Super Bowl

Season 43 Episode 1

Super Bowl XLIII - Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Aired Sunday 3:15 PM Feb 01, 2009 on CBS

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  • SB 43

    Just three months ago, the Steelers won their record 6th Super Bowl trophy, moving past the San Fransisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys who both had 5 Super Bowl titles. I'll I had to say after this game was: "What a game!" I knew that this would play out to be a great game. Just not as great as it turned out. I am so glad the Cardinals didn't win! The last thing we needed was a repeat of last years Giants win. This is also the first time since Super Bowl 38 that the team I wanted to win actually won! Hard to believe huh?This has been a review.
  • Better than expected!

    If you thought, that the Super Bowl of the Giants-Pats were really great. Then this is, nearly awesome. Glad that, there wasn't a blowout. Like in Super Bowls past. And even though, I would love to see, an overtime of the game. Still, the Cards prove, they are a team on the rise. Kurt Warner, at 37-years old, shows he still has it, in him. Wished that he would had won. But he came really close. Loved Faith Hill's America the Beautifu. After suffering through a lot in the fall. Nice to see Jennifer Hudson make, a great comeback, singing the National Anthem. While Santonio Holmes, Steelers WR caught the last second TD. And put his team, back up and won the MVP, of the game. Despite loving the underdogs, a great game for the ages.
  • this was a great superbowl

    in this super bowl it was the pittsburg steelers trying to win 7 super bowls and the arizona cardials trying to win they had a vertrain quaterback he had already won a superbowl with the st louis and they were compete on one of the greatest stages in sports trying to hosit the lombardy trophy this game had some moment were a defensive player on the steelers ran 100 yards the other way on a interception the longest the superbowls history. the cardnals almost came back to win it both teams played well its the team that wants it the most that is going to win and the teams that brings there all. and the stealers did that . and big ben got to win another one his second superbowl
  • Exciting game of football.

    In 2008 the New England Patriots were the undisputed best team in football. They went into the Super Bowl 18-0 (16-0 regular season) and had arguably a top 3 quarterback of all time. The New York Giants had a young quarterback who most people at the time only knew because of his older brother. It truly was a David vs. Goliath situation and just like in the history books David won.

    This year you could make an argument that the Pittsburgh Steelers were the best team in football. You could also safely say that nobody saw the Arizona Cardinals getting to the Super Bowl, or even out of the first round. But they did.

    The Pittsburgh Steelers looked to embarrass the Arizona Cardinals getting off to an early 20-7 lead. Behind Kurt Warner and the best receiver in football Larry Fitzgerald the Cardinals wrote history with the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history taking a 23-20 lead.

    The Steelers looked to be out until a freak pass got the team in field goal range. Another pass, reminiscent of Matt Cassel's amazing toss to Randy Moss in Foxborough to force overtime with the Jets, Ben Roethlisberger hit Santonio Holmes and the team regained a 27-23 lead. Kurt Warner searched for a miracle on a drive that could take no longer than 35 seconds for Arizona to win. But a fumble changed everything and the Steelers were victorious yet again.

    This was an electric game and despite none of the "popular" teams like the Cowboys, Patriots, Giants and Jets appearing fans picked a side and strongly stayed there until the end. It was a game of momentum switches, but in the end with their backs against the wall Pittsburgh prevailed.

    No game may ever match the epic Giants/Patriots clash of 2008, but this was a great conclusion to a phenomenal season.
  • Pittsburgh unfortunately wins their sixth Super Bowl.

    Arizona had come into Super Bowl XLII not winning a title since 1947, the longest drought for any team in the league. The Pittsburgh Steelers had won five Super Bowls, tied with the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. One flaw already, the game started too early. By the time I tuned in, it was already 17-7 in favor of the Steelers in the third quarter, and just like that Pittsburgh had nailed another field goal. 20-7.

    The Cardinals would come back and make a run. It was either eight or ten plays, the next drive for Arizona would be, yet lasted under four minutes as Larry Fitzgerald caught a touchdown pass to make it 20-14. To get the Cards even more pumped up, the Steelers didn't do anything on their next possession. But when Pittsburgh punted, the Cardinals weren't able to take advantage. Instead of attempting a long field goal, Arizona punted, and pinned Big Ben and the Steelers inside their own two-yard line. Arizona was eventually rewarded with two points after a holding penalty on Pittsburgh in the end zone resulted in a safety.

    Arizona scored with style on a long, 65+ yard touchdown (not sure exactly how long it was) and it was caught by none other than Larry Fitzgerald. 23-20, Arizona. But they had scored too early. Big Ben and his crew had over two minutes to get at least a field goal. But they just had to ruin it for the Cardinals, scoring with less than a minute remaining making it 27-23 as Arizona did nothing on what would of been the game-winning drive, and entitled Pittsburgh the dynasty of the league, now leading the National Football League with six titles. Boo them. Arizona won.