess only Super Bowl V topped this one in futility. But for the entertainment value the Super Bowl keeps being a fixture on the tv map. The ultimate (un)reality show with all the storylines (which were non-existent this year) and personality profiles. In the end, it was mildly interesting -- if for nothing else, to see if the Seahawks covered the spread...
  • Its the Super Bowl of course its going to get a good review.

    This years Super Bowl was as good as the last but there were a few people that made the Super Bowl not so great. First of all both the Seahawks and the Steelers played well. The Seahawks had lots of good chances but this is when the game starts to get ugly when the refs start calling bad calls. They also made a bad call with the first touchdown made by the Steelers which i dont think was suppose to be counted. But there was lots of great action and of course there were tons of great commercials to go with it.
  • Steve's pre-game musical atrocity

    what the heck is that, are you kidding me, who are the guys with canes, can this get more corny or ridiculous?? what came to my mind when my eyes were watching what you call Stivie's pre-game musical performance.....

    could anybody explain that surrealistic, anti-stetic, and pathetic spectacle to me?????

    Almost forgot, what was the little white girl doing there????

    could this year's superbowl "racial" approach be any more obvious????
  • Super Bowl XL - Commercials A quick review to the best & worst commercials ...

    Super Bowl XL - Commercials
    A quick review to the best & worst commercials ...

    THE 4 BEST --
    *let me say they were excellent*

    1-Bud Light - Magic Fridge
    2-Budweiser - Beer Wave
    3-Sprint - Crime Deterrent
    4-Budweiser - Secret

    *okay I smiled, briefly*

    1-Mastercard - MacGyver
    2-Sierra Mist - Airport Security
    3-Aleve - Leonard Nimoy
    4-United Airlines

    THE 4 WORST --
    *ranked in with Mick's little girly fairy dance*

    1-Emerald Nuts - Druids
    2-Jack in the Box - Poker
    3-2007 Ford Escape Hybrid - Kermit - Still Strapless

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Overall -- Budweiser hit big with the most creative, original and diverse commercials this year.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Football is lame.

    Superbowls are too long and not worth my time. I can think of twenty million other things better to do then to watch the superbowl. Superbowls cut into show times and ruin line ups. They should stop having superbowls. I do not care about them and i am sure alot of other people out there agree with me.
  • super bowl xl: sttelers vs seahawks

    I usually watch the super bowl, but this year I passed and watched bits and pieces because the game sucked. A blow out if you will. I didnt really care for either of the 2 teams and I wish it would of been 2 better teams then it was.

    5 words

    super bowl sucked this year~~~~

    the commercials were better then the game LOL
  • Great Games had Lots of fun watching it.

    I thought it was a great game, close to . Maybe would have been closer if the ref. Looked at the first touchdown again for the Steelers. It was not in. But i wasn\'t there i was just watching the game. But over All , Super Job !!!!! But Sadly i had to watch it on english TV (Sky TV). but yeah

    Go SeaHawks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I be on the Seahawks, so I gave it a 9.9!

    Man am i stoopid, betting on the Seahawks.
    I wish Seahawks won though cuz i always root 4 teh underdawg! Well 10 to 21, man i h8 Stealers.

    I h8 Pittsburg rite about now and I h8 Pennsylvannia but i live Detroit, if on ly the Lions didn't suck, then i wuld b happier!