Super Chicken

Season 1 Episode 8

The Geezer

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Oct 28, 1967 on ABC

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  • Super Chicken vs. a civil war vetern with a habit of stealing national, uh, natural monuments. The geezer grabs the geiser \"old faceful\" and our hero sets things straight. Sort of... The geiser now works in a carwash and the geezer in a state park.

    This episode is Ward\'s experimentation with British humor, substituting \"geezer\" and \"geiser\" and then working the story line around this plot twist. Ward had to stretch reality a bit farther than ordinary in this episode however. The geiser is shown to be nothing more than a large rock with a hole which the geezer easily carrys away. If one can ignore this nonsence, the plot is actually rather enjoyable.

    BTW: the geezer is also remarkably well preserved for an individual who must have been at least 100 years old.