Super Bowl

Sunday 3:15 PM on CBS Premiered Jan 15, 1967 Special





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  • The Super Bowl's one of the greatest events that takes place annually in America, but it'd be great if someone else started winning championships besides Pittsburgh.

    The Super Bowl is arguably one of the best events that occurs yearly in the great United States of America - it's certainly the best sporting event.

    It's a great thing to watch - except when somebody like Pittsburgh or New England is in it. Hate Big Ben and Tom Brady. Geez.

    It's especially great if it's aired on NBC, and commentated by John Madden and Al Michaels, but of course that won't be happening anymore with the recent retirement of John Madden, being replaced by Cris Colinsworth.

    All the parts of it are great. The teams - already great - that get to play in the game, excluding Pittsburgh and New England, of course, the halftime, performances, which are usually always good, and actually, the commercials, since the commercials are always pretty good as companies spend millions for just one commercial ad during the game.

    I hope to see a favored team of mine - Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, or Jacksonville Jaguars - win a championship sometime soon, starting with this season, hopefully.